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Build Lego Friends Andrea’s Accessories Store Silly Play

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I can’t choose, the blue wig with the cat ears, or the phoenix wings costume? There is a world of imaginative opportunity in this set, the build itself is super duper, and then we can play dress ups, and costume design and so much more! Lego Friends Andrea’s Accessories Store is also the first set to include the cutest little scooter to zoom about on. The speed build of this set is slowed down so we can see all the details and then there’s time for some silly play at the end!

Browse the displays at LEGO® Friends 41344 Andrea’s Accessories Store, including a wig, textile skirt, handbag, hair bows and perfume. The fitting room with mirror spins around to reveal Andrea’s new look to her friend. This fun fashion shop set also includes a sewing machine, cash register, loudspeakers and a stand for Dexter the dog, plus a super-cool scooter for Andrea to get around Heartlake City. Includes 2 mini-dolls plus a dog figure.

Includes Andrea and Emma mini-doll figures, plus a Dexter the dog figure.
Features an Accessories Store with light elements, loudspeakers, accessory displays, a desk with sewing machine and a fitting room with mirror and spinning function, plus a scooter.
Accessory elements include a purple wig with cat ears, textile skirt, handbag, hair bows, camera, perfume bottle, cash register, money bill, sewing case, sewing pattern tile and a cookie.
Hang out at Andrea’s favorite fashion shop and help her choose from all the cool accessories with this LEGO® Friends set.
Try everything on in the fitting room and then spin it around to reveal her new look.
Play with Dexter the dog while Emma makes alterations on the sewing machine.

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Build Fish Pond Around The Rabbit House and Raising 1000 Red Fishes

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After our hard working to build rabbit mud house now we are going to build fish pond around the rabbit house and raising 1000 red fishes. It is very colourful from the red fish and our rabbit very enjoy their play ground.

Primitive Technology: Build Mini Swimming Pool And Bamboo House For Dogs

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Hi! This Is Video I Want To Show You About Primitive Technology: Build Mini Swimming Pool And Bamboo House For Dogs In Cambodia.
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We Take Time One Week To Build This

Jeep Rock Sliders ANYONE Can Build! Low buck diesel truck Episode 10

Views:21420|Rating:4.95|View Time:19:33Minutes|Likes:1195|Dislikes:11
In Episode 10 of the Low Buck Diesel Truck I take some steel lying around my shop and bend it into some jeep rock sliders! These are very easy to make, anyone can do it! Follow along as I use my bender, dimple die and welder to make these 2 rock sliders for my truck!

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*This product is meant for entertainment purposes only. Your mileage may vary. Do not try this at home. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. For off-road use only. Slippery when wet. Batteries not included. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle, heavy equipment, cherokee XJ, wrangler TJ, wrangler JK, or any Jeep vehicle, especially the newer Fiat ones. How-to videos may be too intense for some viewers and children under 30 years of age. Please remain seated until the 4×4 ride has come to a complete stop. Studies have shown viewing these videos causes increased cancer risks in laboratory test people. I am not a professional, I have no training, I’m not even particularly good at horse whispering. Don’t believe everything that you know. Please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. Do not tap on glass. Do not eat anything that has been on the floor for more than 3 days. Keep your hands to yourself. Not to be taken internally. Reproduction strictly prohibited. Driver does not carry cash. Objects in Bleepinjeep mirrors may be farther than they appear.*


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Here we go again guys! This has been one of my all time FAVORITE videos I personally have ever done! I bring you guys along with our entire Aquascape Ecosystem Pond building team, I like to call the Pond Squad, as we tackle Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch Pond Build!

It’s been a CRAZY three days guys down here in South Florida! We’ve been busting these ponds out like magic! Come tour the Exotic Animal Ranch as well in this video!! Oh my god!! You guys are going to get to see it all! Blake’s got tortoises, turtles, lizards, parrots, goats, A FREAKING PUPPY DOG TAME COW, yes I said COW, and some exotic fish that will make you say ”What the @*!!?”

