$10K in a 10 Gallon Breeding for Profit

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$10K in a 10 Gallon Breeding for Profit
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With so many aquarium displays featuring marginal and terrestrial plants it seems the paludarium is coming into tropical fish keeping vogue. What better vivarium inhabitants than the jewels of the rainforest, Poison Dart Frogs?

In this short simple video you will discover a highly profitable 10 gallon aquarium set up that takes very little budget (~30 bucks + 10 gallon tank ) and time (~2 hrs) to complete with tremendous yield potential!
Covered topics include:
Breeding stock
Project materials and supplies
Illustrated demonstration of completed project
What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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Poison Dart Frogs: A Guide to Care and Breeding

Poison Frogs (Professional Breeders Series)

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Is my corn snake breeding size? I’ll tell you about the 333 rule for breeding corn snakes. Is my snake big enough? Long enough? Fat enough?


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Breeding Fish For Profit Part 4. Making money from Breeding fish. Tropical Fish Breeder for a living

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Breeding Fish For Profit Part 4 is if you don’t have a local fish store. This video is for you. We discuss selling fish online through aquabid, ebay, and your own website. We also talk about selling your fish on craigslist and facebook. Lastly through your local fish club. Pro and cons to each of these and where the money is to be made.

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MA Fish Guy-Blind Cave Tetras As Pets-Keeping, Breeding, Sexing

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Learn how to keep these cool fish the blind cave tetras, These unique fish are awesome to keep in a aquarium the size of 30 gallon or bigger.

Select Aquatics Presents Ameca splendens, Breeding Pet store Fish and Keeping Goodeids!

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The best known Goodeid, Ameca splendens, is covered, as well as why you should breed Pet Store fish, and all about Goodeids!