My German Shepherds are Good Until My Girlfriend Steps In – Dog Training Video – ask me anything

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Dogs that are raised in pairs are usually more likely to have separation issues and that can lead to some issues. If one of the dogs is taken away from the other and they remaining dog freaks out, you have an issue that you’ll want to work on fixing.

In this video I talk about 2 german shepherds who have a hard time being separated.

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Why Snakes Are Bad Pets|Snakes are good pets?|Shocking Facts of Snakes|In hindi

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Namsakar Dosto,
iss video me maine disscus kiya hai ki Snakes Good Pets ku Nahi Ban sakte?
Aise konsi wajha hai jiske karan Snake Good pet Nahi ban sakta
Points Coverd :
1) why Snakes Not Become Pets
2) Why Snakes Are Bad pets
3) Brain Structure of Snake
4) Why snakes are not become pets explained in hindi
5) why snakes are poisonous
6) Facts About Snakes
7) Shocking facts of Snakes in Hindi
8) A Short Story of Leady And PYTHON
9) Why Snakes are venomous explain in hindi
10) Why snakes are worshipped in india
11) Worlds Biggest PYTHON
12) Ku Nahi Ban sakta saap paltu?
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Is The Ball Python A Good First Pet Snake?

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What is the best beginners snake?
Adults generally do not grow to more than 152–182 cm (5.0–6.0 ft). Females tend to be slightly bigger than males, maturing at an average of 122–137 cm (4.0–4.5 ft). Males usually average around 90–107 cm (3.0–3.5 ft).[6] The build is stocky[3] while the head is relatively small. The scales are smooth and both sexes have anal spurs on either side of the vent. Although males tend to have larger spurs, this is not definitive, and sex is best determined via manual eversion of the male hemipenes or inserting a probe into the cloaca to find the inverted hemipenes (if male). When probing to determine sex, males typically measure eight to ten subcaudal scales, and females typically measure two to four subcaudal scales.
The color pattern is typically black or dark brown with light brown or gold sides and dorsal blotches. The belly is a white or cream that may include scattered black markings. However, those in the pet industries have, through selective breeding, developed many morphs (genetic mutations) with altered colors and patterns.

Ball pythons prefer grasslands, savannas and sparsely wooded areas. Termite mounds and empty mammal burrows are important habitats for this species. Usually found in West Africa, particularly in Sierra Leone, Togo, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Gambia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Ghana, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Uganda, and Sudan.

This terrestrial species is known for its defense strategy that involves coiling into a tight ball when threatened, with its head and neck tucked away in the middle. In this state, it can literally be rolled around. Favored retreats include mammal burrows and other underground hiding places, where they also aestivate. In captivity, they are considered good pets, with their relatively small size and placid nature making them easy to handle. Captive bred adults rarely bite.

In the wild, their diet consists mostly of small mammals, such as African soft-furred rats, shrews and striped mice. Younger individuals have also been known to feed on birds. Pythons imported from the wild tend to be picky eaters and may not respond to food as well as captive-bred pythons, which usually do well on domestic rats and mice, either live, killed, or frozen-thawed.[5] Live feeding a snake can be dangerous for the snake involved and should never be attempted by inexperienced keepers; it should only ever be a last resort for a snake which has not eaten for a considerable amount of time, and has lost weight. The size of the prey item given to a python should be equivalent to or slightly larger than the width of the largest part of its body. This python is known for being a picky eater and may not eat for months, particularly during the winter breeding season. While this is not odd, care should be taken to watch that the snake does not experience significant weight loss. Parasites can also cause the snake to not eat. Other causes of not eating are stress caused by overhandling, temperatures that are too hot or too cold, humidity being too high or low, and not enough areas to hide within the vivarium.

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Wood Chip Gardening After One Year. The Good and the Bad.

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I’m happy enough about my results to stay with it for another season. I’m pretty confident that things will improve a little each year.


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I garden in zone 6b. We have some pretty challenging weather sometimes. I don’t claim to be an expert, so you will see my successes and my failures.
Although most of my videos are about gardening, I will occasionally post videos about nature, or other things that interest me.
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Pet Care : Why Exotic Animals Don’t Make Good Pets

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Exotic animals usually do not make great pets because they require constant supervision, they need a very specific diet, and they can pose a real threat to surrounding humans and domestic animals. Conduct plenty of research before attaining an exotic animal with information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

Expert: Marcia Martin
Bio: Dr. Marcia Martin is a 1990 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

Gourami Care – The Good | The Bad and The Beautiful!

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Hello Everyone,
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Gouramis are cool fish, but they can also be aggressive in some situations. If you’ve had experience keeping them please share in the comments section below.

Thanks for watching!


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The official video for Two Door Cinema Club’s single ‘Something Good Can Work’, released on 2nd May 2011, and taken from the band’s debut album ‘Tourist History’.

Directed by One In Three:

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Good Morning TYR – 12/19/18

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Good Morning everyone!!! Quick morning video to get our day started. TYR is doing great and very happy. I love my little goldfish he is such a joy to have and keep me company, if he is happy I am happy 🙂 🙂
I love my Fox!!
We finally have TYR merchandise!!!!!!
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Bastille – Good Grief (Clean Version)

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“WILD WORLD” is OUT NOW! | Listen and share on Spotify | Listen and share on Apple Music | Download on iTunes

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Today I am going over the requirements to keep a Mexican Black Kingsnake. Also, explaining a few things about them and their nature as a species!

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Ice Cube – Good Cop Bad Cop (Official Video)

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Check out the official music video for “Good Cop Bad Cop” by Ice Cube

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Ice Cube’s BIG3 professional 3-on-3 basketball league is rolling this summer with 40 former NBA players. See more from Cube at

Music video by Ice Cube performing Good Cop Bad Cop. (C) 2017 Cube Vision/Interscope Records

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How To Find a Good Veterinarian for Your Dog | How to Choose The Right Veterinarian

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Veterinarians Guide to Natural Remedies

When you are a dog owner, your dog’s health is a constant concern. Finding the right vet goes a long way in keeping your dog healthy throughout their life, but knowing what makes a vet right for your pet isn’t always clear. To find a good vet for your dog, start by getting recommendations, then go in and review the clinic and facilities yourself. Bring your dog in for an initial appointment, and talk to the vet directly to ensure they can provide the type of care your dog needs. With just a little work, you can find a vet that can keep your dog healthy for years to come.

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