Intelligent Design Reptiles Auction

Intelligent Design Reptiles Auction

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Support the stream: RULES & INFO: Bidding will start when we hold up the snake. Flat rate shipping of $50 per 12″x 9″x 6″ box. This box can fit 2 adults at max, and varying numbers of Juvenile/Hatchlings. Bid in increments of $5. NO JUMPS OVER $40 HIGHER THAN PREVIOUS BID.

Payment Plans are available of 2 weeks. 50% up front with 25% each upcoming week. We can hold snakes for up to 2 weeks [longer if wait is due to weather]

Animal List:
1.0 Pastel 66% Clown PRU
1.0 Enchi Het Pied
1.0 Coral Glow Huffman
1.0 Banana Het Pied PRU
0.1 Huffman
1.0 Killerbee 66% Clown PRU
0.1 Mojave Spider
TSF Mack Snow Double Het Blazing Blizzard (Tremper Albino/Blizzard)

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