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My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe, Sugar Cube Corner POP Playset Unboxing and Speed Build

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Daddy and daughter unbox My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe Playset. The little girl is certified MLP fan, she has been enchanted with the world of ponies since last year. She calls this play set Sugarcube Corner. It is nice how MLP toys are created so little girls can experience the magic of friendship. Building and decorating Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe is a great bonding experience for daddy and daughter. On the box, it says that adult supervision is needed. Also, no tools are required to assemble this MLP playset. This set comes with stickers so the kids can decorate and personalize their design. The set comes with a Pinkie Pie toy. The mane and tail of Pinkie are made of felt. Just pop the parts and then you have created your Pinkie Pie pony. It would be fun to collect other My Little Pony Pop kits, right? There are two sets of doors and windows, it’s so fun to mix and match. This product is recommended for ages 3 and up. The pony figure measures approximately 3 inches tall. Daddy and daughter enjoyed making the perfect home for Pinkie Pie. The play set is easy to put together, recommended to other MLP fans out there. My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shop Playset by Hasbro gets a two thumbs up.

#MyLittlePony #PinkiePie

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Gertit Plays with Minions Flying Hot Dogs Car Toy Playset – Pretend Play and let’s build it!

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Gertit Plays with Minions Flying Hot Dogs Car Toy Playset – Pretend Play and let’s build it!.
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How to build a Fish Pond – Part 1 | Pond Design and Layout

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Step-By-Step instructions on how to build a pond for fish. Do it right the first time – learn from a professional builder. Tips & tricks about designing and laying out your fish pond before you start digging.

RAPTOR REPTILES: How to Build a Raptor Reptiles Mondo Tank

Views:9254|Rating:4.72|View Time:22:59Minutes|Likes:184|Dislikes:11
Hey guys, in today’s video we’re showing you how to build a bearded dragon enclosure. These are the same tanks you see in our colony updates! We hope you find this helpful and enjoy building your next enclosure! Thanks for watching and as usual, stay tuned for more!

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How to Build a Backyard Fish Farm

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Watch more How to Raise Farm Animals videos:

With the growing popularity of backyard vegetable gardens, backyard fish farming is becoming another popular source of food. Start small by building a fish pond.

Step 1: Dig a test hole in your yard
Dig a test hole as deep as you plan to make your pond. Then fill it with water from a garden hose and see how much water drains to determine the seepage quality of the soil.

Backyard fish ponds are typically 5 to 15 feet deep.

Step 2: Ask local authorities if permits are needed
Contact your local government authorities and ask if permits are needed for building a backyard fish pond.

Step 3: Decide where your pond will be dug
Decide where your pond will be dug. Locate it where it will be exposed to sunlight to promote algae growth and where children and pets won’t be attracted to it.

If you’re a beginner or on a tight budget, build a fishpond only in a warm climate. Colder climates require expensive heating and filtering systems.

Step 4: Hire a contractor to excavate a hole
Hire a contractor with equipment to excavate a hole for the pond. Then fill the hole with water, spread 8-8-4 crop fertilizer in the water to grow algae, and wait 4 to 6 months.

Step 5: Stock the pond with fingerlings
Stock the pond with fingerlings or young fish. Tilapia is a tasty fish that is easy to raise, and they tolerate a variety of environmental conditions.

It’s recommended that a fishpond be stocked with five to six fingerlings per square meter of surface area. Spring is the best time of year to stock.

Step 6: Wait until the fishes are full grown and harvest
Wait for six months to a year for the fish to grow. Lower a dip net to the bottom of the pond, sprinkle a small amount of fish food into the water above the net, and lift the net to harvest the fish.

Did You Know?
Fish farming, also called aquaculture, has been around for centuries and may have been practiced in China as early as 2000 B.C.E.

EXPLODING KITTENS Unboxing Lego Compatible Brick Build Sets

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This is the EXPLODING KITTENS TOY HUAL and UNBOXING featuring C3 Lego Surprise Packs, The Barfing Kitten C3 Brick Build, and The Exploding House Brick Build Set.




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Pets Of The Van Build 2018!

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I Did Pets Of The RTR And People REALLY Liked My Video! Thought I’d Visit Some Pets, Their Owners And Their Owners Rigs In This RV/VAN VLOG. Hope You Enjoy! CVK
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HOW TO: Build an underwater waterfall sandfall for a fish tank

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How to build the underwater waterfall – sandfall. A basic example on how to do it and some simply tips to make it work and look good.

Part 1-
Part 2-