Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World

unimaginably  Expensive Horse Breeds 2019

Thoroughbred. This breed of horse was developed in England for racing. …

Quarter Horse. These are currently the mostpopular breed in the US. …

Paint Horse. …

Mustang. …

Friesian. …

Appaloosa. …

Shetland Pony. …

Gypsy Vanner…. and more.

Top 10 Horse Breeds for Beginners

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The Top 10 Horse Breeds for Beginner Riders

As a beginner rider, you need a horse to give you confidence and forgive those inevitable mistakes we all make when learning to ride. You need a good equine friend to take care of you, who is also a safe and fun mount.
You’ll be taught on such animals when you take riding lessons at your local equestrian center. But if you decide to buy your own horse, you’llwant a horse able to take you beyond the beginning stages.

1 – Irish Draft and Irish Draft Crosses
2 – Cleveland Bay and Cleveland Bay Crosses
3 – The Percheron
4 – Morgan
5 – Quarter Horse
6 – Welsh Cob (Section D)
7 – Connemara Pony
8 – Highland Pony
9 – Dales Pony
10 – Dartmoor Pony

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Horsey Jargon Buster 2 – Breeds and Types: TV Episode 211

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Join Rosemary in this video series to learn all about horses and ponies. In this second of our jargon buster series we look at horse breeds and types … and explain a few confusing terms you may come across in the horsey world.

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10 Dangerous Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

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What types of dogs are good for families with kids? Some of the dogs you see in movies or on the street seem to be cuteness itself. But after the first excitement of getting a dog abates, you may notice that your kid isn’t able to walk the dog on their own. Or you may find out that your new pet isn’t as friendly toward your child as you expected. Unfortunately, many dogs who look sweet can bring unpleasant surprises for an unprepared person.

Here are 10 dog breeds that aren’t too kid-friendly. It goes without saying that you can train any dog, but do you really need this headache?

Akita Inu 0:40
Dalmatian 1:31
Russian Toy Dog 2:11
Doberman 2:50
Husky 3:33
Basenji 4:20
Alabai 5:17
Chihuahua 6:07
Pekingese 6:50
Corgi 7:25

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– Adult Akita Inu dogs can be aggressive toward other animals, especially representatives of their own breed. As a result, they can suddenly attack other dogs, ignoring any size difference.
– Dalmatians are big, extremely strong, and overactive. Even if your dog is socialized and used to children’s attention, you should closely watch its interactions with kids. Don’t leave them alone even for a minute.
– The Russian Toy is a gentle and very loyal dog. But you should remember that it has a truly sensitive nature. If there are active kids in your family, this dog will be constantly stressed.
– Dobermans are exceptionally good hunters with perfect obedience skills. But it’ll take a lot of training to make the dog remember that your kids are masters just as you are and that they need not only protection but also respect.
– A Husky is a strong, big, playful dog and can express its emotions by jumping at a kid. This may hurt or scare a young child, so you’ll need to teach the dog to show its feelings in the proper way.
– Basenjis are unstoppably curious and highly intelligent. As a result, they are prone to disobedience.
– The Alabai looks like a fluffy white bear. This is an exceptionally strong and big dog. The dogs of this breed make perfect protectors, but, at the same time, they tend to dominate.
– The Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest breed. These dogs are usually aware of their fragility, and that’s why they don’t particularly trust children. A small kid can perceive this dog more like a toy than a living being.
– The most prominent feature of any Pekingese is its self-centeredness. Most Pekingeses dislike children who make too much noise and try to touch or cuddle them.
– Young Corgis can easily become aggressive after they have tested their boundaries and realized that they can get away with a lot. This is especially true for male dogs.

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10 Most Ancient Dog Breeds On Earth

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10 of the oldest and most ancient dog breeds on Earth which are living from long times without selective breeding. Subscribe To Our Channel :

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Saluki: The Saluki, is the oldest known breed of pet dog.
Afghan Hound: Very Little is known about its origin .But It is pictured in the caves of northern Afghanistan more than 4000 years ago. The breed was kept pure for centuries.
Xoloitzcuintli: The Xoloitzcuintli is a hairless Mexican dog that is so primitive that it was actually worshiped by the Aztecs
Peruvian Inca Orchid: The breed is actually a lot older and the breed appeared in Peruvian artwork from as far back as 750 A
Norwegian Lundehund: The breed almost went extinct By the 1900s, the only population survived was in a small village of Monstad
Chinese Shar Pei: The Chinese Shar-Pei originated in Tai Li in Kwantung province, and has existed for centuries in the Han dynasty existed in 200 BC
Watch full video to find out more oldest known dog breeds, some of which are the longest living breeds on earth.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World

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World’s 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds
1 – Arabian Horse
2 – Thoroughbred Horse
3 – Quarter Horse
4 – Paint Horse
5 – Mustang Horse
6 – Friesian Horse
7 – Appaloosa Horse
8 – Shetland Pony Horse
9 – Morgan Horse
10 – Clydesdale Horse

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Most ILLEGAL Dog Breeds In The World!

