Dog PLAYS DEAD to Avoid Going Home While Park Crowd Watches | The Dodo

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Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home | This dog refuses to leave the park — and the crowd is really invested in the outcome. Love Animals? Subscribe:

Credit: Kristen Bohlsen via JukinVideo (

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First things to train and to avoid – puppy dog training

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Puppy Tips 3- First things to train and avoid- Clicker Dog Training

Puppy Tips 3- First things to “how to teach dogs to be calm” “dog training” “dog trainer” “clicker training” “first things to teach a dog” “how to train a dog” and avoid- Clicker Dog Training

Aquarium Pleco “Suckerfish” Care – Catfish to Avoid

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– The Aquarium suckerfish is actually known as the pleco catfish. The plecostomus Catfish is easy to feed. Their food is very important. Here is a link:

Best Algae Food:

My first sump. I modified it. It’s on a 200 gallon tank that will be planted, and eventually will be a Discus tank. From left to right. 2 200 micron socks. 1 10 micron sock. 2 bays of ceramic rings and some floss. 1 bay of Seachem Matrix(8L). From there the water flows through a media canal where I can put Purigen or carbon etc.

I’ll fill it with Purigen. Next is a wet/dry section. Under this I have a pump(500gph) that pumps this highly oxygenated water, back to the 10 micron sock, for a second pass through the sump. Also can use this to keep circulation in the sump when tank feed pumps are off. Two 800gph feed pumps. Other than that there are pumps for a CO2 reactor, and a 57 watt UV light. Also have a small canister filter filled with coral which runs into the sump. I’m using Amazonia substrate, which lowers my ph, so I have to buffer, to be able to add CO2. I’m new to sumps and this is great fun. So versatile. Reminds me of an engine.

It toook me a while to find calcium food for my i ended up finding “reptomin ” not sure for snails tho .sorry They usually sell in pet stores for aquariums but u better ask how they work because i think some rocks can change the ph of water.

So I am kind of new to owning snails, how would I go about properly adding cleaned eggshells to my aquarium for calcium? I buy bird cuttlebones, which birds use for their beaks. I just hide it behind a rock in the back for snails to find. Also baking soda, NaCO3, provides the carbonate (CO3-) for the calcium to bond with forming the shell.

Do NOT use Tums. They have started adding artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Not good for your snails. Get actual calcium, cook and grand your eggshells or just put in a dollar cuttlebone. Cuttlebone is cheaper, last longer and better for them.

I make snail jello…green bean baby food….or other vegetables,Reptile calcium powder, Knox gelatin, some seaweed pellets (optional) and some fish food….also optional… I have a lot of snails so I make bigger batches but I mix three different types of baby food with two packages of Knox gelatin. You can also buy calcium pills and grind up about a dozen of them to mix in… But they are very hard to crush. When I drop those in the tank the first person that gets to him as usually my pleco.

I have cuttle bone in the tank but my beta is more interested than the snails. Not sure it’s doing them any good. You don’t need to add calcium for ramshorns snails only for the large snails. Who grow big thick shells. Mystery snails, apple snails, rabbit snails, Japanese trapdoor snails, lava snails or any of the other large snails.

No they don’t eat other snails. Different varieties grow two different. Google them they are really interesting. What I like about them is they are live-bearing snails the only have about one baby a month so they won’t over run your aquarium. You wouldn’t want them in your tank. They do great in my planted tank but there are three plants that they will eat one is Christmas tree Moss two is banana plants and three is java fern so if you like that java fern you just put in your tank don’t get rabbit’s nails but maybe one of the lovely varieties of mystery snails would be a better match are some of the beautiful nirites.

Aquarium plecos are also known as suckerfish. Any idea what’s going on with my guy’s fins? He has been in his own tank for almost 2months now because I thought his fins were getting nipped in my 10 gallon community. Then I thought maybe he had been doing it to himself. But now it’s looking worse. I recently got a teeny tiny dwarf crayfish and there are shrimp in his tank, but I would think the dwarf crayfish is too small to have done this. Is it fin rot or something else?

I’ve been treating him with bettafix for a few days. I did a water change last weekend and will do another this weekend too. When you are dealing with fin rot you need to increase partial water changes to about every day….or at least every other day. Once a week won’t cut it. IAL an help heal but clean water is most important. I would do a 50% water change every day for a few weeks to see if he starts healing up. If he responds well then back off to 50% every other day.

I’m treating mine in a 3.5 gallon tank with almond leaves in the filter and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt . 50 % warm water change daily and it’s getting better. I also used the Betta fix for a few days but switched to methylene blue dips which seem to help a lot (someone here recommended the methylene blue). Good luck.

The Best Way to Freeze Fish and Avoid Freezer Burn | Thundermist Quick Fishing Tips

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Welcome to today’s quick fishing tip! Nothing’s more rewarding then bringing home your day’s fishing catch, and sometimes you might want to freeze some fish.

Today I’d like to talk about one of the best ways to freeze fish without causing freezer burn and helping keep the fish at top condition.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!

10 Things CATS HATE That You Should Avoid

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Did you know there are many things cats hate? Some of them may be things they come across in nature, situations they would prefer to avoid or, as happens too often, behaviors of their human companions. If you live with a cat and see them get annoyed or upset, you may question why a cat which has everything would be this way. Often it is due to something we might not have previously considered. The things cats hate may be things we like or we think are otherwise benign. To understand the things cats hate, we need to consider their nature and what sort of things affect them negatively. AnimalWised brings you this list of top 10 things cats hate so you can keep an eye out on what you need to avoid. You can learn more on our website by going to:

On AnimalWised you’ll discover a high quality channel that’s exclusively devoted to the Animal Kingdom. You’ll find all sorts of content: from training, diet or beauty and everything that can be useful for you as a pet owner or animal lover. Want to become AnimalWised? Take a look and have fun with us!

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3 MISTAKES Dog Trainers Make and How to AVOID Them: #1 Stay to Recall – Dog Training Videos

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There are several inherent problems in these common mistakes that dog trainers and dog owners make. The key issue is that these things confuse the dog and THAT can lead to a host of other problems.

I’d like to address the issues for you here one at a time.

The first of the three issues is that dog trainers will teach a dog to stay, then walk away and then RECALL the dog.

In this video I explain to you why this can be very unclear to your dog and how it can result in a very dangerous situation.

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6 Worst Substrates & Beddings for Reptiles You Should Avoid

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*When I said respitory system, I meant immune system. I missed that while editing. Thanks for the correction in the comments!*

There are plenty of great substrate options for reptiles. However, there are also many bad options. Today, we go over 6 of the worst substrates you can use with reptiles and amphibians. Keep in mind; a lot of this is based on the personal experience of different people around the internet and based on my own opinions, while others are based on scientific evidence. In my opinion, your reptile will do best if you avoid the beddings which include sand, calcium sand, pine, cedar, crushed walnut shells & small gravel.

Each of these substrates are made for different animals, however, even the animals specified on the packages can end up getting sick, impacted, or simply uncomfortable on these options.

See some of my favorite substrates in this related video:

Learn about impaction in a related video:

Some sources for information:


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Backwater Reptiles horror story AVOID BACKWATER Reptiles

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Backwater reptiles is trying to screw people who buy from them, like charging 39.99 for 15 dollar shipping. or sending out dead pets. rude costumer service to.

second part here

Three tips to measure fish length correctly and avoid accidentally keeping undersized fish

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Keeping undersized fish can land you in a lot of trouble with Fisheries.

In this video I provide 3 tips to measure fish properly and avoid underestimating the size of you fish.

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