[ASMR] Dalton Plays Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 3)

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Saddle up folks! Dalton is playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and you are comin’ along for the ride! We gallop along this beautiful game and run into a little bit of trouble on the way. We also show off our amazing Arabian White Horse. As everybody knows if your horse ain’t happy, you ain’t happy!

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Dead Horse Bay – A scavenger’s dream

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Abandoned boats, horse bones, and bottles, lots of bottles. Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn, New York is definitely out of the ordinary with a very interesting and slightly dark history. I wouldn’t consider it an abandoned beach but it certainly has that feel and look. Tons of garbage being eroded out of a the landfill and thousands of bottles laying on the beach. Bring your thick rubber boots and some gloves to this place. Oddly enough, it is managed by the National Park Service and technically it is illegal to remove items. However many argue that they are doing a service by removing trash off the beach. For those who are interested in going to find some treasures, I didn’t get the vibe anyone really cares much about this place in the slightest bit.

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Abandoned LA ZOO

Border wall at an abandoned beach

Top of the Hops: Brewdog Dead Pony Club (beer review) | The Craft Beer Channel

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Jonny and The Brad review Brewdog’s brilliant session pale ale, Dead Pony Club, at the Dogtap, Brewdog’s brewery bar in Scotland.

Quite how they brew such a fruity, hoppy and drinkable beer at 3.8% is beyond us, and you’ll find few answers here. Just a lot of drinking.

* DISCLAIMER: Brewdog paid for our trip up as well as hotels but we loved Dead Pony long before that.

Highlight Reel #444 – Red Dead Man Can’t Keep Head On Straight

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1. Ring of Elysium – Zip Line Massacre – Ripskin16

In Ring of Elysium, zip line massacre.

2. COD4:BO – Blackout 200 IQ Play – TokageDemon

In Blackout, fantastic trucking.

3. COD: BO4 – “the one with the legs” – Ah!Jan

John Carpenter’s Call of Duty.

4. Just Cause 4 – Birds – (direct file) Noah Martin
A bunch of people sent me these perfectly frozen birds in Just Cause 4.

5. Just Cause 4 – Rico spins his beyblade – RandomRoll

Also in Just Cause 4, rockets turn this blimp into a beyblade.

6. Just Cause 4 – I love this game – SSJ_Daniel

Lastly in Just Cause 4, creating a glider.

7. RDR2 – NPC Hunter is so kind in sharing his game – Priscent Snow

In Red Dead, so kind of this hunter to share his game.

8. RDR2 – “hold up fam i got this one” -god – bLoOoodHoUnDD

Divine intervention with this witness.

9. RDR2 – The horse gotta go – Roberto Hidalgo

OK, act natural

10. RDR2 – a real head turner – Kazzerx

This one’s a real head turner.

11. RDR2 – dismount with style – TehGriffzor

Stylish dismount, but he’s still dead.

12. Red Dead Online – I nearly choked on my drink – tyrionb

In Red Dead Online, this guy has a familiar face.

13. Red Dead Online – no need to be on your guard – Lee Stuart

No need to be on your guard

14. Red Dead Online – Horse Kick Catapault – Waka sandman

His horse thought he was saving him from his friend

15. Red Dead Online – IM BLACK JEZUZ

You know the old saying, two men can’t catch the same….fish?

16. Red Dead Online – Red Dead Redemption 2 Flashbacks – Raidkill

Apparently the secret to getting unstuck in time is to have a bear thrown at you.

17. Red Dead Online – the slowmo horse – YuukiFayt

[ASMR] Red Dead Redemption 2 – (Controller Sounds, Whispering, Tingles) Buying A NEW HORSE

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▲[ASMR] Red Dead Redemption 2 – (Controller Sounds, Whispering, Mouth Sounds) Buying A NEW HORSE

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Red Dead Online Brandywine Drop Treasure Map Location Guide (Easy Gold and Money!)

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Treasure map location guide for the Brandywine Drop treasure map in Red Dead Online. Finding this one will give you some easy money and gold aswell!
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#RDR2 #RedDeadRedemption2 #RedDeadOnline

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Mission #98 – Home Improvement for Beginners [Gold Medal]

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Mission 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough Guide in 4K

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Medal Missions Walkthrough Playlist:


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Epilogue 1: Part 2 – Beecher’s Hope

Mission #98: Home Improvement for Beginners

Given by: Uncle

Gold Medal Objectives:
● Complete within 18 seconds


Related Achievements Trophies:
● Gold Rush – Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.


Video recorded on: PlayStation 4 Pro


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CAT LOVES OWNERS – Cute cats React when their owner playing dead

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CAT LOVES OWNERS – Cute cats React when their owner playing dead
1. Best Of Dog And Baby Videos Compilation

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Heartbroken man marries PET SNAKE he believes is his dead girlfriend reincarnated

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A heartbroken man who believes his girlfriend that died five years ago reincarnated and took the form of a cobra has decided to marry the pet snake.

The boyfriend, who is yet to be properly identified, is said to have been devastated when his lover passed away five years ago.

However, when he spotted a “snake that has a striking resemblance to his late girlfriend”, he got excited and believed she had come back to life as a serpent. He now spends his life with the 10ft long cobra believing it is his dead lover based on the Buddhist ideology that people can be reincarnated as animals.

Pictures sent in by a man called Worranan Sarasalin show the man sitting by a lake in Singapore with the cobra at his side. Others show him watching TV with the cobra and gazing dreamily into his eyes over a dinner table.
Worranan Sarasalin from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, said:

”Real love is true.

“This man believes that his girlfriend reborn again as this white cobra after she passed away few years ago.
”He saw the snake and noticed a striking resemblance to the woman he once loved.

”He is very happy to spend time, talk and play with this snake.

“He looks after this snake very well because he believes that the snake was his girlfriend.”He never stays away from the snake. He takes it everywhere he goes or even while he sleeps. “But animals are still animal; it still can harm you anytime.”
”He’s well known to be the man who lives with a snake.

“He had been warned several times that it is dangerous but he still carries on.”

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I Will Guess Your Age – Amazing Magick

Amazing 27 Cobra Found In Home And Catching Cobra Snake By Hand

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THE SECRET HOUSE YOU MUST SEE in Red Dead Redemption 2! Secret Easter Eggs RDR2!

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Welcome to THE SECRET HOUSE YOU MUST SEE in Red Dead Redemption 2! Secret Easter Eggs RDR2! Gameplay Guide

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[ASMR] Red Dead Redemption 2 – (Controller Sounds, Whispering, Tingles) Robbing A Train!

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▲[ASMR] Red Dead Redemption 2 – (Controller Sounds, Whispering, Mouth Sounds) Robbing A Train!

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Blackwater Aztec Writing Mystery Solved! Undead Nightmare DLC Hint? – Red Dead Redemption 2 [RDR2]

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Today We Solve The Black Water Aztec Writing Mystery which could possibly hint to a potential Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2!

#RDR2 #RDR2undeadnightmare #RDR2mystery


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