Gross irrigation in Construction of Veterinary building in Chapar.

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Gross irrigation in Construction of Veterinary building in Chapar.
চাপৰ ত পশু চিকিৎসালয় কেন্দ্ৰৰ গৃহ নিৰ্মাণত কেলেংকাৰী ।
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Building a Fish Room Inside of a Garage with a 240 Gallon Show Tank

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This is the most impressive garage fish room I have ever seen. Not only does the room look great but the huge aquariums look even better! This fish room is built inside of a 1925 garage.. talk about renovation! I was thoroughly impressed with this fish room especially with the 240 gallon planted aquarium!

Joel and Vicky are some amazing people! Joel has a really unique way of running his aquariums that I think a lot of you will really enjoy! Sit back and enjoy this amazing fish room tour!

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Corey builds his 2 pet rats their dream cage and turns it into a mansion!

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Horse Farm ! Playmobil Barn , Tack Room, Stalls Building Playset Toy Video

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Get ready to hang out on the farm. Let’s build a Playmobil horse farm! Start by snaping all the wall togther, add a roof, hay for the stalls and a tack room for the saddles and bridles. This set comes with 2 horses and a baby foal along with 2 riders and lots of horse accessories. Have a great day, thank you for watching mini fans! 😀

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Building A GIANT Rainforest Reptile Enclosure!

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Its finally here the new home for my Boyds Forest Dragons!

this video goes over how i built and set up this awesome enclosure.

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Overcoming Fear, Confidence Building Dog Training

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Max came to us with a good amount fear issue, housebreaking, on leash an off leash obedience issues. On day 2 of training we include confidence building training along with obedience work. We do more of a holistic approach to dog training and behavior modification.

Solid K9 Training offers board and train services for all breeds, and ages. Board and train is primarily for dog behavior modification because doing so, produces fantastically behaved obedient dogs. Solid K9 Training offers both private classes and Board and Train services for dog training and behavior modification. Solid K9 Training teaches basic obedience such as proper leash walking, sit, down and come to puppies (puppy development) and adult dogs alike.

Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training


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Building Drive by ‘being’ a Bad Dog Trainer sdga

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My wild Border Collie “Buzz” performs his favourite demo showing how many ‘driven’ dogs are created through bad dog training habits. Buzzy is the subject of my book “Shaping Success” (Dog Writers of America Choice for Dog Training Book of the Year in 2005).

Exotic Pets and Base Building! || Conan Exiles Gameplay || #10

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It is time to build up the base a bit, but first we need to take another look at some of these pets we have been hearing about.

There is one particular pet that we were going to get last episode, but didnt have much of a chance. It is time we remedy that situation. Along the way, we try to stuff an elephant into our pockets and get run over by a few rhinos. What a ride!
But that tiger will be ours. Bonus points if it turns into a greater version!

After that adventure, it is time to slow things down, collect some resources and build the base. It is a ridiculously expensive thing to do, but we must. our base is so small right now and very disorganized. Things need to change.

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Building Attention: Game 1 – dog training

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This video goes over one game of how to train your dog to pay attention to you in distracting environments.
If you find that your dog is not interested in the game, try the game with higher level reinforcement- better treats (or toys), move to a less distracting environment, more to an area where you can run more (yet is safe)- as you could see in my video my yard was almost too small to play this game as its really moving fast and away that encourages a dog to run to you.
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Building a BIOACTIVE Asian Rat Snake Vivarium!

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Watch as I travel through the journey of creating my first ever fully bioactive vivarium for Vera, my thai bamboo rat snake!

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The Empire Cats Building for Scottish Fold Kittens

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I did a lot toys for my funny cats and cute Scottish Fold kittens before. This time I decided to construct a The Empire Cats Building. Maybe someone from cat lovers will want to make such a gift to his cat for Christmas. SUBSCRIBE: . New video every Tuesday ! Starring: Funny Cats Coco, Tyson Panda and Cute Kittens.
Music: Santo Rico by Twin Musicom (
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Building a concrete fish tank, start to finish.

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The building of my new fish tank, in the video I give the all the sizes and the water capacity, now need to decide on a top design and get it made.

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