Feeding All My Reptiles! (9 Reptiles) July 2017

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In today’s video i FEED ALL MY REPTILES including my boa constrictor, corn snake, royal python, leopard gecko, satanic leaf-tailed gecko and crested geckos!

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Feeding The Horses! – FS19 Timelapse – Felsbrunn – PC – Farming Simulator 19

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Welcome back to another video in Felsbrunn! #DanielDrives

In this video i start With picking up Straw and hay for the horses. I feed them some hay, then i went and picked up the Straw sprayer. After that i gave them Straw. When i was done feeding them i got into my John Deere and sprayed my Field With herbecide. I waited for the Field to grow. When it was fully grown i harvested it. Then i put the Oats from the harvest in my silo to keep it as feed for the horses.


Music used in this video:

0:00: Chainsmokers – Sick Boy (Cadmium And Valcon Remix)
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3:35: Rival x Cadmium – Seasons (ft. Harley Bird)
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7:42: Ace Of Base – All For You (Mar Lee & Graund Deejays Bootleg)
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Mods used in this video:

Ford Tractor:

Dash time:

Autoloader square bales:


Seed, fertilizer, lime, herbecide filling stations:


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THUMBS UP!! This is a video a lot of you have been asking for so I’m very happy to finally be uploading it! Meet my animals! In this video Its feeding time for all my exotic pets, I keep many different Reptiles and Invertebrates. This isnt even all the animals I own, feeding takes HOURS. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the feeding! Thanks for watching and SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t yet! 🙂

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Other cool Reptiles I like:
American Alligator
Banded Day Gecko
Banded Gila Monster
Black Tree Monitor
Blue Spiny Lizard
Blue-tongued Skink
Chinese Crocodile Lizard
Crocodile Monitor
Fiji Banded Iguana
Green Iguana
Henkel’s Leaftailed Gecko
Inland Bearded Dragon
Leopard Gecko
Mexican Beaded Lizard
New Caledonia Gecko
New Caledonia Giant Gecko
New Guinea Crocodile Skink
Rhinoceros Iguana
Anatolian Viper
Angolan Dwarf Python
Armenian Viper
Aruba Island Rattlesnake
Ball Python
Black Milk Snake
Black Rat Snake
Black-headed Python
Black-speckled Palm-pitviper
Boelen’s Python
Bolkar Viper
Bornean Leaf-nosed Pitviper
Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Burmese Python
Caucasus Viper
Central American Bushmaster
Central Asian Cobra
Corn Snake
Dumeril’s Boa
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Emerald Tree Boa
Fea’s Viper
Grand Canyon Rattlesnake
Great Basin Gopher Snake
Green Anaconda
Green Tree Python
Jamaican Boa
King Cobra
Lataste’s Viper
Leaf-nosed Viper
Madagascar Ground Boa
Madagascar Tree Boa
Massasauga Rattlesnake
Mexican Lance-headed Rattlesnake
Moorish Viper
Mt. Mang Pitviper
Northern Death Adder
Ocellate Mountain Viper
Osage Copperhead
Philippine Pitviper
Prairie Kingsnake
Red-tailed Boa Constrictor
Reticulated Python
Ridgenosed Rattlesnake
Rosy Boa
Sawu Python
Side-striped Palm-pitviper
Southern Twig Snake
Speckled Forest Pitviper
Stuart’s Milk Snake
Szechwan Speckled Pitviper
Timber Rattlesnake
West African Gaboon Viper
Western Cottonmouth
Western Pygmy Rattlesnake
Yangtze Mamushi
Yellow-blotched Palm-pitviper
Aldabra Tortoise
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Arakan Forest Turtle
Asian Giant Pond Turtle
Balkan Hermann’s Tortoise
Box Turtle
Cape Speckled Padloper Tortoise
Central American River Turtle
Common Map Turtle
Common Musk Turtle
Egyptian Tortoise
Elongated Tortoise
Galapagos Tortoise
Gopher Tortoise
Leopard Tortoise
American Bullfrog
American Toad
European Green Toad
Giant Marine Toad
Golden Mantella
Green-and-black Poison Dart Frog
Mountain Chicken
Panamanian Golden Frog
Plains Leopard Frog
Puerto Rican Crested Toad
Surinam Toad
Tomato Frog
Vietnamese Moss Frog
Waxy Tree Frog
White’s Tree Frog
Wyoming ToadAlligator Newt
Blue-tailed Fire-bellied Newt
Emperor Newt
Fire Salamander
Iberian Ribbed Newt
Marbled Salamander
Three-toed Amphiuma
Tiger Salamander
Western Lesser Siren
Alligator Newt
Blue-tailed Fire-bellied Newt
Emperor Newt
Fire Salamander
Iberian Ribbed Newt
Marbled Salamander
Three-toed Amphiuma
Tiger Salamander
Western Lesser Siren
Inland Bearded Dragon
Caiman Lizards
Leopard Gecko
Mexican Beaded Lizard
New Caledonia Gecko
New Caledonia Giant Gecko

Bichir Care Guide – Size, Feeding, Senegal, Ornate

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– This is my favorite food to feed my bichir because they sink to the tank bottom and are FULL OF PROTEIN.

Omega One Sinking Shrimp:

Aquarium bichir Fish are some of the coolest fish to keep. I did up this quick care Guide.

You could just buy a small air pump filter and heater to stick in there. If you look around there are a number of options that fit in those hanging bowls. Some big sea shells would go along way toward a hiding place. If any one asks tell them it will help make him have brighter colors. At the end of the day if it isn’t your fish it just isn’t your fish though. Personally I’m really bothered by people that own dogs in cities but I don’t go around giving people hell about it.

i am surrised the betta hasn’t jumped out yet, fishes usually jump when they dont like their surrounding, and when they are trying to get to bigger better water, it’s only a matter of time before this fish jump. How long has he been in there?

So all kind of bacteria is going in that tiny bowl, plus people don’t wash their hands, who knows what’s on their hands. Especially kids. Its sad. It’s sad that your co-worker is not receptive, i can’t stand know it all arrogant people who don’t wanna take some advice from someone who is more experienced, and prefer to stay in their ignorance.

I know there is a lot of joking on this thread and that is fine, but please do not actually condone theft or damaging another person’s property 🙂

It is unfortunate that the fish owner is not listening to the proper care for the fish, the best she can really do is make suggestions and offer to help. Some places you can call the animal control or humane society to ask for help on what to do. I would encourage to keep trying to help her and the fish out without being forceful, or imposing and just kind of show her that you really care and love for these fish that have needs.

This kind of stuff just pisses me off. They are not ornaments they are living creatures. My cousin had bowls of bettas on the tables at her wedding at the end of the night drunks were putting the fish together to watch them fight. If I’d have known this I would not even have gone to her stupid wedding. She ended up having two really ugly kids. Serves her right lol

41 (just joined this group today to prepare for possible upcoming Betta Ownership., lol. But I had a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t that good an idea.) don’t worry won’t put any poor Fishies in vases.

They do fine in vases. Ive kept several that way and they lived for years. as long as you feed and do partial water changes occasionally. Disagree. Yes they will be fine, but won’t thrive. Thrive and survive are two different things.
Bettas need 2.5g minimum buy 3g+ is recommended with heater and filter.

Experience doesn’t really factor in here, its knowledge. And age doesn’t matter.
You could be 2yrs old and if still say something lol
If your fish are doing fine, then keep doing that or upgrade or whatever🙂. I’ll stick to real tanks.

You will never know how “fine” they are unless you upgrade and compare the difference in behaviour, health, colour and activity. So please don’t say they’re “fine” because you’re simply do not know.

There are many different sizes and shapes of vases. I have a 5 gallon planted vase with a heater and a filter and I love it and so does my betta. There is even a group on FB called The Planted Vase where many experienced aquarists keep bettas in beautiful, large vases.

I have a 65 gallon aquarium sorority with 14 female Bettas and still adding more females to the sorority plus I have a 40 gallon aquarium sorority with 5 females Bettas juveniles in it. Hoomanz, let me draw your beautiful bettas! I need to get out of my art block and work on my portfolio some more, so if you’d like to donate your fishy model, I’d love to draw him/her and post after photos with permission of course.

Bichir tank mates
Size of bichir fish
Feeding bichir
Types of bichir fish


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WARNING – LIVE FEEDING!! See multiple strikes, including SLO MO

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**filmed for educational purposes to show the strength, speed, and accuracy of snake strikes and coils**

Matt feeds the snakes at Olympus Reptiles. Most of the feeds are live, but some are frozen thawed.

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Donkey Feeding Time

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We have 5 rescued miniature donkeys at SomaRanch, Little Mo, Nibbler, Sarah, Sugar and Nia. Nia is pregnant and expecting any day now… Donkeys are very group orientated, they stick together, have fun little rituals/patterns during the day, very entertaining to watch. Enjoy a little peak into a “life as usual” feeding of the donkeys. We hope you come visit soon and meet the donkeys in person ~ they are VERY friendly and love visitors.

