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Dog Training Tip of the Day- Counter Conditioning- clicker dog training

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Dog Training Tip of the Day- Counter Conditioning- clicker dog training

I will be making a video about classical and counter conditioning, but this video is for people who have already started using counter conditioning to change their dogs emotional response to certain stimuli. For example helping fearful, shy, reactive or aggressive dogs to be calm relaxed and happy around their triggers instead of having a fearful or aggressive reaction.

“Dog Training” “Tip Of The Day” Clicker Dogs Help Tips Counter Conditioning how to train a dog dog training ‘Clicker Training’ calm aggression fear reactivity

University Vlog / Spend a day in Vet school with me

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Hi everyone.

This is my first ever vlog! I thought some of you might be interested in knowing how I spend a typical day in veterinary medicine school. I hope this motivates you to study and to get into the course you want at university.

My day consists mostly of lectures and practicals, so its not super exciting but I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments if you did, and if you would like to see any more.

Next week I will be posting a requested video on “How to get an A in A Level Spanish and English”

Leave any video requests in the comments!


Exotic Pet Refuge Open Day, Deeping St James, June 2012

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“Exotic Pet Refuge Open Day, Deeping St James, June 2012”

On a sunny Sunday we visited the Exotic Pet Refuges in Deeping St James, near Peterborough who were having one of their few opening days in a year to see the animals and to support the wonderful work the place has been doing since 1984 rescuing animals.

They take in creatures from all kinds of backgrounds, from the RSPCA, from owners who cannot care for a pet any more and organisations like zoos… the list is quite big.

They survive solely on donations of money and materials along with volunteers working hard to give their time to the animals. These few open days a year help raise money to keep and look after the animals.

There is plenty to see along with stalls and on-site, all helping to raise important funds, there are lots of different animals from birds and owls, Wolves and Lynx, to reptiles and monkeys and a lot more including Meerkats too. Check out the website for a list of the open day dates.

Please visit their website and if you can donate or help in any contact them 🙂

Their website is:

Wedding Day ! Getting Married Shopkins Shoppies Bride Video 5

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Bridie is so excited she is getting married today! Here comes the bride! It’s time to party!!I hope you enjoyed watching all 5 parts to this Shoppies wedding series. This is the last part of the series. Hugs!

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Banff Horseback Riding Trip 6 Day Lodge Adventure | Banff Trail Riders

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Few folks ever get to experience a place like this.

Sky-piercing mountains stretch out across the landscape, their peaks crusted with ice and snow. The air is cool and fresh. And best of all, there’s an almost zen-like quiet out here.

Camp Vlog | Day in the life | This Esme

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I hope you guys enjoyed the video!

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