ASMR Coloring Book Sounds (whispering, gum chew, hard candy eating and pencil and paper sounds)

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I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend so far. This year I want to experiment with different sounds. Whispering , magazine flips, gum chew will always be a part of my ASMR video lineup. But I want to try some other triggers this year. I think that this is going to be a fun ride. Thanks for being here and your support.

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Hard to Say Goodbye – Bottle Baby Kittens go to Forever Homes

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It’s been almost 11 weeks since my six bottle baby kittens arrived at Kitten School foster home, where they needed round the clock care for the first few weeks of their lives. They are now ready to go to their forever homes…and it’s never easy saying goodbye.


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Our site is about many aspects of ordinary life in the Philippines. . Ours is essentially a family oriented site aimed at those who seek a second chance at life. Our mission is to entertain to encourage and to inspire those who seek another way to live.

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Equestrians || no matter how hard we fall

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“This is to all the people out there that know what I mean when I say theres nothing like the power of the horse. To everyone who feels the rush and the freedom of riding a horse, this is for you.”
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Leopard wrasse is not hard to keep fish! Marine fish and reef safe

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The known about this fish is too hard to keep!
I did nothing extra or special to keep this nice fish. I have this guy since 5 month now!

All what you need to keep this fish
1- Don’t keep him with aggressive fishes
2- Good live rocks established
3- Sand bed
4- Good water quality the same as any other fish
Thats it!

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SCP-682 Hard to Kill Reptile document and Extermination Logs

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The entire scp reading of the SCP-682 Hard to Kill Reptile document and extermination logs from the SCP Foundation wiki. This is a long reading worth checking out to see SCP-682’s full capabilities and resolve!

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SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. It appears to be extremely intelligent, and was observed to engage in complex communication with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure. SCP-682 appears to have a hatred of all life, which has been expressed in several interviews during containment. (See Addendum 682-B).

SCP-682 (Hard to Kill Reptile) SCP document and complete extermination logs! check links below to read along!

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Ontario election 2018 Brampton South riding Hard competition between pc’s and liberals.

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Ontario election 2018 Brampton South riding Hard competition between pc’s and liberals.

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mandarin goby : saltwater aquarium fish are hard to keep – REEF RADIO

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mandarin goby fish in saltwater aquarium is hard to keep. Even if you are saltwater aquarium pro a mandarin goby dragonette fish cannot be placed in a saltwater aquarium that is less than 1 year old. Watch to find out why. If you are new to saltwater aquarium care or have been in it for awhile, subscribe to my channel! Fun and honest saltwater aquarium care. We won’t make you feel uncomfortable like a lot of forums out there. SUBSCRIBE and Thanks for watching!

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5 Ways Pet Owners Make Veterinary Medicine Hard

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Veterinarians and pet owners both want the same thing: the happiest, healthiest pets possible. Unfortunately, sometimes veterinarians drop the ball on communicating about pet health, and sometimes pet owners do as well. Here are five of the most common head-scratchers vets get from the pet lovers they serve. Learn more at

HARD Google Interview Question – The 25 Horses Puzzle

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There are 25 mechanical horses and a single racetrack. Each horse completes the track in a pre-programmed time, and the horses all have different finishing times, unknown to you. You can race 5 horses at a time. After a race is over, you get a printout with the order the horses finished, but not the finishing times of the horses. What is the minimum number of races you need to identify the fastest 3 horses?

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Common Problem FIXED! Hard to Push Riding Lawnmower – BRAKES LOCKED UP. Neutral Problems

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A very Common problem with older Riding Lawnmowers, or Rider Lawn Mowers that have been sitting. Poulan , Craftsman , Troy-bilt, MTD , John Deere , Hayter , Yard Machines etc…HARD to PUSH , Won’t roll, NEUTRAL PROBLEMS. Brakes LOCKED UP and REPAIRED. How to Fix Riding Lawnmower Brake problems. Model and Horsepower all the same
Music by my band BonzaiRod!
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