Veterinary Care for Great Apes – Voluntary Gorilla Blood Draw

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Veterinarians use blood to diagnose and monitor great ape health. Zookeepers have worked hard to train the great apes to voluntary give blood.

Find out more about great ape health research at Zoo Atlanta at

The Effect Of Snake Venom On Blood

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Quick video to show the effect of Malayan Pit Viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma) venom on blood. The hemotoxin causes the blood to coagulate and turn into a gelatin like clump.

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Beagle Getting His Blood Drawn For His Heartworm Test at Dixie Veterinary Clinic

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Me and my mom’s Beagle getting his blood drawn to confirm that his heartworm treatment that he started before we got his has still been successful and he tested negative for them. He got his 6 month heartworm shot after his bloodwork The ProHeart 6 shot. He is in great health

Dagoba “I, Reptile”

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“Post Mortem Nihil Est”
Crushing Down Like A Ten-Ton Hammer
Available Online & Instores — 11/5
Preorder the album iTunes –

Dagoba is:
Shawter — vocals, machines, guitar
Z– guitar
Werther — bass
Franky — Drums

Epoc Veterinary Blood Analysis System Demonstration Video

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Free video download:
Epoc blood gas, electrolyte and critical care analyser demonstration video: how to run a veterinary epoc blood analysis test. Brought to you by Woodley Equipment Company Ltd

Veterinary Learning Series: Jugular Blood Draw in a Dog

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New learning video series from Dr Jaimie of Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital. How veterinarians perform a routine jugular blood draw and why it is different than in humans.
Dr Jaimie performs most services in front of the animal’s owners and believes strongly that an informed and empowered pet owner can make the best medical decisions for their beloved pet. Too often medical procedures are hidden from clients because we don’t want to scare them, but teaching them how these medical procedures are done safely and effectively can creat a safer and stress-free environment for these pets.
More to come like Vaccinations, How To Give Oral Medications, Ear Cleanings, etc!

5 Hot Blood Horses Breeds

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Breeds Of Hot Blood Horse around the World

Hot blood horses are light weighted, quick and hot-tempered animals. The Arab is possibly the best representative breed of this group. They are mostly used for races, although they also take part in many other sports. Hot-blooded horses have been developed in the Middle East, where breeding was heavily focused on the horses’ frame, elegance, pattern maintenance and velocity.
When it comes to their resistance, these horses are much more vulnerable to stormy weather, given that they are a lot more used to the desert and only feel comfortable in such areas.

1 – Akhal Teke Horse
2 – Andalusian Horse
3 – Anglo Arab Horse
4 – Barb Horse
5 – Arabian Horse

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