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Check out these illegal dog breeds around the world! This top 10 list of banned dogs has some of the most dangerous and deadliest dog breeds on earth!

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8. Pit Bull Terrier
There’s a bit of confusion about where exactly the pit bull was bred and what it was bred for but most believe it was originally bred to “bait” bulls. And then in the 1800s, baiting became banned so the dogs were bred for a new sport: ratting and dog fighting.

7. Canary Mastiff
This is the Canary Mastiff, or the Perro de Presa Canario–a dog originally bred for working livestock. Their roots come from Spain and their name literally translates to “Canarian catch dog”. The breed was first introduced by Dr. Carl Semencic, an American anthropologist who wrote an article for Dog World Magazine and his books about the subject of rare breeds of dogs.

6. Japanese Tosa
The Tosa was a crossbreed of different European dog breeds including the Old English Bulldog, the Mastiff, St. Bernard, German Pointer, Great Dane and Bull Terrier. The idea was to create a larger, more powerful dog and between 1924 and 1933 the Tosa was created.

5. Brazilian Mastiff
The Brazilian Mastiff, or the Fila Brasileiro was originally created to be a hunting dog–doing well on ranches and plantations. It would guard estates and hunt big game animals like jaguars, but it also worked well around the farm and was able to “catch” individual cattle by grabbing hold of its neck for Brazilian ranchers.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
This breed was created in the mid-19th century in Britain to be a small and fast dog fighter. If I saw one of these coming toward me on the street and off leash I would probably turn around, but owners swear these are the most sensitive and loving companions of the dog world.

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a majestic breed created in Africa to be both a versatile hunter and a guardian for the home. These dogs tend to be highly intelligent, stubborn with a significant amount of energy. You’ll be able to quickly identify this breed by the ridge which runs down their spine.

2. German Shepherd
I know many people who swear they will never own another type of dog besides a German Shepherd. It’s one of America’s most popular dog breeds but is it also a dangerous one? First, let’s talk about the good stuff. The German Shepherd is highly intelligent and his devotion and companionship are like none other.

1. Rottweiler
The Rottweiler is another versatile breed which was created to do multiple things. It could do everything from driving cattle to market and then later pulling carts for butchers. They were also some of the earliest police and military dogs.

Top 10 Super Protective Dog Breeds | Dogmal

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Top 10 Super Protective Dog Breeds

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Selecting the Super protective dogbreeds out there is a difficult task, considering that when we look at our companions we have a hard time imagining their extreme physical capabilities.

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Here is the list of 10 Super Protective Dog Breeds.

10. Bullmastiff
9. Akita
8. Boerboel
7. Cane Corso
6. Giant Schnauzer
5. Doberman Pinscher
4. Rottweiler
3. Dutch Shepherd
2. Guess???

#dogbreeds #germandogbreeds

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Red Dead Redemption 2 All Draft Horses ! Biggest BREEDS In The Game !! AMAZING HORSES

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So today we are visiting all the DRAFT HORSES in Red Dead Redemption 2 I hope you Enjoy it!
Arabian =
Turkoman =
Missouri Fox Trotter =
Thoroughbred =
Shire =
Dutch Warmblood =
Andalusian =
Mustang =
American Standerdbred =
Nokota =
Appaloosa =
Hungarian Halfbred =
Ardennes =
Morgan =
Suffolk Punch =
Kentucky Saddler =
Tennessee Walker =
Beglian Draft =

10 Strangest Wild Dog Breeds

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From the singing dogs of New Guinea, to the most mysterious breed ever, the Maned wolf, these are the 10 STRANGEST Wild Dog Breeds !

New Guinea Singing Dog — The animal doesn’t necessarily carry a tune … but it is named for its unique vocalization. They have a distinctive, melodious howl, which begins with a sharp increase in pitch and ends with extremely high frequencies. It’s not uncommon for the dogs to indulge in some chorus howling, where they all howl together. The sound is unassociated to any known canid, or dog like creature. Native to the island of Papua (pap-you-wah), the singing dogs are closely related to the dingo, but are considered a separate species.

African Wild Dog — It’s also known as the African Painted Dog, due to its colorful fur. It’s speculated that those colors might serve as a means of visual identification … these animals can recognize one another at distances up to 100 meters. It’s native to sub-Saharan Africa and is known for its hypercarnivorous diet … meaning its diet is more than 70% meat. Antelopes are especially favored, and this animal will chase them until exhaustion sets in. African wild dogs are highly social animals that live in packs of up to 27 adults and yearling pups.

Ethiopian Wolf — It’s recognized by its red and white fur and long, narrow skull and is about the size of a coyote in build and size. In fact, DNA analysis has shown that the creatures are more closely related to coyotes and gray wolves than other African canids. Unlike most social carnivores, these animals will forage … and feeds only upon small prey like rodents. It’s current range seems to be restricted to several isolated mountain ranges at elevations up to 4,500 meters. They seem to engage in temporary associations with Gelada (jell-A-da) monkeys found in the Ethiopian highlands. Troops of Gelada (jell-A-da) monkeys will tolerate solitary wolves hunting for rodents in their midst … while the wolves ignore juvenile monkeys who could be the size of their prey. Did you know this is one of the world’s rarest canids, and is also the most endangered carnivore in Africa?

