Johny Johny Yes Papa | Popular Nursery Rhymes Playlist for Children | ChuChu TV Rhymes Zone For Kids

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ChuChu TV Rhymes Zone Playlist:

Johny Johny Yes Papa
Wheels On The bus – New York City Tour
Lets Play in the Park
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed – Robots
Five Little Fingers Body Parts Song
Numbers Song 1-20
Sea Otter Song
Panda Finger Family
Ding Dong Bell
PussyCat PussyCat
Wheels On The Bus – London City Tour
The Spirit Of Christmas Song

BEST of KingBach Vine Compilation

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KingBach vine compilation (names in description)

64 of KingBach’s funniest vines

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1. Mr. Steal Yo Girl. w/ PagePagekennedyngBach
2. When girls give guys the wrong number. w/ Amanda Cerny #EveryNumberInTheMoviesStartsWith555
3. Sore losers be like… w/ Tayvion Power #KingBach
4. Giving out gum is like a drug deal. w/ Lamorne Morris, DeStorm, #KingBach (Behind the scenes on my Pheed app)
5. Did I say you can jam to my music? w/ Pagekennedy #KingBach
6. #Niggasbelike Im cultured w/ Davidsocomedy #Howto be racist #loop #Magic #cute #selfie #monday #slap #look #run #Dontjudgeme
7. Mixed Signals (Part 1) #KingBach #Howto #Loop #Selfie W/ Ramona
8. Beat boxing Fail w/ Pagekennedy #KingBach #TeamVine #Nonewfriendsexceptforthatchickiaddedonfacebook
9. I love playing criss cross with Ramona !
10. @Kingbach to the rescue! w/ Derrick Zonca, Laura Kriss #ButThatBackFlipTho
11. How to act like you weren’t asleep when you get an important call #KingBach
12. Black Spider-Man w/ Eric Dunn, Kelsey Darragh #KingBach
13. Hold the elevator please. W/ Austin Miles Geter #KingBach
14. The new iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner got dudes like… w/ LoveStassia, GioVanni Watson #KingBach @applenws
15. Damn she’s fine w/ Alphacat
16. Careers in 6 seconds: Kim Kardashian Edition W/ @musicmarali DeStorm ImanCrosson @mister_kennyg #KingBach
17. Nigga I ain’t no cop! w/ DeStorm, Megan Drust #KingBach #steviewonderhashtagsbelikejahakaldid
18. How thugs read the news. #KingBach
19. Never borrow from a mobster. w/ Rudy Mancuso #KingBach
20. F*ck dat bitch w/ Tayvion Power, Ramona #KingBach
21. Old spice guy gets defensive. W/Marcus Johns and Tristin Mays
22. #Niggasbelike DeStorm BMW?! Nice whip man! #Howto #clouds #Shoutout #Fuckit #Spurs #phone #loop #selfie #cute #magic
23. How Thugs go to sleep. w/ Splack, DeStorm #KingBach #YouTired
24. When you show someone a pic on your phone and the start to scroll. W/ GioVanni Watson, Curtis Lepore, SmoovLife_CLCC #Dontswipeleftorright
25. Not in my J’s! w/ Jason Nash #KingBach #bred11s
26. Ummm… W/ Cassandre Presume
27. Watch where you’re going! w/ Kyle Shevrin #KingBach
28. Don’t take pics with your side chicks. W/ Ramona
29. #Niggasbelike Ayo ma lemme get yo numba!
30. Ayo ma lemme get yo number! (Part 3) w/ Liane V, LoveStassia
31. Ayo ma lemme get yo number! (Part 4) w/ Hannah Stocking #KingBach #Thethirstisreal
32. Mixed Signals (Part 2) w/ JessLizama #KingBach
33. #Niggasbelike Ma let me take you for a ride… #howto #loop #Selfie #magic #Fuckit #Dontjudgeme
34. #Parentsbelike Don’t beat me in video games #Howto be a sore loser #loop #magic #selfie #rainyday #today #flying
35. Bust-a-rhyme fail w/ Pagekennedy (Part 2) #KingBach
36. Chicks be like… “Tell me what you love about me.” w/ Jessica Lesaca #KingBach
37. Gas money w/ Alphonso McAuley #KingBach
38. I want answers! w/ Lamorne Morris #KingBach
39. Move your feet lose your seat! #SeatSnatchCam #KingBach w/ Curtis Lepore, Alphacat, Klarity, DeStorm
40. Failed freestyle (part 5)
41. Can I borrow a dollar? W/ Alphacat #KingBach
42. Shoot my vine! W/ Pagekennedy, Alphacat, DeStorm, Torrei Hart
43. Do you need a ride? (Part 3) w/ Pagekennedy, Alphonso McAuley, chief waKiL, Alphacat, DeStorm #KingBach
44. Do you need a ride? (Part 2) w/ DeStorm, Liane V #KingBach
45. “I’m never gonna change…” W/ Marcus Johns, Klarity
46. Robbery fail w/ Alphacat
47. Wake up with @KingBach! ft. Torrei Hart #KingBach
48. Smack Cam w/ Curtis Lepore #Remake MAX JR try me nigga lol
49. The wrong way to scare a black man. W/ Curtis Lepore
50. Failed Freestyle (Part 5) #ThreePicks #KingBach
51. #Niggasbelike Ill slap the man outta you! #Howto #Magic #selfie #loop #cute #iphone #boo #Vineapp
52. Failed Freestyle (Part 3) w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto, Alphacat #KingBach
53. Failed freestyle (Part 4) Klarity, DeStorm, Simone Shepherd #KingBach #Vinefamous
54. Motivation w/ Liane V #KingBach
55. How I feel when guests leave a mess at my place. #ButYouGonWashThatDishTho
56. How men hold grudges vs how women hold grudges. w/ Brittany Furlan #KingBach
57. The great escape (part 1) w/ TaleOrTaylor #KingBach #pointlesshasgtags #Ipokedyoursisteronfacebook
58. How to get out of a conversation.. w/ Julia Price #KingBach
59. Ask Siri… w/ Alphonso McAuley #KingBach
60. D*ck pic w/ Pagekennedy #KingBach
61. How I feel when people have bad breath w/ Pagekennedy #KingBach
62. Dudes be like, “I’ll be right there” w/ Alphacat, DeshawnRaw #KingBach
63. Eating Chinese food. w/ @jkfilms @joverdose #KingBach
64. Why are people always on their phones? W/ Brittany Furlan, Simone Shepherd, Heidi Heaslet, Pagekennedy #KingBach

