New home for *LEVIATHAN* my prehistoric creature, ANCIENT PET!

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New home for *LEVIATHAN* my prehistoric creature, ANCIENT PET!



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10 Most Ancient Dog Breeds On Earth

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10 of the oldest and most ancient dog breeds on Earth which are living from long times without selective breeding. Subscribe To Our Channel :

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Xoloitzcuintli Images at 02:00 were captured by ffiona Erskine. Support and Contact at

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Saluki: The Saluki, is the oldest known breed of pet dog.
Afghan Hound: Very Little is known about its origin .But It is pictured in the caves of northern Afghanistan more than 4000 years ago. The breed was kept pure for centuries.
Xoloitzcuintli: The Xoloitzcuintli is a hairless Mexican dog that is so primitive that it was actually worshiped by the Aztecs
Peruvian Inca Orchid: The breed is actually a lot older and the breed appeared in Peruvian artwork from as far back as 750 A
Norwegian Lundehund: The breed almost went extinct By the 1900s, the only population survived was in a small village of Monstad
Chinese Shar Pei: The Chinese Shar-Pei originated in Tai Li in Kwantung province, and has existed for centuries in the Han dynasty existed in 200 BC
Watch full video to find out more oldest known dog breeds, some of which are the longest living breeds on earth.

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Petrified remains of horses unearthed near Pompeii in ancient villa

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Archaeologists have unearthed the petrified remains of a harnessed horse and saddle in the stable of an ancient villa in a Pompeii suburb.

Pompeii archaeological park head Massimo Osanna told Italian news agency ANSA that the villa belonged to a high-ranking military officer, perhaps a general, during ancient Roman times.

Osanna said the remains of two or three other horses were discovered in all, and it looked as though they may have been harnessed and prepared to flee the eruption.

He said suffocating volcanic ash or boiling vapours killed the horses and that the villa should eventually be open for public visits.

The area was previously excavated, during the early 1900s, but later re-buried. The volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed flourishing Pompeii, near present-day Naples, in 79 A.D.


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Triassic Triops Hatch Your Own Ancient Creatures Kit, by Toyops (Day 1)

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​​​Hatch your own prehistoric creatures with this Triassic Triops kit! Watch to see what they look like after one day.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was an interesting series to start. I had no idea what it would take to take care of my Triops. Most important is using the correct water and making sure they are kept fed and their little habitat it kept clean. Follow those instructions to the “T” and you should be able to raise them.


▶▶ Product Info
Cooler Than Monkeys. Triops: way cooler, bigger and more active than sea monkeys. They’re dinosaur shrimp, leftovers from some 200 million years ago.

With this Triops kits, prehistoric creatures spring back to life by simply adding water. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to grow these amazing pets. Provided with spring water and light, the Triops will quickly grow to adult size of two or more inches in less than 30 days. It’s fun and educational!

▶ Key Points ◀
0:07 Introduction/Product Overview
0:44 Box Opening & Parts
1:42 Instructions Review
2:27 Water To Use
3:28 Step 1 – Clean & Fill Dish
4:13 Add Carrot Shavings
5:49 Thermometer – Temperature Setting
7:03 Using Natural Light Lamp/Bulb
8:07 (Day 1) Opening & Reviewing Triops Eggs Close Up
10:29 Adding Triops Eggs To Dish
11:21 Day 2 Preview/Notes

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Triassic Triops Progress: Feeding, Cleaning and Caring (Days 2-7):

Triassic Triops Video 3 (Days 8-15) Times & Notes in Description:

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10 of the DEADLIEST DINOSAURS (and deadliest ancient MARINE REPTILES) that ever lived!

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10 of the DEADLIEST DINOSAURS (and deadliest ancient MARINE REPTILES) that ever lived!

Basically this is a list of the 10 most extraordinary predatory creatures of our Earth’s distant past…

…including some of the biggest, fastest and most dangerous dinosaurs and ancient marine animals of all time!

10. Deinonychus

This fast and aggressive specimen makes the infamous Velociraptor look like a puny chicken…

The producers of Jurassic Park actually based their over-sized version of a Velociraptor on the Deinonychus because it was bigger and better.

Deinonychus was a skillful predator possessing a deadly sickle claw and a bite force greater than any living carnivorous mammal.

9. Majungasaurus

These 20 foot long one-ton theropods are thought to have preyed on their own kind…

Meaning they were ruthless cannibals, at least part of the time.

The rest of the time they are thought to have…

…hunted sauropods, using their supremely strong head, neck and jaws to bite and hold and subdue their gigantic prey.

8. Sarcosuchus

At about twice the length and around 10 times the weight of the largest crocodiles living today…

Sarcosuchus is quite simply the king of crocodiles, and quite rightly and widely referred to as Super Croc.

It was thought large and deadly enough perhaps to lunge from a river at a fully grown sauropod and drag it into the water for a feast.

7. Troodon

Deadliness needn’t always be a matter of size or bite force. The relatively slightly built Troodon thrived as a predator…

Due to its large brain, sharp sense of smell, excellent binocular vision, and swift bipedal motion…

Given the reasonable presumption that these creatures hunted as a pack, Troodon truly were a predator to be feared.

6. Utahraptor

The mighty Utahraptor was a killing machine — with its awesome 13 inch claws doing most of the damage…

With adult specimens weighing nearly a ton — significantly larger than a Deinonychus — the Utahraptor was the giant of all raptors…

Speed, size and enlarged meat-shredding sickle-shaped claws made this dinosaur a most formidable foe.

5. Kronosaurus

Taking its name from the leader of the Greek Titans, this majestic carnivore grew to in excess of 10 meters (33 feet)…

Possessing many long, sharp, conical teeth and a muscular and powerful body — including a specially adapted pelvic girdle…

The massive Kronosaurus could speed through water attacking and eating virtually anything that crossed its path.

4. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Many may have expected the famed and awesome T.Rex to have rated as the No. 1 deadliest dinosaur of all time…

And while it certainly had hulking size, terrifying teeth and an extraordinarily powerful bone crushing bite force…

Its lumbering lack of pace, ineffectual arms and stability issues mean there are in fact 3 more deadlier dinosaurs to come.

3. Giganotosaurus

One of the largest terrestrial carnivores of all time, Giganotosaurus is thought capable of taking down the largest land animal ever known, Argentinosaurus.

And expert skeletal analysis suggests that it may have been able to run at speeds of up to twice that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Its massive size — larger than a T. Rex — combined with speed and formidable bite force means this specimen was a truly magnificent predator.

2. Carcharodontosaurus

This gigantic “great white shark lizard” weighed up to 15 tonnes and had 8 inch long serrated teeth…

Like its closely related cousin Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus is thought to have been significantly faster than a T. Rex.

Slightly larger than Giganotosaurus and with enormous jaws and longer and more effective arms, means this deadly behemoth earns a silver medal.

1. Spinosaurus

The incredible Spinosaurus measured up to 18 metres in length (59 ft) and weighed as much as 21 tonnes (46,000 pounds)!

Significantly larger than the next biggest terrestrial predator, Spinosaurus was remarkably fast and agile (much faster than a scavenger T. Rex)…

And as an “advanced theropod”, they were smarter and more cunning than a Carcharodontosaurus or a Giganotosaurus.
Possessing colossal size, speed and the biggest and baddest set of claws ever known means that…

Spinosaurus was the deadliest dinosaur that ever lived!

The music — called “Post-Apocalyptic World” — was composed by Ultrasonic.

How They Did It – Pet Dogs in Ancient Rome

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Our history with man’s best friend stretches far into the past. Today we take a look at the lives of dogs in ancient Rome; how they named, trained, and raised them.

Xenophon and Arrian: On Hunting (1999) translated by A. A. Phillips and M. M. Willcock Metamorphoses Book III by Ovid
Names of Dogs in Ancient Greece by Adrienne Mayor
Greek and Roman Household Pets by Francis D. Lazenby

Beverly Johnson (

“Strings and Drums Comedy” by 8th Mode Music
“Emotional” by 8th Mode Music


Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

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Mason is an ancient, battle-scarred feral cat with advanced kidney disease. Instead of euthanasia, we felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort, free from pain.

