Setting Up Your First Fish Tank , Ultimate Guide To Your First Aquarium Part 4

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This is part 4 of The Ultimate Guide to your First Aquarium and in this episode we’re gonna set up our tank.

Once you have designated the perfect spot for your tank it’s time to get started.

Just like I’ve been talking about through the whole series this is a 55 gallon aquarium. This is a spare tank I had sitting around, it’s obviously a used aquarium so this is a good representation of what you would be working with if you were to buy your tank off of a craigslist add or something like that.

The first thing you want to do is add your substrate. Make sure it covers the entire bottom surface of your tank. There is no rule as to how much substrate to lay down but just remember the more you have, the more you have to clean.
After laying down the substrate I like to set my decorations in the tank. It’s just easier to do it without the water, plus it’s easier to see everything. For this example I’m just gonna place a couple different decorations around, a nice hunk of driftwood and a little stone house. You can go as far with this as you want. This is an opportunity for you to be artistic and make the tank your own little art project so have fun with this part and take your time.
Next I’m gonna start placing the equipment starting with the aristone. Personally I like to have the aristone on the opposite end of the tank from the filter. This will help with water movement and give it a really cool effect with all of the bubbles. Keeping it away from the filter will keep the bubbles from being sucked up into the filter which could effect the filters efficiency and it’ll keep the bubbles from getting thrown all around your tank.
Don’t worry about plugging any of these pieces of equipment yet, powering them up without them being full or submerged in water can actually ruin the equipment so we’ll wait to plug these things in until the tank is full.
Now it’s time to place the filter. The filter I’m installing onto this 55 gallon aquarium is a marineland emperor 400. This filter could be looked at as a bit overkill for this size tank but remember from episode 3, you really don’t wanna go cheap when it comes to your filter. This filter hangs on the back of the aquarium and the intake tube extends down into the tank. I like to extend the intake tube down to about an inch from the bottom of the tank to get maximum water flow and to help pull the fish waste from the tank as it’s dropping to the bottom.
(As you can see, my little decorative rock formation was in the way of the filter intake tube, this is why it’s nice to not have water in it yet)
Next is the placement of the heater. The location of your heater is pretty important, you want it in an area where there is allot of water movement so that nice warm water gets spread around throughout the tank and doesn’t just warm up one stagnant area. Here I’m placing it directly above the aristone. The bubbles from the airstone will not only circulate the heated water but they’ll also help to hid the heater at the same time.
Now it’s time to filler up! I’m using a garden hose to fill the tank. Notice I placed a bowl on the bottom of the tank. This is just to help keep the substrate and decorations in place while it’s filling up. You can use the bowl if you’re filling up your tank using buckets too, just dump the water into the bowl.
While the tank is filling up this is a great time to add your water conditioners and any other chemicals like live bacteria. Be sure to read the instructions on the products to ensure propper dosing of these products.
While the tank continues to fill I can now place the lids and lights. I’m using 2 24” aquarium hoods with the standard aquarium lights. These are similar to what you might find in one of those starter kits I talked about in episode 3.
Notice I’m also filling up the filter itself, remember a filter running with no water in it can burn up the motor so filling it up will kick start things and help to prolong the life of the filter.
and now its time to plug everything in and start it up. You’ll notice a small loom of cloudy water coming from my filter, this isn’t something you’ll see with a new filter but as I said earlier this is a used one so it’s spitting out all of the stuff that has built up in it through use.
And that’s it, we want to take a step back, make sure everything is functioning properly with the filter making sure if you’re using filters that have bio wheels that both wheels are spinning and making sure the heater is set to the propper temp for the fish you want to keep and your done.

Next week we’re gonna talk about The cycling process which is one of the most important parts of this whole thing so you’ll definitely want to subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss that episode. Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to talking to you again next week!

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How to set up and care for an oscar fish aquarium.


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Fish & Aquarium Care : How to Maintain Your Freshwater Aquarium

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Maintaining a freshwater aquarium involves observing the fish every day, cleaning out algae build-up and feeding the fish on a daily basis. Maintain a freshwater aquarium with tips from a pet store owner in this free video on fish care.

Expert: Michael Mavro
Bio: Mike Mavro is the owner and operator of Orvee’s Pet Center in St. Petersburg, Fla.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Buying Your First Fish / The Ultimate Guide To Your First Aquarium Part 6

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It’s time to talk about actually buying your first fish. Where to get them and what to look for before you do. Now I’m not gonna talk about how much they should cost because well that’s impossible. The prices are gonna vary based on species, how big they are, whether they are male or female in some cases and even where you live but look around.

When you buy your first batch of fish you’re gonna do it one of two ways, you’re either gonna go to the store, go to a friends house or go to an aquarium club meeting and pick them out yourself or your gonna order them online.

If you’re gonna go somewhere and pick them out there are some obvious things you need to look for. Is the store clean, do the fish in ALL the tanks look bright and healthy not just the ones you’re looking at. Are the fish you’re looking at upright and energetic, do they come to the front and get excited when you walk by. Do they have all of their fins…. etc etc. It’s pretty obvious when you look at a fish whether it appears to be healthy or not. Of coarse you never really know but if the fish looks good, it’s probably good.

What if you discovered the fish you want while watching a YouTube video and your local fish store doesn’t have that particular fish but you just HAVE to have one. Well then it’s time to look at online retailers.

