Exotic animals including a bunny in a home made wheel chair from Modtoast

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Modtoast is a fashion jewelry store where all profits go to the upkeep of these exotic and disabled animals. Check out the website at
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Modtoast is a distinctive collection of mindful fashion products inspired by unique street fashion for renegade spirits.
Modtoast brings uniqueness and boldness to the forefront to secure a distinct position within the worldwide fashion market.
True to their original foundation, Modtoast brings a collection that defines itself as wearable art and is ready for public consumption.
Modtoast is a small independent business selling updated and fashionable jewelry to feed and care for her house full of rescued animals.
Sales also help to feed the many feral cats that live in her backyard.
Orders help with their food, neutering and spaying, and medical care.
The owner of Modtoast takes in exotic animals, that she has adopted, rescued, and rehabilitate, to live out the rest of their lives in their forever home.
Shipping is free on everything in her store, always.

Colorado State University Veterinarian is First Female Appointed to Endowed University Chair

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Colorado State University’s Dr. Nicole Ehrhart, a veterinarian dedicated to saving the limbs and lives of people and pets, is the first woman appointed to an endowed University Chair. The endowment will fund her musculoskeletal trauma and cancer research.

Salli Saddle Chair in veterinary medicine

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Salli Saddle Chair helps you to prevent the problems caused by static sitting in medical occupations. Salli gives you better posture, healthier lower back, more relaxed shoulders, close access to the patient and easy movement, turning and reaching. The gap in the seat adds comfort and genital health.