Warren Miller’s Steep and Deep

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Welcome to the dawn of extreme skiing and riding as we know it. Watch skiers and riders like Stein Eriksen, Phil Mahre, Billy Kidd, Craig Peterson, and plenty of others shape modern skiing into what it is today. Travel with them as they go coast to coast across the U.S., fly all the way over to France and Japan, and finally journey down under to New Zealand and ski head to head down the steep and deep.

QA Science: Climate and the Deep Blue Sea

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Companion Q&A Session to the 2019 #UAScience Lecture Series: #SearchingForCertainty featuring Joellen Russell Associate Professor, Geosciences, University of Arizona and John Pollard, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at UA Honors College.

So Chicago: Deep tunnel, marvelous site

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With the capacity to hold 7.9 billion gallons of water, the Thornton Composite Reservoir will create the largest basin of its kind in the world when it comes online. Workers talk about their passion and longtime investment in this massive engineering effort to keep Chicagoland from reverting to its swampland roots. (Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune)

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INTO THE DEEP | Religious Worship | Prophetess Shari Eddington | Liberate Church

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Liberate Church Dallas, TX January 2019 sermon series INTO THE DEEP (The Art of Worship) with Prophetess Shari Eddington 01.09.19 Sermon Religious Worship”

The Trojan horse of ‘deep time’ (Creation Magazine LIVE! 4-12)

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In the famous tale from Homer’s “Odyssey” the fortress of Troy was defeated by the Greek army leaving a large wooden horse (secretly filled with soldiers) behind as a supposed gift. The Trojans willingly took it into their city leading to their defeat. Today’s episode retraces how ‘deep time’ infiltrated the church in a similar way, and led to the lack of biblical authority we see today.

The Creation Magazine LIVE! TV program is a ministry of Creation Ministries International. With offices in seven countries and more PhD scientists than any Christian organization this program shows how the latest scientific discoveries support the Bible and refute evolution and million of years.

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Deep State Strikes Back: Gary Hunt & Paul McGuire

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Thursday April 20, 2017

7:00pm EDT Join premiere father/son investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann for news, analysis and commentary live from the Hagmann Studio.

7:30pm EDT Welcome return guest Mr Gary Hunt. Gary is a teeth-of-the-beartrap journalist who covers Federal overreach, land grabs and tax payer funded murder since the mass casualty event that immolated the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Mr Hunt also is a regular contributor at Hagmann Report and his recent articles are available here.

Gary Hunt was arrested by US Federal Marshals at his home in California due to a bench warrant signed by Federal Judge (Oregon) Anna Brown.

The warrant is for a failure to appear in Judge Brown’s court to show cause for Mr Hunt’s refusal to redact the names of FBI confidential informants.

Under most circumstances, publishing the names of “C.I.’s” is a potentially life threatening move; particularly in drug cases where retribution against “snitches” is often dealt with swiftly and permanently.

However these FBI rats testified in a public hearing that they were paid $25,000 apiece in order that they perpetrate being members of the patriot group who occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon in late 2015-early 2016.

This occupation and subsequent “stand-off” resulted in the FBI/Oregon State Police MURDER of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum in January of 2016.

If journalists cannot cover public courtroom proceedings, without fear of tax payer funded incarceration, then we may as well fold NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN into one big MSNBC pile and rebrand it Pravda because freedom of the press is dead.

8:00pm EDT Join us tonight at precisely and you do not want to be late when we throw open the cameras and the mics go hot to welcome longtime friend of the Hagmnann and Hagmann Report, Paul McGuire.

Father/son investigative tag team, Douglas J Hagmannand Joe Hagmann have no shortage of issues to cover with Paul.

Paul is the host of the weekly Blog Talk Radio program, the Paul McGuire Report, which airs Monday through Friday from 4:00pm-6:00pm EST. Paul’s newest publication A Prophecy for the Future of America sits on the top shelf of all our bookcases at Team Hagmann.

Paul has some mission critical things on his mind. Yesterday he shared the following in our Hagmann Report pre-brief:

Paul McGuire will instruct the Remnant Body of Christ to “learn how to see through the manufactured illusion of current events.” After this evening’s broadcast you will be better able to understand how social media, the internet and the old school media are moving us quickly toward their end-game agenda.

Paul’s message will equip the saints to “discover how to overcome the matrix in both the natural and supernatural.”

One of the most prolific writers in the Hagmann Report coterie of A-List guests, Paul McGuire will discuss his newest book, Conquering the Matrix. Use the link to pre-order your copy today. Conquering the Matrix will be available in August 2017.
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Foot Lock Attacking The Deep Half Guard Morleycoaching

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Foot Lock Attacking The Deep Half Guard Morleycoaching

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Morley Coaching guides clients and students through functional and personalized training methods that focus on instruction, explanation and application, to achieve the highest understanding and best performance results. Lucas is an expert in Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Brazilian Vale Tudo.

00:01 Real time technique being performed.

Foot Lock Attacking The Deep Half Guard Morleycoaching

Step 1: 00:36 Salome puts me in the half guard, comes up to her elbow as she pummels her left hand around my back and right hand under my hamstring to pull me over her.

Step 2: 00:41 As she does this I have to place both of my hands as base on the mats so that I don’t get rolled over and swept. Before she locks her leg over my thigh with a triangle lock and controls my foot, I need to grab her left ankle.

Step 3 00:53 So as Salome pulls me into start the Foot Lock Attacking The Deep Half Guard I control her left foot around her ankle as she throws her foot up to close the triangle around my thigh.

Step 4: 1:00 With my right hand wrapped around her left ankle and my left hand on the mats for base and support, I tuck my right heal towards her body as I lean forward and over her as I lay down on my right hip and shoulder and place my left foot on her inside thigh.

Step 5 01:11 I bring my right hand as high to my chest as possible to keep her ankle nice and tight. If my right foot is stuck under her body, I just use my right foot as a hook on the inside of her thigh.

Step 6 01:40 Solo motion of how the body moves with out the partner.

Step 7 01:53 Here I show another angle of this technique and a variation of where to place your right foot.

Step 8 02:36 Same angle but more details on foot placement and not reaching for the foot.

Step 9 03:36 Here I talk about timing and more details.

Judo, doesn’t allow ANY foot locks unfortunately so that one is out of the question. But for Sambo, Mixed Martial Arts, Submission Grappling you are good to go. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ as some call it, you have to be really careful as to not step over the all the way across the belly or you WILL get DQ.

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If you’re really serious about getting a complete grappling game plan from top and bottom, I’ve personally put together a special how to do throw counters videos that you really need to watch. Now in that video, I cover advanced throw counters that you can’t find anywhere else. These counters you can use in most martial arts like Judo, sambo, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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