Equestrian Q&A

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Just answering a couple of the many many questions I got on my Instagram! Thank you all so much for sending in questions. I have been meaning to answer them for a while, and just decided to make this video. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I hope you enjoy!

Odysseo by Cavalia Live Equestrian Show

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YH does some horsing around, but in the best and most elegant way possible as we go behind the scenes of Odysseo by Cavalia, the equestrian spectacular that puts all other live shows to shame! Mastermind Normand Latourelle gives us the inside scoop of this huge undertaking, which includes 65 horses and 45 (human) performers, plus Claire Beer takes us into the stables to get to know some of the four-legged stars a little better!

Equestrian Runs Live with SAP

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SAP became the Official Technology Sponsor of the new Event Rider Master Series. Commenting the exciting pictures from the launch event at Blenheim Palace, SAP ambassador Ingrid Klimke explains how SAP technology helps fans to become part of the action and get new insights in real-time, and how she as an athlete benefits from the data and information provided by SAP Equestrian Analytics.

[Equestrian Music Video] – Human

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Bonjour à tous! Après une (longue) absence, je vous sort un EMV (Equestrian Music Video) sur la musique Human de Christina Perri.
J’espère qu’il vous plaira, n’hésitez pas à me donner des conseils ^-^


Moi / ma chaine

-Nom / âge : ??
-2 vidéos / semaine

Cette vidéo

Logiciel de montage : Kinemaster
Temps de montage : 5h30
Musique : Human de Christina Perri
Lien :


Sur ? Star Stable Online (SSO)
Nom : Francesca Darkhall
Lien :


Sur ? Seulement pour communiquer, ce compte est très peu actif
Instagram : sunshine_horse_dream
Lien :

Voilà voilà ! Je vous à la prochaine pour une nouvelle vidéo ! =)

Seyunique Equestrian- Wiggling and tumbling. From birth to his first steps.

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Créme de la Crème finally had her baby. A beautiful baby boy. Born at exactly 10:00pm on 13 January 2019.

We bought Crème to school up as a children’s pony, but after only having her for less than a month we started to realize that she didn’t just have a fat grass belly.

She is completely wild and we have been giving her all the love and care we can give, along with A LOT of treats.

Her belly just kept growing and after 3 months with us, she has finally delivered her foal.

He is so spunky and keeps his mom on her toes, although he is only one day old.

He is a dun with 3 socks and a perfect blaze.

Just perfect for our cream collection of ponies.

Addington Equestrian Charlotte Dujardin January 12th 2019 Inter 1

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Addington Equestrian Charlotte Dujardin January 12th 2019 Inter 1

I love the Equestrian life, as it is a lifestyle, and this weekend we visited Addington Equestrian for the Dressage.

I’m also an Equine Reiki Practitioner and love sharing Reiki with horses, their owners and pets.


Equine Reiki helps horses recover faster, saving owners anxiety and costs

Learn more about Equine Reiki at



MY HORSE JUMPED THE FENCE | Barn Vlog (Equestrian Eventing)

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My horse Fletch jumped the fence.. while injured!! I am so so lucky he didn’t do any serious damage but he really stressed me out with his silly OTTB antics haha. If you also have a ridiculous horse please let me know in the comments 😂

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+Axol x Alex Skrindo – You [NCS Release]
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Thanks for watching 🙂

Han x

Equestrian – “Until You Succeed”

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Wow, such edit, very quote, much work.

(Click HD please and thanks) Just a scrap from a film assignment I had to do. Haven’t made an edit in ages and I ALWAYS wanted to do something with this song so I finally got off my lazy butt and put something together.

*Do not take the audio, I slaved day and night to make it*

Before you ask:

The song is ‘Heart Of Courage’ by Two Steps From Hell and the quotes are from the speech ‘Secrets to Success’ by Eric Thomson. Most footage is from the LandRoverUK channel (remember tho, originality is key).