Husband Surprises Wife by Filling House With Puppies!

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When Bryce surprised Nellie during Christmas by wrapping a huge Christmas gift she jokingly guessed it was a puppy. So today, Bryce surprised Nellie by filling their house with puppies!

Husband Surprises Wife by Filling House With Puppies!
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Husband Surprises Wife by Filling Their House With Puppies!
Remember when Bryce surprised Nellie for Christmas in their video Husband Surprises Wife with HUGE Christmas gift? Well in that video, when Nellie is guessing what the gift is, she jokingly says it’s a puppy. Bryce knew she secretly wanted one, so posted on Facebook asking for as many puppies as possible and blocked her from seeing the post. He found Puppies For Rent and filled their house with puppies! Nellie was on the phone with her mom and was hurrying to drop off a sd card – an excuse Bryce came up with to get her to come home from work real quick – and she learned it was for a way better reason! He had already worked it out with her boss to allow her to have part of the day off of work, and everyone kept it a secret so Nellie had no idea!

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