Vicar dresses up as a rough sleeper to see how people would treat him

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Taking to the streets of Reading, Bible Society put kindness to the test. Baptist minister, Rev Sam King, asked people if he could borrow their mobile phone to make a call. He then dressed in scruffy clothing and asked the same question.

Why do United Pentecostal Church Women only wear dresses or skirts

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A lot of people ask often, why we only wear skirts and dresses, so today I wanted to explain. Deut. 22:5;
God’s Word is forever, it’s never changing, nor does God ever change. You may say, well I think what I wear isn’t going to depict if I go to Heaven or Hell, but I’m here to ask, are you sure you want to take that chance? See, God’s Word is TRUTH, what he tells us, is forever. I used to wear pants and shorts, and never thought about changing my wardrobe, and then I read this scripture.

LDS Wedding Video: Mormon Marriage Highlight First Look Salt Lake Temple Utah dresses modest

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LDS Wedding Videos. Mormon Marriage Highlight Videography. First Look Salt Lake Temple Pink Bridesmaids.

Mormon Weddings last forever not just time and all eternity. This Highlight video has my first look and represents a day fill with love that starts with an LDS temple and continues on forever. I love LDS marriage videography. Enjoy our day at wedding in the Salt Lake Temple.

Blush Pink and Gold Wedding was the colors of our wedding. It was a perfectly cold day thus our really modest wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Our modest wedding was an LDS wedding so most of the highlights are outside the wedding. The actual ceremony was not recorded but this is our awesome families after the ceremony! Best Day of our Lives Hands Down.

Our Bridesmaids had blush colored conservative wedding dresses. That is right the had blush pink Bridesmaid dresses. We were set on having the pink bridesmaid dresses because that was my wife’s desire for a long time. I think it turned out well as the men in the wedding party wore gold. All the girls had conservative wedding dresses. The pink and gold sunglasses were the icing on the wedding cake.

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Music is Fine by Me by Andy Grammer
Video by Chris McClain