COLLAR GRAB – Teach your dog this important safety behavior – Dog Training

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It is very important for your puppy to feel comfortable with being caught or grabbed when loose. At some point in your puppy’s life, he might be loose and someone might be trying to catch him, if he got lost for example. A lot of dogs without previous training, will be scared if a stranger tries to grab at their neck or harness and will run away, making it very hard to catch the dog, and potentially dangerous. Other dogs might bite the person’s hand out of fear.

We can teach puppies and dogs to feel comfortable and trust us when we grab their collar.

If your dog is aggressive, has bitten, doesn’t like being touched, or you are simply worried to touch the dog’s collar, get help from a professional dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement first.

Monkey Tries to Mate With Deer (Rare Interspecies Behavior) | National Geographic

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Rare interspecies mating behavior between a macaque and sika deer is captured on camera. Video courtesy Alexandre Bonnefoy.
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Macaques and sika deer commonly hang out together on the Japanese island of Yakushima. But this is the first time a male monkey has been observed attempting to mate with a female deer. In fact, it’s only the second sexual encounter ever reported between two species that are not closely related, the other being between Antarctic fur seals and king penguins. While it could be a case of mistaken identity or a way for the monkey to learn to copulate, scientists believe the most likely explanation is that the male monkey in the video is a “peripheral male.” These males are low-ranking member of macaque society that do not typically have access to females to mate with, thus the encounter may have been a way for the monkey to relieve sexual frustration.

Read more about this rare interspecies sexual behavior and the previously observed seal-penguin sexual encounters.

Video courtesy Alexandre Bonnefoy

Filmed during the creation of the book Saru – Singes du Japon [Saru – Monkeys of Japan]:

Publisher: Editions Issekinicho
Authors: Alexandre Bonnefoy, Cédric Sueur, Marie Pelé

Monkey Tries to Mate With Deer (Rare Interspecies Behavior) | National Geographic

National Geographic

Pepperdine University – Robert Cabral Dog Trainer and Behaviorist – Animal Behavior Lecture Clip #2

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This video is part 2 of my presentation to Pepperdine University’s Biology class on canine behavior. In this clip I discuss dog’s drives, hard wired predatory behaviors, corrections in dog training and building solid relationships with dogs as our partners. The clip also includes an obedience demonstration with my Belgian Malinois Goofy.

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Dog Training – How To Stop Barking, Lunging And Aggressive Behavior On Leash

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is where you can get the FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior.” This video will show you the results of a dog that was barking, lunging and being aggressive on leash. Using scientific dog training methods the behavior was quickly brought under control and the results were achieved quickly. For more dog traininginformation go to

Dog Training – Impulse Control at Rewarded Behavior Continues, Boone, NC

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Chase & Rounder, 2 ridgeback rescues, work on impulse control and name recognition. Our distance behaviors are a bit sloppy here, but they did well with their impulse control so I was happy. I treated early because these exercises are relatively new to us and I wanted to reinforce (Chase seemed tentative on his stand). Also, it was a hot day and this was the end of our session. These games started with making one dog wait while I let the other go out the door. After seeing the practical applications, I decided to make it more challenging. Both boys will hold a down stay while the other one works nearby. I wanted to make it more difficult by having them both work at the same time. It is definately a work in progress but it’s fun watching them learn and grow. Please, show me what you do with your dogs and post a video response.

Dog training – Confrontational Behavior Modification & Training Techniques

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DVD Title: Confrontational Behavior: Modification & Training Techniques
Presenter: Dr. James Ha
Full DVD available at:

Dr. Ha discusses the danger to owners and impacts of stress on dogs when dealing with confrontational behavior. He covers training methods: the traditional (punishment-based; the pack theory and Positive Reinforcement. He addresses the consequences of confrontation: Aggression (what kind of aggression) fear, anxiety, redirected, pain. He talks about dog aggressive behavior and the causes in order of frequency. Also, what are the contributing factors: long term that can result in aggression? Seminar discusses the consequences of inappropriate use of punishment in training.

Snake Behavior Problems | Pet Snakes

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Watch more How to Own a Pet Snake videos:

Learn about common snake behavior problems in this Howcast video about pet snakes.

Some of the more common behavioral problems that people will ask about, really aren’t behavioral problems at all. For example, one of the more common is why does my snake constantly bump his nose on the terrarium or on the roof of the terrarium? It’s not a behavioral problem it’s a natural thing that they do. They’re escape artists. They’re testing their territory and if you’re not careful these guys will actually lift the lid off of your terrarium, so you want to be very careful.

Like this guy here, he wants to go explore to one side and the other. That’s not a behavioral problem. That’s natural snake behavior. One other really common question that people will ask is why is my snake moving around the terrarium and he has his mouth open? That’s not a behavior, that’s not he’s angry. Most of the time what that’s an indication of is that the heat is much too high in the tank, so it’s an indication that you need to adjust the heat.

Another one is, is why does my snake only stay on one side of the terrarium, he never moves around? A common reason for that is your heat gradient is wrong. If he’s always on the cooler side, it may mean that you need to adjust down the heat on the warmer side. It should always be in the high 80’s maybe the low 90’s. If you notice that the snake is always on the warm side of the terrarium and not moving a lot of times what that means is the heat isn’t enough, so we need to increase it a little bit, so the snake will enjoy and move around the terrarium. So those are a few simple things that people will misinterpret as behavioral problems in snakes.


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Label: Parlophone ‎– PCSD 113, Parlophone ‎– 7943101
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 03 Nov 1990
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Synth-pop
Manufactured By – Capitol Records, Inc.
Recorded At – Red Deer Studios
Recorded At – Sarm West Studios
Recorded At – Abbey Road Studios

Design – Mark Farrow, Pet Shop Boys
Engineer – Bob Kraushaar, Brian Reeves
Engineer [Assistants At Sarm West] – Danton Supple, Robin Barclay
Management – Jill Wall
Management [Assisted By] – Carolyn Sinclair
Management [Represented In The U.S.A. And Canada By] – Arma Andon, SBK Management
Mixed By – Julian Mendelsohn
Photography By – Eric Watson (3)
Producer – Harold Faltermeyer, Pet Shop Boys
Programmed By [Additional Programming] – Dominic Clarke
Recorded By [Orchestra And Strings] – Haydn Bendall
Recorded By [Vocals] – Bob Kraushaar (tracks: 1, 4, 6, 10)
Written-By – Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant*

Recorded at Red Deer, München, and Sarm West, London.
Orchestra and strings recorded at Abbey Road.
Thanks to David Cooke and Claudia Kriege at Red Deer.

Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language

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A brief visual guide, created by the Zoom Room, to better understand the body language of dogs. Facial expressions and posture are examined both with isolated dogs as well as dogs at play or in other social interactions. It’s important for all dog owners to recognize when their pet is happy and relaxed versus nervous, worried or downright dangerous. The guide will also help you read other dogs that you and your pet might encounter, in order to best assess the situation.

If you’re bringing your dog or puppy to socialize with other dogs at the Zoom Room, a dog park, or any other locale, this video will help you better understand and communicate with your dog or puppy, so that you can take the appropriate action, if necessary.

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The EASIEST way to train your puppy to go to his bed – Dog training

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This free dog training tutorial covers how to train a puppy or dog to go to his bed. The method is very simple and easy to follow. Thank you for watching!

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