Ultra CLEAR DITCH Fishing for Pet Fish UNDERWATER FOOTAGE | Monster Mike

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Catching aquarium fish in a tiny ultra clear ditch water! Fishing for exotic fish with Monster Mike. Epic underwater video. Wow we landed some BIG FISH! Join in on our Trivia Questions for your chance to win Shout outs and other prizes.
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The Truth About Disney’s Whispering Canyon Cafe! | Lets Clear Up Those Rumors!

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We head to Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to get the real scoop about all the rumors! This place has been known for the satirical humor and over-abundance of Ketchup! Not only does it have a great All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Skillet but people have fled there over the years for the laid back entertainment by the waitstaff! Lately many people have been reporting that they have quit this and it now only has the skillet to look forward to. Well, I can tell you first hand and PROVE it on video that if you ask for it they will play along but it is “tamed down” quite a bit. History will repeat itself though so don’t worry!

Testing Dog or Cat Intelligence with Clear Tape | Funny Dogs and Cats Reaction to Clear Tape

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How smart is your dog or cat? There is a test that can test your pets’ intelligence. Watch this video that funny pets’ reaction to clear tape. If you like our videos, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE us and share with your friends!


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Keeping my FreshWater Fish Tank Crystal Clear

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I’ve had a couple people ask me How I keep my fresh water tanks crystal clear. Its super simple if you have a good filtration system… I basically do water changes every week to 2 weeks. Make sure to have your water conditioner and implement carbon filters into your biomedia which will help with the odor and will crystallize your water. Be sure to rinse new carbon filter pads before using them.

Turtle/Fish Aquarium Maintenance & How I keep my Water Crystal Clear!

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Tips on how to keep your water clear & super clean. This is a turtle aquarium, turtles require more water changes & more care. Fish aquariums need good bacteria in order to thrive, but you must balance it out, especially when it comes to Red Ear Sliders.

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How To Clear Impaction – Impacted Bearded Dragon Lizard – Reptile constipation

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How To Clear Impaction In An Impacted Bearded Dragon. In This Video I Will Demonstrate How To Clear Impaction AKA Constipation In A Bearded Dragon With A Simple Technique, But This Should Work To Cure Impaction in any Impacted Lizard, Not Just Constipated Or Impacted Bearded Dragons That Are Suffering From Constipation.
bearded dragon impaction constipation
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How to Clear Impaction in Reptiles – YouTube
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Bearded Dragon Impaction – Reptile & Parrots Forum
bearded dragon symptoms of impaction
impacted bearded dragon symptoms
Klicken Sie hier
How to Know if Your Bearded Dragon Has Impacted | Animals …
How to clear Constipation/Impaction in Reptiles – YouTube
Preventing Impaction and Constipation in Lizards :Guide to …
Impaction & Constipation – Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragon – Impaction! – Reptile Forums
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Bearded Dragon Impaction – Reptile & Parrots Forum
UK Bearded Dragons Health Page
Bearded Dragon Illness/Disease & Treatment | – Crazyreptile
How do you deal with impactions? – FaunaClassifieds
bearded dragon symptoms of impaction
impacted bearded dragon symptoms

bearded dragon impaction constipation

UndreamedPanic – Clear Skies VIP (Ponies At Dawn: Recollections)

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I created a VIP of Clear Skies for Ponies At Dawn: Recollections!

I hope you guys like this version, I tried my best to make it fun and new as I can, I wanted to have vocals for this but no one was free.

Also I don’t think many of you seen me do art, but this is basically my style ^^

Ponies At Dawn Recollections:

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365 pond build BREEDING fish outside HOW TO keep ponds crystal clear

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So I have a new computer, this video was supposed to be uploaded last Sunday, 8/.16.2015, but my laptop kicked the bucket, and yesterday i went to best buy and bought myself a new computer. 🙂 yay

So I will give you all this video on a Tuesday 🙂

I built myself a 365 gallon pond that is currently, resting outside beside my raised diy koi pond. I wanted to accomplish a few things with this pond, I needed to figure a couple of things out, and even though this pond is not acting towards the reason it was built it is acting as a prototype to my wayne’sfishworld.

So I had a misquote problem in the pond, and i figured i would throw a few fish into the pond to get rid of my nucience, and it worked, i also wanted to go ahead and breed a few fish for my lfs, local fish store, to help them out by cutting a shipping cost out of the equation. So the fish did their job and i no longer see pest inside of my pond. I am also breeding these fish and they’re waste is suppling the plants with a food source, its always a cycle fish feed the plants and in turn the plants act as a hiding place for young fry also it absorbs the toxins in the waters and grows with that.

I have big exceptions and in the future, this is a teaser/ treat to all of you kind enough to read the description. I probably will be making a 16 foot long aquarium/ pond. waynesfishworld has big plans.

So I also talk in ths video a little about how to keep a pond crystal clear, i know my pond isn’t super clean in this video, i have to clean the filter, but its clean enough.

I see so many people having a yard full of plumbing pipes and trash cans in order to have a clean clear healthy pond, when sometimes its not even that clear. You don’t need to do all of that. For a pond you want to go plus one on your uv light and you want a filter media that is very fine, meaning it catches the smallest debris.

with those two concepts you’re life will be a 1000 times easier. I also use an airstore air pump for fish tanks or pond aerator and place it in a small trash can filled with pea gravel, it doesn’t matter what you use, i just used a 50 pound bag of gravel from lowes, that cost less then $ 5.00 five dollars. And the air forces all of the water to pass through that enriched biomass filter.

Ultra CLEAR Ditch Fishing For New TANK PET!!

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Fishing the ultra clear ditch is so fun this time I was after a new tank pet! Hope you all enjoyed this video! DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!


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Pets See A Pet Psychic

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“I never thought of treating them like equals.”

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