Amber Crystal – Pony Club Open Dressage to Music Championships

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Amber’s very last competition, winning the Open dressage to music class at the Pony Club Dengie Championships.

Was very happy with the test, which was shortened from our BD floorplan. I just miscounted the walk, and she got a bit carried away on the final centre line. We scored just over 70%.

She is now infoal to Timolin due April 2016.

Keeping my FreshWater Fish Tank Crystal Clear

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I’ve had a couple people ask me How I keep my fresh water tanks crystal clear. Its super simple if you have a good filtration system… I basically do water changes every week to 2 weeks. Make sure to have your water conditioner and implement carbon filters into your biomedia which will help with the odor and will crystallize your water. Be sure to rinse new carbon filter pads before using them.

Turtle/Fish Aquarium Maintenance & How I keep my Water Crystal Clear!

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Tips on how to keep your water clear & super clean. This is a turtle aquarium, turtles require more water changes & more care. Fish aquariums need good bacteria in order to thrive, but you must balance it out, especially when it comes to Red Ear Sliders.

(made with #spliceapp –

365 pond build BREEDING fish outside HOW TO keep ponds crystal clear

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So I have a new computer, this video was supposed to be uploaded last Sunday, 8/.16.2015, but my laptop kicked the bucket, and yesterday i went to best buy and bought myself a new computer. 🙂 yay

So I will give you all this video on a Tuesday 🙂

I built myself a 365 gallon pond that is currently, resting outside beside my raised diy koi pond. I wanted to accomplish a few things with this pond, I needed to figure a couple of things out, and even though this pond is not acting towards the reason it was built it is acting as a prototype to my wayne’sfishworld.

So I had a misquote problem in the pond, and i figured i would throw a few fish into the pond to get rid of my nucience, and it worked, i also wanted to go ahead and breed a few fish for my lfs, local fish store, to help them out by cutting a shipping cost out of the equation. So the fish did their job and i no longer see pest inside of my pond. I am also breeding these fish and they’re waste is suppling the plants with a food source, its always a cycle fish feed the plants and in turn the plants act as a hiding place for young fry also it absorbs the toxins in the waters and grows with that.

I have big exceptions and in the future, this is a teaser/ treat to all of you kind enough to read the description. I probably will be making a 16 foot long aquarium/ pond. waynesfishworld has big plans.

So I also talk in ths video a little about how to keep a pond crystal clear, i know my pond isn’t super clean in this video, i have to clean the filter, but its clean enough.

I see so many people having a yard full of plumbing pipes and trash cans in order to have a clean clear healthy pond, when sometimes its not even that clear. You don’t need to do all of that. For a pond you want to go plus one on your uv light and you want a filter media that is very fine, meaning it catches the smallest debris.

with those two concepts you’re life will be a 1000 times easier. I also use an airstore air pump for fish tanks or pond aerator and place it in a small trash can filled with pea gravel, it doesn’t matter what you use, i just used a 50 pound bag of gravel from lowes, that cost less then $ 5.00 five dollars. And the air forces all of the water to pass through that enriched biomass filter.

Kids Pet Snakes | HiHo Petting Zoo | HiHo Kids

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Kids Pet Snakes | HiHo Petting Zoo | HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids

Equestrian Lord – “Rise Of The Crystal Shadow”

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Equestrian Lord weaves the epic fable of the Crystal Empire with a healthy dose of Power/Thrash metal. (lyrics & more below!)

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EQD link:


(based on the episode “The Crystal Empire”)

(solo: Diego)

Rising from the frozen wasteland
A king once overthrown
A sadistic tyrant
A blackened mist, no flesh nor bones
Attack against the Crystal Empire
The enemy grows strong
The Crystal Heart, it must be found
Or else all hope is gone

King Sombra will destroy us all
The darkness closes in
A trail of death left in its wake
The end of time is drawing ever near
(solo: Diego)

Hidden away for centuries
The empire of light has returned
But so with it, an evil force
That threatens the kingdom to suffer and burn
Twilight is caught by the spell
And fights to stop the oncoming threat;
The force field weakens
As the crystal ponies inch
Towards an imminent death

The Crystal Fair is the only way
To bring the balance back
Rejuvenate our hopes and dreams
And stand a fighting chance for victory

Rise up from the arctic pit
And take the crystal slaves
Rise of the crystal shadow
Bow down to your Equestrian Lord

The black mist is rising
Seeping through the cracks
The crystal slaves, shackled and chained
As the sky turns a deathly shade of black
(solos: Diego, Eric)

Falling down into the frozen wasteland
The king’s been overthrown
The dragon throws the Crystal Heart
So Cadance may reclaim her throne
In one fatal strike, a bright flash of light
Colors stream across the sky
King Sombra falls into the pit
As his reign of terror fades away and dies


(Music: E. Willmott, D. Avila)
(Lyrics: E. Willmott)

Dialogue sampled from ‘The Crystal Empire, Pt. I”
Written by Meghan McCarthy
Directed by James “Wootie” Wootton
Feat. Nicole Oliver & Andrew Francis

King Sombra pics:

How to Keep CRYSTAL CLEAR water in your AQUARIUM/ Clean Fish Tank Water

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Keeping your aquarium water crystal clear without expensive UV sterilizers. How to get Clear aquarium water is key to your viewing experience. In this video I explain how your fish tank water can stay crystal clear.

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