ASMR Red Dead Redemption 2: Sitting By The Campfire Ambience

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ASMR Red Dead Redemption 2: Sitting By The Campfire Ambience

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Tommy’s Take on ASMR – The Search for Tingles!

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Want to know what ASMR is but don’t know where to start?

Come on a Journey of ASMR videos in the quest to get those all important tingles and explore all types of ASMR videos from pleasing sounds, Unboxing Videos, Baking, Ear Eating and Role plays.

To the people I have sampled here, this is all for comedy purposes and no offence is intended. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep helping people with their ASMR needs – Fair play to you all.

All content is used for the purpose of commentary and review to create parody on the subject, respect to all the ASMRtists featured in this video! Thank you

You can find the videos in full here:

Soap Carving
10-Minutes Amazing Life:

iPhone Xs Max Unboxing
Dom Esposito:

ASMR Jeff Goldblum
VICE News:

Intense Mouth Sounds
Adriana Robledo ASMR:

ASMR Kitchen Elf Baking Lemon Cake for You | 1hr | Vegan
Cosmic Tingles ASMR:

Eating Raw Honeycomb
Scottish Murmurs ASMR:

ASMR Gina Carla 👂🏽 Let Me Trigger Your Ears! Extra Binaural Sounds!
ASMR Gina Carla:

ASMR Ear Licking ~ Extreme Mouth Sounds for Tingle Immunity
FrivolousFox ASMR:

Best of ASMR: Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot and More Explore ASMR with Whispers and Sounds
W Magazine:

Caring Boyfriend Roleplay

ASMR Medical Appointment (Gloves, Scalp inspection, Ear cleaning, Light trigger..)
ASMR Glow:

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response #ASMR Comedy

Roleplay Vet for Pulino ^ ASMR ITA whispering hand movements & gloves scratching

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Ciao ragazzi! Ho cambiato telecamera, questo non è il cellulare ma una videocamera vera e propria in hd per migliorare la qualità! 🙂 ditemi il vostro parere…questo video è un roleplay richiesto da due asmr artists, Helena Haze e The Stars, Like Dust… Pulino (il cavallino di peluche) va dal veterinario… 🙂
Questo video è dedicato al mio pony Jack, scomparso pochi giorni fa nonostante fosse ancora giovane, sperando e confidando che nel futuro più prossimo si possano trovare cure e rimedi più efficaci per una malattia ancora poco conosciuta che purtroppo colpisce anche gravemente molti cavalli: l’asma equina

ASMR Origami Flapping Bird (Whispering and Paper Tingles)

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I thought it would be fun to mix in a little ASMR with a DIY Origami Flapping Bird. It has been a couple of months since I’ve made one so I am a little rusty in this video but that is okay. These kind of things happen especially when you take a pause on something you used to do so often.

Origami is a skill and like all other skills it usually becomes easier with practice. So don’t give up hope if you’re trying to make origamis or trying to do something else in your life. Believe in yourself 🙂

This ASMR video has plenty of paper sounds for tingles. I hope you all enjoy and I wish you a relaxing time!


#asmr #origamis #diy #kawaiideee

ASMR eating: Potatoes, Mushrooms & Red Peppers with Pesto Basil Sauce | Vegan | No Talking

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Hello my sweet beauties!!! Today i have for you a delicious vegan dish with potatoes, red peppers and mushrooms!! The yummy pesto sauce that i have added is vegan(the same with the last vegan pasta video)!! I hope that you like it my friends!! Enjoy and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

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relaxing asmr Scissoring of pencil case contents

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Gentle whispers Maria
. Scratching
ear to ear
role play
personal attention
. Visual sounds1
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ASMR Fairy Tale Reading Short Story Why The Fish Laughed With Whispering Male Voice

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Sit back, close your eyes and relax while I whisper a story to you. This story is from a 1918 Junior Classics Fairy and wonder Tales. the name of the story is Why The Fish Laughed.