Bruce Springsteen performs Growin Up live with boy in Audience – Brisbane 2 Feb 16th 2017

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The teenager who stole Springsteen’s Brisbane Show.
He may be in trouble for skipping school, but a Brisbane teenager is counting his lucky stars after he got to jam alongside Bruce Springsteen on Thursday night.

The teen was called up on stage to sing to a crowd of adoring fans after holding up a sign requesting to share a song with The Boss.
Springsteen read the sign, “Missed school, in the s— now, can I play Growin’ Up with you?” out loud to the masses.

“Do you know the song?” Springsteen called out to the teen.
“You know it on guitar?…Well come on up!”
The boy raced to the stage and was handed a guitar before he tuned it and began pelting out the lyrics to the song from Greetings From Asbury Park, sharing the mic with Springsteen.

About halfway through, Springsteen asked the teen to play softer and told him he was about the boy’s age when he got his first guitar.

“I brought it home and I realised it wasn’t about how well you played it, it was about how good you looked doing it,” he said.

“So I got in front of the mirror and I tried out some poses.”

The pair pulled a couple of poses to a cheering crowd before carrying on with the song.

The teenager is reportedly Nathan Testa, who shared the stage with Springsteen at the age of 11 when the musical legend played in Brisbane in 2013.

World’s rarest boy

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This may be the weirdest thing you see about the mating of horses, but let me tell you that it is the most normal thing in the world, in fact, in places like Argentina, this is a behavior that those who work with horses continually see in times of jealousy These animals.
Do you know any other situation in which you felt it was out of the ordinary in the mating of horses ?.
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Robbie Power on the 2018 Irish Grand National, memories as a boy and his future!

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2017 Grand National winning jockey and BoyleSports ambassador Robbie Power chats to OTB AM about his memories of the Irish Grand National and Fairyhouse growing up, his future in the sport and how he’s feeling ahead of Monday’s race on Folsom Blue for Gordon Elliot!

Boy Who’s Saved 1,300 Dogs Named ASPCA’s Kid of the Year

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Roman McConn’s heart was pounding when he accepted the ASPCA’s Kid of the Year award in New York. He’s the mastermind behind Project Freedom Ride, which has saved over 1,300 dogs by taking them from high-kill shelters to places they can get adopted. Roman also shares videos of the dogs on Facebook to help them find homes. He spoke to about how he got started and what he wants to be when he grows up.’s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.

Boy Wants to Keep His Dead Fish

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A boy holds his dead fish and his mom tells him to throw him in the toilet but the boy cries and asks to keep him in a bowl.


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THE HORSE BOY official US trailer

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Now on DVD from Zeitgeist Video. How far would you travel to heal someone you love? An intensely personal yet epic spiritual journey, The Horse Boy follows one Texas couple and their autistic son as they trek on horseback through Outer Mongolia in a desperate attempt to treat his condition with shamanic healing. When two-year-old Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson, a writer and former horse trainer, and his wife Kristin Neff, a psychology professor, sought the best possible medical care for their son—but traditional therapies had little effect. Then they discovered that Rowan has a profound affinity for animals—particularly horses—and the family set off on a quest for a possible cure.

The Horse Boy is part travel adventure, part insight into shamanic tradition and part intimate look at the autistic mind. In telling one familys extraordinary story, the film gives voice to the thousands who display amazing courage and creativity everyday in the battle against this mysterious and heartbreaking epidemic. The filmic companion to Isaacsons best-selling book of the same name and a festival favorite, this ravishing documentary odyssey gives insight into how, in lifes darkest moments, one can find the gateway to joy and wonder.

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Primitive Technology – Two Smart boy finding snake fish by hand – cooking Big fish Eat delicious 71

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Primitive Technology – Two Smart boy finding snake fish by hand – cooking Big fish Eat delicious 71
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Vir The Robot Boy Hungama TV 2nd January 2014 Video Pt 2

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ir: The Robot Boy is a story of a robot with human-like qualities and a unique blend of emotions and superhuman abilities. The series follows his humorous escapades as he manages to save the day with his quick thinking and a wide array of robotic abilities, along with his closest friends – Chulbul, the pet donkey, 8 year old Imli and Gintu, his magical Djinn.

Vir is naughty yet intelligent, funny yet compassionate, playful yet helpful and street smart yet has a golden heart, all of which define the kids of today. Hungama TV will premiere a brand new series, VIR: The Robot Boy. A weekly animated comedy/adventure series set in the heartland of India.