How to Train Your Dog While You’re Away with the Furbo Dog Camera!

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Thank you Furbo for sponsoring this video! It’s finally possible to effectively communicate with your dog when you’re gone. Get your Furbo here: and enter promo code FURBOZAK and receive $15 off your Furbo! Offer valid through 1/1/18

If you want peace of mind and the ability to meaningfully interact with your dog when you’re away, you’ll like the Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo can be valuable for diagnosing separation anxiety, addressing unwanted barking, chewing, and more. You can also stop in and say “hi” to your dog and give them a treat to let them know you’re thinking about them. So cool!

How to teach your dog to stop barking:

How to teach your dog not to bark humanely and effectively:

How to teach your dog to bark and stop barking:

Osborne Refrigerators Shetland Pony Grand National Helmet Camera 2015

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Footage taken from a helmet camera in the Osborne Refrigerators Shetland Pony Grand National at Olympia on Wednesday 20th December 2015

Asmr Camera Brushing, Gentle Whispering (Russian), Layered Sounds.

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This Asmr-video, contains visual and sound pulses, (camera brushing, gentle whispering, mouth thounds, gentle blowing) which will help you relax. Please wear headphones and enjoy watching!!!

Это Асмр-видео содержит визуальные и звуковые стимулы (кисточками по камере, нежный шепот, звуки рта, нежное дуновение) которые помогут вам расслабиться. Пожалуйста не забудьте надеть наушники и приятного просмотра!!!

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Man caught on camera having sex with family’s pet DONKEY

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►Everett Lee Compton, 49, charged with multiple counts of estiality and cruelty to animals for allegedly having sex with family’s female donkey
►Arrest report says Compton would feed the animal bread, place a shirt over its eyes, then stand behind it and press his pelvis into its rear
►Game cameras installed on the family’s property in Arkansas captured Compton in the act in May, June and July
►At the time of his arrest on July 16, Compton blamed the bestiality acts on his marijuana habit

Source: Dailymail

Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera

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It’s dogs in slow-mo catching treats. What could be better. From TBWA Toronto. Follow me on Twitter, I share neat things.

Music is by Andrew Harris, a Vancouver-based sound designer and composer. Check out more of his awesome sounds here:

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58

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High Speed video. Cats. Physics. Weightlessness. Of all my videos, if you don’t share this one, you probably never will. Please consider sharing by clicking here: GiGi was not hurt during the making of this video. We took great care to make sure she would be safe. Next I’ll explain how the physics involved in flipping cats allow us to operate Space Telescopes (Seriously).
So as simple of a question as this is, it turns out to be a MAJOR POINT OF STUDY in Physics, Robotics, Space Satellite Control, Weapons Development, Biomedical Engineering, etc. It’s stumped scientists and engineers since Newton’s day. Here’s something interesting. The cat isn’t twisting his back.. he’s actually BENDING it. The next video will go into great detail about what’s going on there, and explain how it relates to studying the farthest points in the universe (Seriously… the fact that a cat can do this allows us to study the Universe.. no exaggeration).

The high speed camera used was a Phantom Miro M320S. Rent one yourself by clicking here: Tell them GiGi the cat sent you

Artist Info:
Gordon McGladdery wrote & Recorded the song “Long Time, No See”
Download it with vocals here:

Sarah Xu, a student at the Vancouver Film School made the awesome introduction Drawing. Look at the full non-8-second version here:
See her art here:
The graphs are scientifically accurate!
Coming soon (because you asked): a poster of the flipping cat intro.

Get Smarter Section:
If you don’t believe me that this involves some serious math… click here:

Instead of saving for my kids’ college, I make videos using the money I would have saved.
The thought is it will help educate the world as a whole, and one day generate enough revenue to pay for their education. Until then if you appreciate what you’ve learned in this video and the effort that went in to it, please share the video. If you REALLY liked it, feel free to pitch a few dollars towards their college fund by clicking here:

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HAPPY DOGS & CAT in AUSTRALIA – Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” song

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Follow DIDGA on Instagram – Inspired by Pharrell William’s International “Happy” Hit! Lot’s of dogs playing at the beach. Special appearance from “DIDGA” aka ‘Worlds BEST Skateboarding Cat’.
For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom INSTAGRAM
How To Teach your CAT/ DOG –

Check out Didga’s skateboarding viral video (over 2.3 million views) here –

Story behind this video:
After a dog graduates my off leash training program, I’ll offer a “doggy outing service”. I pick up the dogs (usually between 8-12 dogs), take them to dog beaches or other dog friendly places, let them play together, while continuing to practice the training they’ve learned. I’ll rinse off any sand, trim their nails (if needed), then take them home. 2 1/2 year old Didga, aka ‘Worlds Best Skateboarding Cat’, who I adopted from the shelter at 13 weeks old has been joining us on the outings her whole life. Especially being a part of the group photos or videos I make. A GoPro camera was used for all the shots for this “Happy” video.

