Ingrid & Elena, an equestrian portrait

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It was love at first sight when Ingrid first met Elena, an untrained half-friesian yearling. In the years that followed, they have grown close and helped each other overcome life’s challenges.

How To Get Your Horse On The Bit (Without Pulling) – Dressage Mastery TV Ep4

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So how do you get your horse on the bit without pulling? There are tricks to get your horse to bend its head BUT this does not mean that your horse is actually on the bit, through or a dressage horse. Natasha only cares about what the hind legs are doing.

If the hind legs are doing the right thing, the back will do the right thing, it will lift and curl, and when the back is round the head has to come round.

Enjoy this training video and if you found it useful be sure to check out Dressage Mastery Academy as Natasha covers this is so much detail.

Until next time, happy riding 🙂

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Collected canter, my Friesian horse Apollo.

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Video taken, May 2018, he has just turn six. The pictures of him were taken by Chris of West End Photography