Cats Sing Attention by Charlie Puth | Cats Singing Song

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Welcome to MU6-MusiX, here is another music video featuring cat voices in the new Cats Singing Song Series.

In this video, We have made our cats sing the song Attention by Charlie Puth. Don’t forget to put in your thoughts in the comments section down below.
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Charlie Puth – Attention (Karaoke Version)

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Charlie Puth – Attention [Official Video]

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Needy Pets Compilation – These Animals Need Attention!

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This needy pets compilation features clips of animals that need attention, from clingy dogs to overly affectionate cats.

These pets are in desperate need of some love!

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Barking for Attention – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

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If a dog is barking at you for attention, you need to have the right tools to handle this. If the dog barking at you gets a reaction out of you, whether that is negative or positive, the dog will learn to take advantage of you and you might never solve this problem. So how do you handle a dog barking at you whether he is in a crate or not? Simple, watch this video.

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Building Attention: Game 1 – dog training

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This video goes over one game of how to train your dog to pay attention to you in distracting environments.
If you find that your dog is not interested in the game, try the game with higher level reinforcement- better treats (or toys), move to a less distracting environment, more to an area where you can run more (yet is safe)- as you could see in my video my yard was almost too small to play this game as its really moving fast and away that encourages a dog to run to you.
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Dog Training Tutorial – DISTRACTIONS (Part 1)

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Working around distractions is easier to do for some dogs than others. The key to training a dog to do anything anywhere is all about generalizing behaviors and proofing with distractions.

This is the first episode in a series of videos on building focus around distractions. While it may seem like the exercise shown here is quite simple, it must not be underestimated. Having a solid foundation and starting small is often overlooked in dog training. Just like building a big structure, having a solid stable base is critical to avoid failures later on.

Follow along with us in this series as we gradually raise the bar and set our dogs up to develop reliable and outstanding focus.

Dog Training Tutorial: Building Eye Contact & Attention!

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Teaching a dog to make eye contact is extremely useful with a variety of applications. It is a good habit to encourage especially in puppies who often have the tendency to be rambunctious, particularly in the presence of delicious food/treats. Use this exercise to help build their focus & attention while demonstrating that rewards in their environment are unlocked through you. Ideally, we should always establish eye contact before giving them any obedience cue.

This is also a great exercise for anybody that is new to clicker training. It can be a little challenging at first to time your clicks and deliver the food rewards perfectly, so this is a good place to start and develop your skill.
Be sure to repeat each step outlined in this video several times before raising the criteria and moving on to the next one. Some dogs are more persistent and require extra patience before they start to offer eye contact. This is where clicker training is awesome because it allows us to mark the exact millisecond when the desired behavior happens thus making it very easy for the dog to understand & learn. Always use high-value food rewards & always reward after each click so that it does not lose value.

Finally, food rewards should be understood as a stepping stone to teaching something. This means that eventually, there is no need to reward your dog with food every time as they learn to offer the behavior by default.

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[ASMR] Personal Attention and Help For Anxiety (Whispering | Breathing | Tapping | Crackling)

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If you need someone:
I hope you feel better after you watch this video. I truly do suffer from panic disorder, that wasn’t just for this video. I understand how scary it can be and how it can disrupt your life and sleep. Please come see me any time you need to relax and I’ll help you 🙂 Everything is going to be okay and you will be perfectly fine, I promise.

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German Shepherd Dog Training and Mastering the Art of Attention in Only 1 Week

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Fastest and easiest way to train EYE CONTACT – Kikopup Dog training

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This tutorial goes over the fastest and easiest method to teach your dog to offer attention and eye contact. This method is great for training any dog, be it a new puppy, rescue dog or an older dog who has not yet learned a cue to look at you. The benefits of training attention on handler are endless. When you train eye contact without using any forms of intimidation it can build your relationship and trust between you and your dog. Its also a great way to interrupt undesirable behavior in the future. Check out this video on how to interrupt behavior using an attention noise-

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