Maned Wolf — This creature has always presented something of a puzzle. Its markings resemble that of a fox. But it’s not a fox … and despite its name, the Maned Wolf is not a wolf! So what is it? Well, it is recognized as the largest canid from South America, and is actually the only species of the genus ‘Chrysocyon’ (crys-oh-sun) which means ‘golden dog’. They can weigh over 50 pounds and stand nearly three feet tall at the shoulder. Its most distinguishing physical characteristics are its long black legs and distinctive black mane, for which it’s named. The mane actually serves to enlarge the animal’s profile when it’s under threat or displaying aggression. It’s found in grasslands throughout South America, from Brazil to Peru to Argentina.
Did you know the Maned Wolf is also known as the Skunk Wolf … that’s due to the distinctive odor of its territorial markings.

Dingoes — The phrase “ A Dingo ate my baby” is pretty well embossed on the pop culture consciousness thanks to the movie “A Cry in the Dark” (1988). But these Australian wild dogs had a notorious reputation for a long time before that. And little wonder … this is the largest terrestrial predator in Oz. While their exact ancestry is still debated, dingoes are generally considered as descended from semi-domesticated dogs which reverted to a wild state when introduced to Australia. Due to their attacks on animals, dingoes are often seen as a pest by livestock farmers.

Dhole (dole) — Although it resembles the African wild dog, the Dhole is the only member of its genus (jenn-us). This canid is native to jungles of Central and Southeast Asia … and is also known as the Asiatic wild dog. The social animals can weigh up to 40 pounds and live their lives in packs. They mainly prey on smaller animals including frogs, lizards, and rodents …. Although the pack will sometimes bring down larger animals like deer. But while it’s a fairly dominant predator, the dhole can itself be preyed upon by tigers and leopards. Distinguishing characteristics of the dhole include their complex body language which can communicate signs including greetings or aggression. And they’re known for making distinct vocal calls to coordinate with the pack. The repetitive sounds are said to be so distinctive that individual animals can be identified by their own unique calls. Oddly enough, it’s still unknown exactly how the dholes make these sounds! Got any theories?

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15 Popular Draft Horse Breeds

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Breeds Of Draft Horse around the World

Draft Horses were developed for heavy labor. They were often used for pulling loads, like farm equipment or carriages. But they were also used as war horses to carry heavily armored knights into battle.
The Draft Horse is known as a Heavy Horse, and is also described as cold-blooded. These horses can weigh 1600 pounds or more and stand about 15.2 to 20 hands high from the ground to their withers. (One ‘hand’ equals 4 inches.)
The Draft horse is tall in stature, heavy boned, and extremely muscular. They have a shorter back and strong hindquarters. Many of heavy horses have long hair called ‘feathering’ on their lower legs, and it sometimes covers their hooves. Many also have a head profile that is either straight or one that is convex, giving them the “Roman nose” appearance.

1 – American Cream Horse
2 – Belgian Horse
3 – Clydesdale Horse
4 – Friesian Horse
5 – Gypsy Horse
6 – Haflinger Horse
7 – Irish Draught Horse
8 – Norwegian Fjord Horse
9 – Percheron Horse
10 – Shire Horse
11 – Suffolk Punch Horse
12 – Boulannais Horse
13 – Breton Horse
14 – Ardennes Horse
15 – Jutland Horse

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6 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World

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Some of the people have a love for horses. They prefer to give their time in the caring or preparation for the beautiful beasts. The link shared by the humans and horses is an ancient one. Multiple productions have trained the animals for the earlier 4000 years. The marvelous creations make a great extension to your home in diverse ways. The horse riding is one of several activities that come along with the having a horse. Here are the top 6 expensive horse breeds.

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6. Friesian
These horses are well known for intellect and sharpness as a primitive of Friesland. They are used in the war due to their able body and activity. They are gorgeous.

5. Mustang
The Spanish or Iberian breeds of horses are Mustang which started in America. They are renowned for their endurance and skill. The North Americans utilized by Mustangs in multiple ways. The horses have a long span of life.

4. Paint Horse
The Paint Horse in America is renowned for its trademark patterns of colors that is the combination of white blemishes with more common colors of horses like black and brown.
They have produced from the foundation of blotched horses with quarter horses or thoroughbreds.

3. Quarter Horse
Nowadays, they are the most renowned breed in the United States. They have acquired their name due to the skill to exceed the other horse breeds in a small race of few miles. They fight in the rodeo games like barrel racing, team roping, and calf roping.

2. Thoroughbred
The thoroughbred breed of horse emerged for racing in England. For the easy paces, their short legs are most fitted. They have quick backs, slim bodies, and broad chests. They are extraordinary in their endurance and agility and are highly susceptible and lively.

1. Arabian Horse
The Arabian horse is the uppermost among the most expensive horse breed in the world. It is among the primitive races. In 1980, the Arab horses became a famous standing representative and exchanged equated to exceptional designs in the United States.


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