ASMR Hair Play | Hair Brushing on Pony Tails Relaxing Sounds

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Hello my friends! Today I am brushing Lala’s hair. I hope you enjoy the visual and also the sounds. I will cut her hair after this video. It will be uploaded soon. I hope you would like to watch it too.



brushing my messy Hair

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June Marie Liddy brushing my messy Hair
blue sweatpants and tan ktop
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Hair Brushing & Cutting | Close Up, Hand Movements, Face Brushing (wear headphones)

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One of my faaaavourite types of ASMR videos is close-up hair brushing with hand movements, so I couldn’t wait to do my own!
Wear Headphones with this one 🙂

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Day 1 of Tis the Season to be Flakey. Plucking out a few flakes + hair brushing and massage.

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Not many flakes, but a lot of finger stimulation and hair play. Hope you guys enjoy.
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#ASMR Relax with me! Brushing my face .. brushing my hair ..Tapping.. drinking coffee.. etc!

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EQUESTRIAN ASMR // Brushing, hoof beats, all that satisfying stuff

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Asmr Camera Brushing, Gentle Whispering (Russian), Layered Sounds.

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This Asmr-video, contains visual and sound pulses, (camera brushing, gentle whispering, mouth thounds, gentle blowing) which will help you relax. Please wear headphones and enjoy watching!!!

Это Асмр-видео содержит визуальные и звуковые стимулы (кисточками по камере, нежный шепот, звуки рта, нежное дуновение) которые помогут вам расслабиться. Пожалуйста не забудьте надеть наушники и приятного просмотра!!!

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How to brush a Shetland pony – TV Episode 123

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(Video) How to brush a Shetland pony – TV Episode 123
This week, we learn how to brush a Shetland pony. Brushing a pony is also called grooming. There are lots of different brushes to choose from. Find out their names and how to use them safely.
Watch the video to find out more:

ASMR Live Soundscape: Horse Whispering (part 3)

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In this video i tried to get some sounds that could cause you some triggers when listening to them with headphones. I think i succeeded. I have put a list of sounds below. I think a lot of them you can also find in other asmr videos ;). Horses make some relaxing sounds, for me it works :).

breathing up close eating grass
sniffing and smelling
scratching soil
kissing sound 😉
exhaling deep
brushing my ears
scratching forehead

Enjoy the video.