Voices of Lee Patriotic Compilation

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The Voices of Lee (, an internationally known a cappella singing group from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. They were finalists on NBC’s The Sing-Off show for a cappella groups and have travelled around the world from Notre Dame in Paris, to Hong Kong and London, and across America sharing their lush harmonies and high energy vocal arrangements and patriotic favorites at churches and schools, and for high profile events.

This is a small selection of the songs they performed live for the Alabama State Games XXXIII Opening Ceremonies in Dothan, AL at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds. (June 2015)

The National Anthem
Armed Forces Medley
The Red, White, and Blue
We, The People
Man in the Mirror

See it Everywhere – Beautiful Ultra HD 4K Footage Compilation by Tel Stewart

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Song: See it Everywhere by Ricky Valadez
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Thank you for watching. This is a compilation of my favorite shots I have taken over the past six months. These were little moments that I was able to capture in between my crazy professional production schedule. These clips, to me, make me feel alive and excited to go out and create another video like this. If you like these videos you can support me by sharing this video with the world.

This video is special to me in a lot of ways. The music was written specifically for the video and I feel like it pushes the emotions over the top. A big shout out to the composer Ricky Valadez.

My goal is to make one beautiful compilation video a month, fore focused on one specific theme per video. This is the first video in, I hope, a long series. Uploads are going to be slow at first but in the future there will be a regular upload schedule so look forward to those.

Again thank you for your support. If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will try to answer you the best I can.

All footage was shot in Ultra HD 5K on the Red Epic and uploaded to YouTube in Ultra HD 4K.

Anchorage, Alaska
St. George, Utah
Coos Bay, Oregon
Kauai, Hawaii

Location Breakdown:
00:00 – Anchorage, Alaska
00:06 – Anchorage, Alaska
00:10 – Coos Bay, Oregon
00:14 – Coos Bay, Oregon
00:19 – Cougar Cliffs, Southern Utah
00:28 – Cougar Cliffs, Southern Utah
00:35 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:37 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:39 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:41 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:44 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:46 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:48 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
00:50 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:51 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
00:54 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:58 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
01:03 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:07 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:12 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:21 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:27 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:29 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:32 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:34 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:38 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:38 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:42 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:47 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:49 – Coos Bay, Oregon
01:51 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:55 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:58 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:00 – Kauai, Hawaii
02:04 – Coos Bay, Oregon
02:07 – Kauai, Hawaii
02:08 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:11 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:13 – Alaska
02:17 – Coos Bay, Oregon

Red Epic – Live action and slow motion
Canon 5D Mark III – Timelapses

Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 16-35 f2.8
Canon 70-200 f2.8

See it Everywhere – Beautiful 4K Stock Footage by Tel Stewart

Security Guards Compilation Pt. 1 – “You Can’t Film Here, There or Anywhere”

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Highlights of Security Guards acting dumb.

Featuring Furry Potato and California Guardian (Videos are used with permission of both Furry Potato and California Guardian)

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For Educational Purposes Only

Owl – A Funny Owls And Cute Owls Compilation || NEW

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An owl is cute and funny. Owls are awesome. Check out these funny owls and cute owls in this funny and cute owl videos compilation.

Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Little innocent kid poops on the store’s floor | Kids pooping their pants compilation

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