Deer Dog Drive – Hounds Chase Big Deer To Me

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Another successful hunt folks!! Eric is deep in the woods when the dogs run two deer right to him! Enjoy the action…

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I’m Supposed to CHASE the HORSE?

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I’m Supposed to CHASE the HORSE?

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2018 Betfair Chase – Bristol De Mai – Racing TV

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Radnor Hunt PC paper chase 11/ 4/18 Helmet Cam GoPro

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Helmet cam footage from the Radnor Hunt pony club’s paperchase. It was a bit muddy so we didn’t do as much zooming or jumping as we would have liked, but it was still a great day out with our friends. Folly hasn’t jumped much this year, so enjoy her hilarious kangaroo jumps!

Cute *HAPPY DONKEYS* at the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge

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Happy playful donkeys at the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge. Biting, kicking and just being mischievous! Donkeys bray when they are happy or just want to communicate with other donkeys. Every night at the Refuge there are donkeys that bray to give the “All Clear” or let the other donkeys know there is no danger. Braying does not hurt the donkeys in any way.
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Wild Dogs Take 5 Buffalo Calves in an EPIC Feeding Frenzy!

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Wild dogs are known as one of the animal kingdom’s most successful hunters, almost 80% success rate.
This video shows you exactly why!

Wild dogs are known as one of the animal kingdom’s most successful hunters, almost 80% success rate.
This video shows you exactly why!

45-year-old Mandy Taplin experienced this highly emotional sighting in Moremi, in Botswana.

After Mandy shared the sighting with, she explained what happened:
“Our guide, Lets, from Ethnic Nature Safari Tours, was taking us out for the last morning drive of our incredible 4-night stay at Moremi.
We had left our campsite early and had already seen wildebeest, zebra, impala, giraffe, jackal, saddle billed storks, wattled cranes and 2 male lions.”

“At around 8am we saw buffaloes in the distance and what looked like calves playing, so we decided to get a closer look. As we were approaching, we realised that there was a large pack of wild dogs. It was unbelievably exciting as we had heard them 2 nights prior but were unable to locate them.”

“On arrival, we saw that the buffalo herd had been split, and in the middle, the wild dogs were actually eating 2 buffalo calves.
What happened next was a roller coaster of emotions and an absolute adrenaline rush…”

“The rest of the buffaloes started moving towards us in order to join the rest of the herd. In a split second, the alpha dogs, I assume they were, went directly for the front of the herd, which sent the herd into a panic. The dogs reacted very quickly and in the chaos managed to take another 2 calves. Another 4 buffaloes and 1 calf were left separated from the herd and the dogs made short work of taking that calf as well.”

“In total, they had taken 5 calves and the buffaloes could not do anything about it. Although this was so exciting to see, it was also very sad and exceptionally gruesome to watch. It took between 15 – 30 minutes for the calves to die and they continued bleating the whole time. It was gut-wrenching. We left shortly after the last calf succumbed.”

“I think this was a once in a lifetime sighting. We go to the bush fairly often and have never seen anything that can compare. Our guide has grown up in the delta and guided for many years and even he, and all the other guides we spoke to, had never seen anything quite like this before.”

“We had not intended on going to Moremi, but my husband and I decided to spoil ourselves for our 23rd anniversary. We literally saw the safari vehicle in the car park at a Spar when were doing some shopping, and we then made inquiries. The next day we were off to Moremi and had an unbelievable experience.
If you have a sighting like this in your life, be prepared to be in awe at how effective these dogs are at hunting.”

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