Amazing Old School Local Fish Store Tour Aqualand Pets Plus

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Old School Local Fish Store Tour Aqualand Pets Plus in Des Moines, IA! In this tour we meet the owner Michael and see some interesting fish. This is an old school aquarium shop tour! Most of the tanks are not on any system.We also see in the LFS tour many species of barbs and tetras.

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Aquarium Store Tour 2019 | Getting New Aquarium Fish | Pet Store

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In this video I show my first aquarium store tour in 2019! This pet store is in Louisville, Kentucky and is called Pets Palace. After a brief tour of all of the exotics, I show myself getting new aquarium fish, and plants!!!

When you first walked into Pets Palace pet store you are greeted by a very unusual salt water tank. This tank is contantly over-flowing down all 4 sides of the tank! After over-flowing it goes down to a sump filter, filtered, and sent back up to the main display!

Along with this salt water tank I got to feed a massive poisonus fish…The Lion fish! I also go to feed an awesome looking dog face puffer fish! 🙂

After getting to feed these incredible salt water beasts I went to check out the freshwater fish where I seen a silver arowanna, large peacock bass and common plecos, and a jogsaw catfish that was 30+ in. long!!!!!

I even got a few ideas for some upcoming projects where I checked out some really nice koi (pond coming in the spring of 2019), a huge turtle tank, and a very detailed betta rack! All of these have been on my project list for awhile now so it was nice to get some inspiration for them!

What did I bring home?

I was able to bring home a massive portion of cryptocoryne (not sure which species it is. Hopefully I will be able to identify it once I get some new growth! I also scored a nice portion of ludwigia repens and moneywort. I was so satisfied with the crypt and the ludwigia repens that I ended up going back and getting 2 more portions of each!

I also picked up 6 corydoras. I am still doing research on which corydoras they actually are considering they were sold to me as the corydoras schwartzi (which they are not). If you have ever kept these corydoras let me know down in the comments section!

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I am a hobbyist from Southern Indiana. I currently have 15 tanks and have a few more to add to the fish room. I keep a variety of livebearers, angel fish, rainbow fish, barbs, tetras, rasboras, corydoras, plecos and NeoCaridinia shrimp. I love helping people succeed in this hobby and hope to learn from you all as well (my subscribers). I hope to grow more in the FishTube community so I can reach more people both as a subscriber to my channel and me subscribing to theirs. Help me create an amazing Otter Creek Aquatics community!

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How To Store Fish in Freezer – fish storing in fridge – how to store fish in fridge in tamil

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How To Store Fish in Freezer – storing fish in fridge – how to store fish in fridge in tamil.
Welcome to Karthikha Channel. This video shows how to Store Fresh fish in Freezer / Fridge in two ways. The first way is to store fresh fish directly in Fridge / Freezer after cleaning. Second is to store the fresh fish in the fridge / freezer after marination. this type of storing fresh fish helps to maintain it’s quality longer for better taste.

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Fish Keeping Basics – Things to think about before buying a new tank

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What I do before I think about purchasing a new tank, hopefully this video can give you guys some tips before buying your new tank. Please rate comment and subscribe for more fish related videos.

DIY Water Bottle Filter – Insanely Fast & Easy – Clean Your Fish Tank or Aquarium & Keep It Clean

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How I made a simple DIY filter with items I already had around the house.

Watch my disgusting aquarium get spic and span in only 2 hours and all I had to do was change the filter material twice during that time. The pump did the rest.

I used a water bottle, a head pump (used for aquarium circulation), and some polyester filling or batting material.

ASMR 3D Wooden Puzzle – Angel Fish *WHISPERING*

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Link to where you can find these awesome 3D puzzles:

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ASMR Sound Assortment for Good Sleep and Relaxation

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How To Care Guide: Rainbow fish BEST SCHOOLING FISH

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How to Keep Rainbow Fish. Rainbow fish are an amazing schooling fish. They have vibrant colors, along with their personality. Rainbow fish might cost the extra dollar compared to the common tetra, but the fish is well rewarding. Rainbow fish have tons of energy, and love to school. These fish require a 4 foot long aquarium. Even though these fish only reach average 3″ the like to dart back and forth all day. As juveniles they lack color, but as they mature they will gain color. The males will become much more decorative and saturated with color. I would have one male per two females to prevent too much harassment. The rainbow fish are generally sexually mature at the age of six months. even though the rainbow fish has a large mouth its throat is actually a lot smaller so it likes smaller foods. Rainbow fish love a dense lush planted fish tank. they do well in schools of six or more.

if your conditions match these beautiful fish i suggest trying some out.

Rainbow fish do well with good water changes if you get these fish keep up with your water changes.

VASTU – Fish aquarium removes all vastu dosh

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Fish aquarium in House – Benefits

Fish aquarium in house is the best remedy to derive financial benefits
According to Vastu, fish aquarium also drives away all the evil effects from your house and enhances good luck
An aquarium should consist of 9 fishes. The dragon fish or the gold fishes are the most effective according to vastu for fish aquarium. The aquarium should have 8 dragon fishes or gold fishes and 1 should be black.
Even if the fish dies, you need not worry because the bad elements are going out of your house. Replace it with another fish.
Fish aquarium in house is the best way to attract the energy of wealth
Looking at an aquarium is also the best way to relax your mind


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Here is a look in a piece of the Ohio fish rescue and how epic their fish are. The follow up is Somethingfishyinc in Ohio one of the craziest fish stores we have been with the biggest African cichlid EVER!

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Hi My name is Jay Wilson and I am an avid African cichlid keeper and owner of NorthFinUSA. I love Keeping Fish and educating folks on how to keep a crystal clear aquariums along with helping Fishkeepers get started in the fish hobby. When I am not messing with Cichlids I am playing with my son and spending time with family. I currently keep Shell Dwellers, African cichlid Predator Haps, Peacocks along with Tropheus and Goby. My dream tank would be a massive lake Tanganyika community tank that I am working on currently. Follow me on my fish keeping journey and do not forget to follow me on Instagram!