Aquarium Store Tour 2019 | Getting New Aquarium Fish | Pet Store

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In this video I show my first aquarium store tour in 2019! This pet store is in Louisville, Kentucky and is called Pets Palace. After a brief tour of all of the exotics, I show myself getting new aquarium fish, and plants!!!

When you first walked into Pets Palace pet store you are greeted by a very unusual salt water tank. This tank is contantly over-flowing down all 4 sides of the tank! After over-flowing it goes down to a sump filter, filtered, and sent back up to the main display!

Along with this salt water tank I got to feed a massive poisonus fish…The Lion fish! I also go to feed an awesome looking dog face puffer fish! 🙂

After getting to feed these incredible salt water beasts I went to check out the freshwater fish where I seen a silver arowanna, large peacock bass and common plecos, and a jogsaw catfish that was 30+ in. long!!!!!

I even got a few ideas for some upcoming projects where I checked out some really nice koi (pond coming in the spring of 2019), a huge turtle tank, and a very detailed betta rack! All of these have been on my project list for awhile now so it was nice to get some inspiration for them!

What did I bring home?

I was able to bring home a massive portion of cryptocoryne (not sure which species it is. Hopefully I will be able to identify it once I get some new growth! I also scored a nice portion of ludwigia repens and moneywort. I was so satisfied with the crypt and the ludwigia repens that I ended up going back and getting 2 more portions of each!

I also picked up 6 corydoras. I am still doing research on which corydoras they actually are considering they were sold to me as the corydoras schwartzi (which they are not). If you have ever kept these corydoras let me know down in the comments section!

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More about me:

I am a hobbyist from Southern Indiana. I currently have 15 tanks and have a few more to add to the fish room. I keep a variety of livebearers, angel fish, rainbow fish, barbs, tetras, rasboras, corydoras, plecos and NeoCaridinia shrimp. I love helping people succeed in this hobby and hope to learn from you all as well (my subscribers). I hope to grow more in the FishTube community so I can reach more people both as a subscriber to my channel and me subscribing to theirs. Help me create an amazing Otter Creek Aquatics community!

If you have any questions or would just like to chat about fish and shrimp don’t hesitate to contact me through email at [email protected] Also, check out my store on for fish, shrimp, and plants.

Tank on!!! I hope to talk soon 🙂

DIY Water Bottle Filter – Insanely Fast & Easy – Clean Your Fish Tank or Aquarium & Keep It Clean

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How I made a simple DIY filter with items I already had around the house.

Watch my disgusting aquarium get spic and span in only 2 hours and all I had to do was change the filter material twice during that time. The pump did the rest.

I used a water bottle, a head pump (used for aquarium circulation), and some polyester filling or batting material.

VASTU – Fish aquarium removes all vastu dosh

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Fish aquarium in House – Benefits

Fish aquarium in house is the best remedy to derive financial benefits
According to Vastu, fish aquarium also drives away all the evil effects from your house and enhances good luck
An aquarium should consist of 9 fishes. The dragon fish or the gold fishes are the most effective according to vastu for fish aquarium. The aquarium should have 8 dragon fishes or gold fishes and 1 should be black.
Even if the fish dies, you need not worry because the bad elements are going out of your house. Replace it with another fish.
Fish aquarium in house is the best way to attract the energy of wealth
Looking at an aquarium is also the best way to relax your mind


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These 4 mistakes are things that we can do without even thinking about it. Being in autopilot.

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Friday Night Live Q&A Keeping Freshwater Aquarium Fish Shrimp and Plants

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Welcome to another Friday Night Live Q&A about Keeping Freshwater Aquarium Fish Shrimp and Plants.

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Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp and Plants

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Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp and Plants. Ask me and the community questions about keeping aquarium fish, shrimp, and plants.

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Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp

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Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp where you can ask me and the community questions about freshwater fish, freshwater shrimp, freshwater plants, and more.

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Aquarium Fish Store Tour from Canada! Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta

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Fish Store Tour from Canada! Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta
Check out their website
This LFS tour was amazing! It has more fish and dry goods than any other fish store I have been in! They had approximately 14,000G of fresh water and also had Marine tanks! I hope you like it! Not only was it an Aquarium store tour, they had all kinds of other animals!
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Please watch: “Sunday Funday Fish Room Update Aquarium Fish Room VLOG water leak in the fishroom”


Best Floating Plants? Aquarium Duckweed & Lettuce

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– The best aquarium floating plants are easy to take care of. I bought mine from a seller on amazon. They sell all different types of plants. Here is a link:

Live Plant Seller:

More fish tank commentary and replies:
Hey everyone so i have been googleing and youtubing and callinging around and no one can tell me how to i did meet someone when i had bought she she told me how but i cant rember exactly what she said . now i have a total of 8 dojo loaches and im trying to sex them and im seeing some long fins some short. Can anyone tell me for sure how to tell them apart?