What happened next will make your heart melt.

See additional videos of the adorable interactions between Grandpa Mason and “his” foster kittens at TinyTuxies. And please remember that spaying and neutering is the only way to prevent unwanted cats and kittens like Mason and “his” kittens from being born and suffering. Contact your local shelter or SPCA if you need assistance with spaying and neutering… most have free or low cost programs, and are happy to help.

More about the rescue work we do:

ANCIENT PETS! Bringing Home BIG GULPER! My Newest Aquarium Pet

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Bought a NEW PET FISH! New fish tank stocking at Predatory Fins Online Fish store! Their youtube channel:

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Forbidden Knowledge of the Ancient Reptile Rulers [DOCUMENTARY]

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This new documentary investigates the Ogdoad, the eight deities worshipped in Ancient Egypt. As long as humanity has kept records of its existence, legends of a serpent race have persisted. As the documentary explains, the gods of the Ogdoad were mostly seen as humans with their animals’ heads, or just depicted as snakes and frogs. In this video you will discover interesting information and research facts about the Ogdoad were contacted using psychdelics.

The ancient myths tell of a mysterious race of superhuman reptilian beings who descended from the heavens to participate in creating humankind and to teach the sciences, impart forbidden knowledge, impose social order, breed with us, and watch over our development..

Exotic Animals in Ancient Rome

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Sorry this took so long to get out, I’ve just been really busy is all, except that I haven’t been busy at all and also I’m not sorry

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Intro and outro song:

“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” Kevin MacLeod (
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Pale Horse Whispering

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Some flick for school

Pt1 History of Aquariums & Fish Keeping -From Ancient 6500BCE Until 1939 & The First Real Aquariums.

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This is a rather long lecture, trying to pack thousands of years of fish history into a half an hour package. I have still barely scraped the surface answering the following questions:

When were the first fish domesticated?
Where were the first fish domesticated? which cultures and country’s first kept pet fish? Who was the first person to invent the aquarium? What came first, the aquarium or the fish bowl? What did early aquariums and fish breeding look like?

How old is the hobby of fishkeeping? Why do we keep fish the way we do currently? how did people keep fish alive in the 1800’s? How did fish survive in ancient ponds and aquariums? What were the first species of fish to be kept in aquariums? what did the first aquariums look like? and finally, where did we get the fish in our aquariums, which can be found at any modern-day pet store.

Also this discussion speaks about imperialism, colonialism, manifest destiny, Social Darwinism and the enlightenment. from Ancient Sumarian, Egyption , Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek, and Roman Fish keeping for food or short term display in ponds and pens, to the refined and first domesticated, line bred or selectively bred – Chinese sacred goldfish in the Song Dynasty and later Emperor HiauTsung.

How the first goldfish and koi were spread and refined across Asian and via Japanese hobbyists. koi, carp, goldfish, fancy goldfish history and later tropical fish keeping, which started with paradise fish, bettas (Chinese or Siamese fighting fish) and early heart species that could survive the Journey back to Europe and feminism, equality, democracy, and republic’s. Creators of the aquatic fish tank hobby such as Lovell Reeve, Jeanne Villepreux Power, Philip Gosse, Robert Washington and Emil Adolf Roßmßler.

This is a story of globalism, technology and how the western world, with countries like Portugal, France, Germany and Great Brittian, bought back living (and dead) trophies of their territorial and global conquest of Africa, Asia and South America.

This is how the enlightenment and Victorian fashion, along with the industrial revolution and rise of the middle class, led to public aquariums in Paris, Genoa, London, New York and later, into house holds and ponds of the wealthy. This is globalization, why trade matters to aquarium lovers as fish keepers. It explains how colonialism, history and odd coincidences of fate or luck manage to bring us the fish we currently know and love.

Thank you for watching. stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!