Jardini Arowana Fish Care – Warning Live Feeding

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– Aquarium jardini arowana fish care and tank setup. Try to get your Arowana to eat some pellets once and a while. To ensure they get the needed vitamins. These food sticks work great. Here is a link:

Hikari Food Sticks:

Added predator fish talk:
But yes. That is an ever going debate among animal and plant keepers. From snakes (pythons and boas, colubrids) iguanas (Cycluras and greens), frogs, macaws, orchids… and the same goes for dog breeds with the poodle mixes and bully breeds, for example. However, it is my understanding that’s this group is managed by flowerhorn breeders and importers, so hybrids are to be expected here.

They’re purists and non believers everywhere in everything. Keep doing what keeps you motivated and happy and they’re will always be supporters. I’ve been following what you do and I’m greatly interested in it. You’re changing the game, just make sure everything is well understood as far as marketing and documenting.

must also factor in hybrid vigor or positive heterosis in some of the batches of hybrid cichlids… but I do agree overtime that goes south fairly quickly in just a few generations if not carefully done right. I’m the first person to cross an Oscar with an arowana and a convict with a pleco and in 1999 I successfully crossed a fiddler crab with a blue umbee.

This is what I was figuring at one point. I’ve always contemplated weather feeding live was a good idea. I’m also getting feedback of people who raise their own so they are parasitic free. I didn’t know exactly how to approach my idea but I am contemplating still. Thank you for your feedback.

thank you for your feedback just trying to see how many people actually feed their fish live and if it is really something that is really frowned upon in the hobby. I only feed our amazon leaf fish live endlers, they will take blood worms if I can get them to float right. We are trying to get the endlers to breed.

I used to breed minnows to feed to my Oscars on Channel Cats. Even though I bred them I still treated the tank monthly to make sure there were no parasites going into the big tank. i do it occasionally…once in awhile ill buy a bunch of feeder guppies or minnows and just let them rip…when i had a tank with 4 oscars it was like pure carnage with piranhas whenever it was treats time.

I am off to work and I am asking for the feedback because I am contemplating the idea of running a livestream on my page to show the agility and speed of prey and predator please continue to give feedback I will continue to read on. I have used multiple wildcaught species, such as Mayan cichlids, tilapia, sailfin mollies and mosquito fish as feeders for many of my monster fish. Never have had any issues with parasites.

It’s illegal in the UK. However, you can feed live invertebrates. I’d consider inverts but not fish or other higher organisms. People say it’s natural but it’s not. Natural instincts maybe but the fact that your facilitating it and it’s a closed system makes you culpable. Indirect parasitism is very real and so is the fact that many vertebrates feel pain and in mammals, fear.

Easy feeders you can breed yourself ( the problem with parasites comes primarily from store bought fish) Celestial danios,zebra danios, bluegill,convict cichlids , triops,most livebearers such as mosquitofish, crickets,cherry red shrimp,scuds, jewel cichlids,convict cichlids,earthworms, grasshoppers,mayflies/damselfly larvae (easy to culture outdoors), Fathead minnows,Mexican dwarf crayfish,. Always avoid goldfish due to the thiaminase inhibitors they contain ( once the leading cause of death for large captive fish, still high up there).

Mostly frozen shrimp and pellets but i do keep feeders in my sump for fun snacks. My xingu will eat 8 large gf in like 2 min. And would do it every other day if i let him. I feel like id have to have a 240g just to try and breed enough fast enough to maintain stock in breeding tank.

I breed, quarinteen & feed my own live food, the fish seem to enjoy it & I haven’t had any issues in over 3yrs doing this. Bonus it saves some money on feeders lol. That being said I still feed pellets & frozen blocks aswell, its good to give them a varied diet. I feed em my cull fry. Nothing goes to waste here. We primarily raw frozen, flake and pellets. During the summer I started a fly culture and harvested maggots. My fish loved them.

I fed my tank of 5 small jack Dempsey fish flies that died on my windowsill all summer. There were never any pesticides used on the flies or window. I know they probably didnt have any nutrition value but at least my fish thought they were getting a treat. They are all still fit as a fiddle. Plus it saved me a trip to the trashcan every time.


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FEEDING 1 POUND of LIVE BLACK WORMS TO THE 800 GALLON AQUARIUM. I really love the editing Jimmy my editor was able to pull off in this video. Definitely one of my most favorite videos he has ever done. We have really grown over the last 6 weeks or so with equipment and Jimmy’s skill to pull it off.
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