I just googled it, there is information :Gender: Sexing a Weather Loach is rather easy, the male’s pectoral fins are longer and thicker, giving the fins a triangular shape. Females have rounder pectoral fins. Males often appear to be standing up on their pectoral fins while resting on the bottom of the tank.

For those of you who have resealed your tanks.. I’m looking for some input. My tank is very sturdy, and doesn’t leak. It’s about 25 years old though & the original silicone in the corners is getting discolored. Is there a cleaner I can use, do you recommend re siliconing it? I feel like I should live by the quote “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” in fear I’m going to mess it up.. I just want it to look it’s best. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Don’t touch it.. last thing you want is it to leak after and try chasing it. I re-sealed a 125 3 times before it held water. I wouldn’t reseal over discolouration, only if it looked like it was seriously notched or peeled off. There’s no cleaners that wouldn’t damage it. In the end it’s your choice, but I can almost guarantee that if this is your first reseal it will come out looking worse than when you started.

I have a 220 gallon that had a really ugly painted background. I want to change the background of the tank to white so my blue base cross back will look more golden. Any suggestions on how to change it? I don’t want to do a 3D background because I’m afraid it will hurt my black diamond rays. One thing to note is that the tank has 4 drilled sections inside the tank and the background must go around that. I’m thinking of striping the background paint but I’m worried the fumes would kill my fish. Im located in Toronto, Ontario , Canada so if anyone from the group is located here and can do this service, I will pay you. Pic of my rays for attention

What are some of the most peaceful fish you can keep? My tank unintentionally has turned into a “catfish” tank so to speak lol. it houses 8 bandit corydoras and one juvenile royal farlowella catfish. I would love to add another small species of fish but I want to make sure they’re really laid back because the farlowella is quite timid and I don’t want to have to worry about him not getting enough food due to the other fish pushing him out of the way.

I’m leaning towards just keeping it this way and adding a good amount of shrimp and calling it a day. Lol once the farlowella is full grown he’ll make a great show fish anyways so I’m not to worried but if they’res something else I could add with a bit more colour I would love that.

Vampire shrimp are completely peaceful filter feeders, and they are stunning! This is one of my boys. The only problem is that adding shrimp to your tank doesn’t utilize much of the water column. No plecos don’t eat each other. They usually just ignore each other.

Plecos will hide inside wood and on the back of things for weeks and you won’t see them. They are usually nocturnal and come out in the night to scavenge for food, though many learn to come out at feeding time to get their hands on food.

something people never realize is that Dr. TIm H himself, was actually the one wh discovered the aneoribic bacteria in aquariums. His stuff is top Notch. My best way to add it correctly is to put the fish in first after the aquarium has stabilized temp and throw the bottle in a the same time.

Nope mine are out and about all day long. Id take a video for you but the lights are off. I have heard that the tank raised ones are less shy than wild caught. Seems to be some truth there. They dont bother the adult shrimp anyway. And I dont really care to have tons of baby shrimp so its kinda like free food for my fish. Its a win win in my book. Mine are out and about in my heavily planted 10 gallon all the time. They actually outcompete the tinwinii danios for food sometimes.

I have about 24 in a heavily planted 30G low tech. They’re very active and swim all over the place. They’ve even bred. About 4 broods in the last year. Bought 8 in the last six months, only have one left. Most of those deaths I think were them being outcompeted for food and/or internal parasites. Bleh. If I buy again Ill buy them from somewhere different and they’ll be going in my super peaceful nano tank.

Must to have a Aquarium divider…

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Tamed and Wild Sun conure at Al Sugra Pet and Aquarium shop, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Aaiye jante he kaha se he sun conure or inki dekh bhal, food or price. Kafi saste he compare to Salman’s Exotic pets.

These both are 9 month old adult sun conure and tamed as well.

All kind of exotic birds, budgies, cockatail, African Grey, Persian cat, Dog, Duck, Chicken available

Number one pet shop in Ahmadabad
Price are reasonable and great quality

Contact owner Akif bhai – 7600767896
Manager Anas bhai – 9978812913