The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

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The KFPS Friesian Horse- beautiful, versatile, athletic, kind, willing, and able to do anything! May the world see that this breed is loved and enjoyed by all. Believe it and do it! Own a Friesian Horse! For more information please visit:
Amazing Music is by E.S. Posthumus titled “Manju”.

The pasture is getting too wet for the Friesian horses. We have to bring them in.

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It is November 10, 2018 (when we make this video) and the pasture is getting too wet for the horses.
First, the yearlings and two-year-old mares can go to the stable.
Thereafter, the colts are allowed to go inside.

The mare i’m riding:
Uniek fan Goëngamieden (Ulbert 390 x Brandus 345) Kroon Sport

The yearling mares and two-year-old mares:
Berber fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Maurits 437 (Yasmijn C., Leffert 306)
Alina fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Jehannes 484 (Freke M., Sibald 380)
Christella fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Aarnold 471 (Elsje K., Tsjalke 397)
Elianna fan ‘e Goëngamieden. Markus 491 (Koekoeksblom fan ‘e Tsjonger, Tsjalle 454)
Elbrich fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Erryt 488 (Jolijt ‘fan Panhuys’, Anders 451)
Frieda fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Loadewyk 431 (Sjirkje fan ‘e Reuzepôle, Bikkel 470)
Eefje fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Jasper 366 (Uniek fan Goëngamieden, Ulbert 390)

The yearling colts:
Daan fan ‘e Goëngamieden (Alwin 469 x Tsjalke 397)
Erik fan ‘e Goëngamieden (Wylster 463 x Beart 411)
Dolf fan ‘e Goëngamieden (Tsjalle 454 x Sape 381)


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CHRISTMAS DAY playing ball with my Friesian horse and my Arabian horse

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Apollo enjoys a game of hoof ball. Farouk saw the big ball for the first time today and was not convinced that hoof ball was for him. He seems to prefer a game of fetch.
The video was taken 25th December 2018

Our Friesian and Shetland Pony horsin around

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Saw the 2 guys, our Frieisan “Fresco” and Shetland “meneertje” starting playing and quickly grabbed my camera to capture it, they always put on a good show when playing, even some nice sideways action there.
the shetland might be little, but he makes up in guts!

A shetland pony, a friesian/xxcross and a friesian playing

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The shetland pony, Pirelli, is the very best fiend of the friesian stallion Dytmer fan Penjum. The friesian/xxcross Elton is the offspring of Dytmer, he lived with them until it was time for him to move to his new owner. They loved to play

2012-10-15 Elton sadly was put down, only 2 years old, due to a type of cancer in the pancreas

Schleich Horses Club Truck and Horse Trailer Playset with Friesian Mare

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Pack up and head out on the road with the new Schleich Horse Club Truck and Trailer. Ok the set comes with a beautiful black Friesian mare, halter, blanket, tack, and more! Fits two horses in the trailer too. Yay!

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Dime- Friesian Sport Horse He sells #3 at the Diamonds in the Desert Horse Sale

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This outstanding gelding is selling at the Diamonds in the West Horse Sale. Dec 13th. He’s one of the best minded willing geldings we’ve rode. He’s multi talented and has multi uses. Western, Trail, English, Jump, Drive, Used for our Headless Horseman mount, he’s young and full of potential. Safe, Broke and Honest

Ingrid & Elena, an equestrian portrait

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It was love at first sight when Ingrid first met Elena, an untrained half-friesian yearling. In the years that followed, they have grown close and helped each other overcome life’s challenges.

How To Get Your Horse On The Bit (Without Pulling) – Dressage Mastery TV Ep4

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*** Transform your riding with my FREE web class!! Go to to register now for my FREE dressage training on “How To Dramatically Transform Your Riding to Have The Confidence, Look, And Feel of a Grand Prix Rider in as Little as 3 Times Per Week, Regardless of Your Current Riding Level”
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So how do you get your horse on the bit without pulling? There are tricks to get your horse to bend its head BUT this does not mean that your horse is actually on the bit, through or a dressage horse. Natasha only cares about what the hind legs are doing.

If the hind legs are doing the right thing, the back will do the right thing, it will lift and curl, and when the back is round the head has to come round.

Enjoy this training video and if you found it useful be sure to check out Dressage Mastery Academy as Natasha covers this is so much detail.

Until next time, happy riding 🙂

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Collected canter, my Friesian horse Apollo.

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Video taken, May 2018, he has just turn six. The pictures of him were taken by Chris of West End Photography