Amish with 4 Horse Hitch Baling Hay

Amish with 4 Horse Hitch Baling Hay

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Perfect weather for baling hay. 90 degrees make for dry hay but is hard on man and beast. These fellows young and old get the job done, just south of Arthur Illinois.
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41 thoughts on “Amish with 4 Horse Hitch Baling Hay”

  1. If you've ever been around these people, you know that their whole way of life is a well ordered and very strictly sanctioned discipline. Everything they do is ordered according to the community in which they live. It's healthy, clean, does very little or no harm to others, and they have an abiding faith in both G-d and family. I know many of these people, and they are happy, healthy, and pleased with who they are.

  2. using horses to pull a petrol engine which in turn is driving a pto to run the bailer why. when a tractor does the same job ????

  3. thank you greatly for posting this. At the time, I thought the work was grueling but necessary. It had though a wholeness and wholesomeness I don't get off of the farm working in the medical field. The fundamental component that made it bearable and often satisfying was the sense of doing this in relationship to others, from family and neighbors to the horses and fields, even the "ecosystem."

  4. If they can use generator,machine,sunglasses…why they can't use other new inventions while they can still stick with beautiful village life ??

  5. Pretty green looking hay. I will bet it gets hot as it dry out. I never put up any hay that green in my life – just to big a chance of fire. I usually left the cut hay in the field at least 3 days to dry out, sometimes longer but it was brown when I be led it and even then I worried about fire for a month or two.

  6. In in noisy world where so many want to be ego-driven stars, I love the quiet, efficient, humility of the Amish. They get so much done with so little noise. And I love the way they work with their horses. Thanks so much for posting these! I am a fan.

  7. my back hurts and those kids look like old men1 big tractor and 2000 acres and a combine as big as a house =2 million a year

  8. So they use a powered bailer but can't use a tractor? They work those draft horses to death, they have no respect for animals. Trust me I used to live nearby and was good friends with the local large and exotic animal vet. They would only call in desperate times and usually the issue was overworking them. Poor guys I feel bad for the horses. Yes draft horses are meant to work, but I'm telling you the Amish work them TO DEATH, whipping them when the stop pulling…

    Edit: they actually don't look like Belgium draft now that I look, but my point still stands, they are essentially pulling a mini tractor with horses, makes no damn sense…

  9. Grew up on a ranch in Montana where we used horses a lot, and spent a few years horse logging. Good to see some well trained teams at work. Hats off.

  10. still they use modern machines. i dont know why they dont use tractor. instead they use horses to pull engine and bailer. where is sense? if their believes allow to use machines, get a tractor!

  11. At one time in my life I pitched hay and stacked it loose some 70 years ago, I wonder if they have as many flies as we had

  12. My health and safety office would give them hell .they don't they care about the person wrapper around the power shaft ungarded engines or falling from a moveing trailer and getting crushed under the wheels .safety law applys to all of us

  13. I guess a little tech made it in. That's ok, they are still busting their butts. It's not a GPS controlled unit with wifi and air conditioning, they are still hard core old school. Bravo!

  14. Another stupid humans interpretation of an old fake book called the bible. Religions have made humans whorshipers of the stupidity, not of righteous principles of life. All bullshit by me !

  15. This is against GOD No worldly hay bales allowed !!! Only pitch forks and loose hay. Backsliding worldly generation. Shame shame shame.

  16. Ya growing up on the farm we too put hay in our hip roofed barn when it was super hot!! But baling the way the Amish do would be a blast!! I have A LOT OF RESPECT for all the Amish people!!

  17. It sounds to me, after reading a bunch of these comments, that there are a whole bunch of people on here who would benefit from some real manual labor. It isn't any of your business how people want to live so go find something productive to do.

  18. If you're going to pull the PTO around in front of the baler, why not just use a tractor? They're basically pulling a tractor around with horses.

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