Aquarium Fish Store Tour from Canada! Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta

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Fish Store Tour from Canada! Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta
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This LFS tour was amazing! It has more fish and dry goods than any other fish store I have been in! They had approximately 14,000G of fresh water and also had Marine tanks! I hope you like it! Not only was it an Aquarium store tour, they had all kinds of other animals!
If you have any questions or would like to buy any fish, please email me at [email protected]
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Please watch: “Sunday Funday Fish Room Update Aquarium Fish Room VLOG water leak in the fishroom”


Barrel Racing 2016 Calgary Stampede Day 4

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Overall Results for the 2016 Calgary Stampede Barrel Racing! Professional’s Choice athlete Mary Burger takes 1st place!

1st place- Burger, Mary – 17.990
2ed place- Walker, Maryb18.000
3rd place- Ganter, Jackie18.515
4th place- Lockhart, Lisa 22.560
#TeamProfchoice Barrel Racing

Pool A Riders:
Mary Burger
Ivy Conrado
Kelley Schnaufer
Mary Walker
Cassidy Kruse
Sarah Rose McDonald
Julie Leggett
Taylor Jacob
Megan Swint
Fallon Taylor

Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital in Calgary Video tour

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Dr Julie Schell and her Shiba Inu puppy, Schatzi, give a tour of Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital and Pet Day Care. Our dog and client lounge, admit area, acupuncture rooms as well as the laboratory, exam rooms, pharmacy, day care and overnight care admit room, treatment room, surgery suite, recovery/monitoring area, staff room, small dog suites, large dog suites, cat play room, cat suites, retail areas, and cat lounge are show cased. For more information check out and call us at 403 278 1984. We look forward to helping you and your pets!

Northwest Profiles: Born to Buck (Calgary Stampede)

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Visit the Calgary Stampede Ranch near Hanna, Alberta. This 22,000 acre ranch produces some of the world’s best rodeo bucking stock.

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Calgary – Celebrating 10 great years

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Veterinarian in Calgary teaches how to apply Essential oils to your pet.

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Dr. Schell demonstrates essential oil application on Schatzi, an 11 week old Shiba Inu puppy, who is Yoshiko’s great great grandaughter. Application of essential oil blends that are prescribed for your pet can be easily done and very enjoyable for you and your pet. With gentle technique and positive reinforcement most animals will enjoy the experience and thoroughly benefit.
Essential oil therapy help improve immune health, calm and comfort the animal, help prevent infection and help relieve pain. It is important to only use safe oils prescribed by your veterinarian, often that are diluted in plant oils to improve distribution and to help prevent side effects such as stinging.
An excellent part of essential oil therapy is that each time you are treating your pets, you are also treating yourself, providing benefits to both pet and person. For more information contact us and check us out on our website


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A tour of the worlds largest pet store! Including a waterfall, monkeys, thousands of fish, and lots of reptiles. With sting rays, monitor lizards and more.
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