If your new to fish keeping the idea of shipping fish across the country might sound like a crazy idea but trust me it’s fine and it’s becoming a much more mainstream way to buy fish. There is the fact that you wont see the fish you’re getting before you get them but here’s a little trick. When you find an online company that you’re interested in buying from go to the search bar right up there (point up) and type the companies name followed by “unboxing”. Now I normally can’t stand unboxing videos, I’m not at all entertained by watching someone describe what a box looks like and then open it, it’s just dumb but when it comes to fish it’s a GREAT way to see the type of care the retailer puts in their packing and to see how the fish look. Just about everyone that does fish unboxing videos will not only show you the fish in the tank after it settles in but they’ll almost always show the fish in the bags too so you’ll see how they look.

Between reading online reviews and watching review videos on YouTube you should have no problem deciding whether or not you trust a company will send you good fish.

Whether you’re buying your fish from a store or ordering them online be sure to look into the retailers guarantee. Just about every retailer will guarantee their fish for a certain amount of time. If they don’t, they might not be the one you want buy your fish from.

Buying your first or actually anytime you’re buying a new fish it’s a really big deal, you’re buying a new pet. This shouldn’t be something that’s stressful, have fun with it. If something doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Trust me there’s nothing more frustrating then bringing a fish home that you really didn’t want but you bought it anyway because the store owner convinced, and then that fish ends up dying.
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Setting Up a 10-Gallon Aquarium : Aquariums & Fish Tanks

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Setting up a 10-gallon aquarium is something you can do on your own, but it does require you to follow a few important steps. Set up a 10-gallon aquarium with help from an aquarium professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Paul Endtricht
Bio: Paul Endtricht has kept aquariums as a hobbyist since age 10, and has been working with them professionally since 2002.
Filmmaker: Elizabeth Hong

Series Description: Setting up an aquarium or fish tank in your home is very similar to owning other types of pets – you need to make sure that you’re following directions and taking care of the tank to keep the fish inside as happy as possible. Get tips on aquariums and fish tanks with help from an aquarium professional in this free video series.

Aquarium Fish Rescue Disaster Story

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A Story of 18 year old me having the most stomach-churring moment of my life, and it happens to be aquarium related!

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Sklep Zoologiczny Kakadu Ryby Fish Aquarium Pet Store

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Hi there! Today we visited and observed beautiful fish in one of the best pet stores we have been to so far in Cracow, Kakadu.
Sklep Zoologiczny, Kakadu Cale dla zwierzaków – Kraków. Pielęgniczka Ramireza, Gupik pawie oczko, Pielęgniczka kakadu, Prętnik karłowaty i wiele innych w znanej sieci sklepów zoologicznych KAKADU.
#petstore #kakadu #sklepzoologiczny
We also found an interesting video on YouTube:
It is about Fish Aquarium Shops in Lahore | Fish Pet Store. Isn’t it nice to travel and get to know different places, stores, people? It is unbelievable how much they differ from place to place.
We really enjoyed Kakadu in Cracow and I am not sure if the selection wasn’t better then in our Pet Smart or Petco in USA.

Enjoy the video! Have a great Fishy Day:) Please subscribe and share;)

How to Maintain pH in a Reef Aquarium : Aquariums & Fish Tanks

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One of the most important aspects of any successful reef aquarium is the pH balance. Maintain pH in a reef aquarium with help from an aquarium professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Paul Endtricht
Bio: Paul Endtricht has kept aquariums as a hobbyist since age 10, and has been working with them professionally since 2002.
Filmmaker: Elizabeth Hong

Series Description: Setting up an aquarium or fish tank in your home is very similar to owning other types of pets – you need to make sure that you’re following directions and taking care of the tank to keep the fish inside as happy as possible. Get tips on aquariums and fish tanks with help from an aquarium professional in this free video series.

Aquarium Adventures In Scotland + Shetland Ponies!

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I had no idea there was an aquarium near Glasgow. Like… 35 minutes away. Next to Loch Lomond. 👍👍 It was so fun, and after I bought a sting ray plushie, we drove to have lunch on a farm called The Beech Tree, where I got to gawk at Shetland ponies and bunnies. Enjoy!

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My computer is on it’s deathbed, so thank you for dealing with weird sound issues, the shakiness, and my general lack of know-how when it comes to video editing. xx

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🎵 New Friendly – Kevin MacLeod

Axolotls – Cool Aquarium Pet

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A cute & incredibly strange looking water creature is a new popular pet. Axolotls is funny looking and somewhat rare as everyone is seems to want one in their aquarium.

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Cheapest Fish Aquarium in Bangalore | Aquarium only 400 Rs #3D background #Aquarium tops

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New normal handmade fish tank ,3D bacground for your aquarium , aquarium top only , aquarium accessories, aquarium cap only for sale ,in Om saint Sri Aquarium Prakash Nagar banglore
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It too often new aquarium owners have a bad first experience with their first aquarium and end up giving up almost before they get started. Considering these basic factors and planning ahead will help potential new aquarium owners avoid common pitfalls. Even for the experienced aquarium owner, planning is a good idea.

Two of the most important and basic issues to consider when setting up a new aquarium are cost and size. In both cases, people usually underestimate what is needed, and may make compromises that cause problems later

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Top 5 Centerpiece Fish for your small to medium sized Community Aquarium.

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When starting a freshwater aquarium, keep the aquarium out of areas of excessive sunlight, and use 1 pound of gravel per gallon of water. Check with a local pets shop to find out what chemicals should be used to treat the water with help from the owner of a pet store in this free video on freshwater fish aquariums.

Expert: Mike Mavro
Bio: Mike Mavro is the owner and operator of Orvee’s Pet Center in St. Petersburg, Fla. He has dedicated more than three decades to the care, maintenance, health and well-being of fish and furry animals.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz