What is Veterinary Cardiology? – Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong

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Dr. Maxie Krueger, our board certified specialist in Veterinary Cardiology, talks about the many different aspects of treating diseases of the heart in dogs and cats.

3d Printer Applications in Specialist Veterinary Medicine

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This is a quick review of applications of 3D printing at our specialist veterinary care facility. We use a Uprint SE Plus which prints in ABS plastic. This project was partially funded by a grant from Royal Canin. Southpaws offer specialist veterinary services by referral – for surgery – neuro, orthopaedic (including TPLO, TTA and extra capsular), soft tissue, minimally invasive and surgical oncology. Our other major disciplines are internal medicine (including imaging) and cancer care (medical oncology (chemo, immuno and hormonal therapy), radiation therapy). We also offer cardiology surgery and services, stem cell therapy for osteo-arthritis and physiotherapy.