My German Shepherds are Good Until My Girlfriend Steps In – Dog Training Video – ask me anything

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Dogs that are raised in pairs are usually more likely to have separation issues and that can lead to some issues. If one of the dogs is taken away from the other and they remaining dog freaks out, you have an issue that you’ll want to work on fixing.

In this video I talk about 2 german shepherds who have a hard time being separated.

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A Week In My Life (Feat My Girlfriend And Kitten)

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Heartbroken man marries PET SNAKE he believes is his dead girlfriend reincarnated

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A heartbroken man who believes his girlfriend that died five years ago reincarnated and took the form of a cobra has decided to marry the pet snake.

The boyfriend, who is yet to be properly identified, is said to have been devastated when his lover passed away five years ago.

However, when he spotted a “snake that has a striking resemblance to his late girlfriend”, he got excited and believed she had come back to life as a serpent. He now spends his life with the 10ft long cobra believing it is his dead lover based on the Buddhist ideology that people can be reincarnated as animals.

Pictures sent in by a man called Worranan Sarasalin show the man sitting by a lake in Singapore with the cobra at his side. Others show him watching TV with the cobra and gazing dreamily into his eyes over a dinner table.
Worranan Sarasalin from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, said:

”Real love is true.

“This man believes that his girlfriend reborn again as this white cobra after she passed away few years ago.
”He saw the snake and noticed a striking resemblance to the woman he once loved.

”He is very happy to spend time, talk and play with this snake.

“He looks after this snake very well because he believes that the snake was his girlfriend.”He never stays away from the snake. He takes it everywhere he goes or even while he sleeps. “But animals are still animal; it still can harm you anytime.”
”He’s well known to be the man who lives with a snake.

“He had been warned several times that it is dangerous but he still carries on.”

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Heartbroken man marries PET SNAKE he believes is his dead girlfriend reincarnated

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You may hiss the bride! Man marries a 10ft COBRA he believes is his reincarnated girlfriend

The 10ft cobra was spotted by the unidentified husband in South East Asia

The heartbroken man said it bore a ‘striking resemblance’ to his dead lover

They spend every day together playing board games and going to the gym

Unidentified man is understood to have taken inspiration from Buddhism

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Jack and I surprise his girlfriend with a baby kitten!! We also find out who Jason is dating!


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Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog

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Cat and Kitten are back again, and now there is a new “thing” in the household. How will they respond?
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Q&A … and punting … and pet stores.

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Finally got round to filming my Q&A for you guys! Featuring Jack, punting, and pets.

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Horse Mating | you look a lot like my next girlfriend ~ Horses Breeding Horses

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Horse Mating | you look a lot like my next girlfriend ~ Horses Breeding Horses, Horse mating is just horses breeding by mating horses, in breeding horses, these is fun and learn both.

Cute baby Donkey just wants to cuddle and kiss the Girl.

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Cute baby Donkey just wants to cuddle and kiss human..

Cute baby Donkey just wants to cuddle and kiss human at the Belane Donkey Sanctuary in France

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How To Properly Pet Animals

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“You Can’t Pet My Snake No More!” (The Jerry Springer Show)

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Snakes, cheating, Texas and a flying shoe all wrapped in one! 😩

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