When I’m not on the group outings, Didga still joins me everywhere and loves riding in the car, at times she is very “dog like” sticking her head out the car window as we drive down the road, riding on my stand-up paddle board or enjoying a little swim. Most cats don’t like being in water, BUT when she was young she didn’t react too negatively to water, so I took on a HUGE challenge of ‘desensitising’ her even more to the water. FYI – It was several months of patience and dedication to achieve what you see in the video. I’m a professional animal trainer so PLEASE don’t try getting your cat to swim at home.

Although I don’t make any money directly from this video because I used the “Happy” song, I couldn’t think of any other song that goes so perfectly with the – HAPPY DOGS!”

Thanks for the Likes, comments (I read them), shares and SUBSCRIBING. Check out my other videos, (6+ million views) I’m just getting started, so more videos on the way.

Thanks, Robert And Didga

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Instagram – catmantoo_youtube

Filmed mostly at Currumbin Dog Beach

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Get Pharrell’s new album G I R L with 10 Brand New Tracks on Amazon:

Sister’s Pet Snakes – carpet Python baby video Sydney Australia cute ^__^

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Sister’s Pet Snakes – Diamond Python baby video Sydney Australia

Music: Creative Commons –
copyright free – permission to use Subscribe to Pushka’s PushkaCom Channel for a free stream of high quality Art videos about: Music, Anime, Video Games, Literature and various things of interest. Uploading a video or more every week.
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Pet snake sheds his skin on camera

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Zulu the black mamba sheds his skin in this (creepy?) footage. Anyone else a little grossed out?

Source & embed code:

For licensing, please email [email protected]

Pet Store in a Japanese Home Center (GoPro Japan Video)

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Don’t forget to RATE! COMMENT! TWEET IT! etc! /Voc. below!
Vocabulary List
犬 inu = dog, 子犬 ko inu = puppy,
熱帯魚 nettai gyo = tropical fish,
金魚 kin gyo = goldfish
猫 neko = cat, 子猫 ko neko = kitten
ホームセンター hoomu sentaa = home center
犬用のカート inu you no kaato = cart for dogs
ペットショップ petto shoppu = pet shop
怖い kowai = scared
うるさい urusai = noisy or annoying, like some of my haters, lol
嫌だ! iyada! = Unhappy sound made when someone is grossed out or does not want to do st.
可愛い kawaii = cute
太っている futotteiru = fat
大きい ookii = big
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Little Hooves Foaling Cam 2

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Live broadcast 24/7 365 days a year from Washington state, USA. The horses of Little Hooves and Cascadia are rotated through the stalls depending on who will be foaling next. Chat rules below.

Little Hooves 2019 calendar is now on kickstarter:

Foaling alert:

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Q. How often are the horses’ stalls cleaned?
A.The horses have their stalls cleaned twice a day.

Q. When are horses turned out?
A. We let foaling mares out a few days to a few weeks after they’ve had their foals. However, the Department of Ecology has restricted our access to our pasture during the rainy weather because of its proximity to the river. Our farm receives over 6 feet of rain per year, mostly from October through April.

Q. How long will this live stream go?
A. Indefinitely. We try to keep the stream going 24/7/365 with some minor downtime with power outages or storms. We rotate horses so there is always a horse to watch on camera.

No personal attacks.

No self-promotion or links to other channels (We invest a lot of time, money, and effort making this a live stream available, and do not appreciate others siphoning from our viewership.)

If it can’t be said on cable TV in the USA, it can’t be said here.

Sentences in ALL CAPS not allowed, but a few words within a sentence capped for expression is OK.

No politics, no religion, no game promotion/talk.

Limit your use of single-word comments and emojis (multiple comments like these can overrun the chat and make it hard for people to have discussions).

Horses, Mini, Caspian, Miniature

GoPro Camera on my Husky Left Home Alone!

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I attached my GoPro onto my dog and left for about 40 minutes. We caught everything he did! What would your dog do?


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SEE MY REPTILE PETS!! Get an update on all my pet reptiles at BHB Reptiles! Two of my pet snakes including a huge snake attacks my camera!!
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