Horse Whispering Workshop for Women On Purpose

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Women and Leadership – The Feminine Way – Leading the Self (3 day workshop)

On this video you will receive the energy of working with horses, and the information of how horses can assist you on your Path of Leadership.

In this Workshop you will receive:
– an understanding of why effective leadership of any kind, begins within the your Self.
– an experience of cultivationg a successful learning partnership with a horse, and how that serves as a mirror of you.
– An experience of how to use your intuition to feel, direct, and understand your own energy
– An experience of deep connection with your Higher Self, and how to Express from your Higher Self.

There will also be an opportunity for Women on Purpose – Leadership Part 2 & 3.
This is also briefly discussed in this video.
Stay tuned for a tele-class and to find out more contact me directly.

Annette ~ The Conscious Cowgirl

Access & Trust Your Knowing, ~ BE Your Yee-Haa Self.