D.T. The Dog Training Video 4 | How to Teach a Dog to Sit, Heel, and Recall

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D.T.The Dog-How to Teach a Dog to Sit, Heel, and Recall


In the fourth D.T. The dog training video, D.T. Systems Pro Staff Member Dan Ihrke demonstrates how to teach the sit, heel and recall command to D.T. the Dog. Dan shows how to use both positive and negative reinforcement in puppy obedience training. Dan also discusses what to expect when you begin training and how long you should train for.

How to Train a Dog to Heel – Dog Training by K9-1.com

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See more at for everything you need to know to train your own dog in the Foundation Style of Dog Training. This video shows the first phase of training your dog to Heel. After completing all three phases your dog can Heel off-leash around heavy distractions. Foundation Style dog training is both very humane and also very reliable. It is a style that is used by some of the top dog trainers in the industry to train all types of dogs from working dogs, aggression rehab cases, and difficult pet dogs. See for yourself why foundation style dog training is quickly becoming the choice of top professionals.

Dog Training – Teaching a Bouncing Heel

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In this daily dog training video, I am teaching my dog to bounce as he is heeling a long side of me and trying different toys and things to get the best result. I like all exercises to be spirited and the dog using his energy into the behavior.

Off leash control is acquired and maintained on this video by using the ‘Sit Means Sit Collar’ which can be found at

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How To Train Any Dog To Heel PERFECTLY!

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*ADDED* 2/12/2018 – I am currently working on the next step from video. Stay tuned for the update!

Training a dog to heel is a great exercise which develops several different capacities in a dog. In addition to furthering their learning ability and body awareness, it also aids in teaching them to communicate better with their human. It should be taught like any other trick or behavior, by breaking it up into small successive steps and making it a highly rewarding experience.

It is normal for it to take several days and even weeks to get the kind of results demonstrated in this video. Remember to work on it consistently and always allow the dog to be successful. If they are unable to meet reward criteria, then as trainers we must lower criteria, making it easier for several sessions before making it more difficult once again. If this advice is followed, just about any dog can learn to do this.

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How to Teach Your Dog to Heel | Dog Training

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Teaching your dog to heal is one of the most difficult behaviors that you’ll probably try to train, especially because it’s a behavior that you want to use with your dog when you’re in their most competitive or distracted environment, outdoors. The place to begin is indoors in a low distraction environment, so that you can teach your dog what you want and then you take it on the road. The first step is to simply teach your dog that you want them to pay attention you. If you don’t have your dog attentive to you and you don’t have eye contact, you can’t really go any further. So first I’m just going to take a treat and bring it up towards my face so that my dog looks in my eyes, and when he does I’m going to use a clicker as a marker. If I wasn’t using the clicker, I would simply say the word ‘good’ to let him know that it was the eye contact that I wanted, his undivided attention. So you either say, “Good,” or click. Since I’m going to be awarding fast and furious and giving him a lot of feedback, I’m going to use the clicker so I don’t run out my voice. Once your dog is attentively following your every move when you’re just going short distance, you’re ready to put on a few more steps. So I’m going to click as I walk in this direction, frequently rewarding my dog for moving along with me. Eventually I would click less frequently as he gets better at it ’cause he won’t need quite as much information. One of the real challenges to teaching your dog to heal is for the person to get used to all the equipment. You have your treat pouch, which is best if it’s hands free, your leash and if you’re using a clicker, your clicker. So make sure you’re comfortable. Have your leash nice and relaxed and loose so your arm is hanging in a relaxed manner. If you’re relaxed, it’s more likely your dog will be. Have fun with it. . You know, you’re kind of dancing with your dog. And when you’re indoors in a safe environment, you can always take the leash off and that will show you that your dog will follow and remain in heel position regardless of whether they’re leashed or not. You ready to go Jack? Lets see if you can do it. Good boy. At home you can even create an obstacle course where you go around your furniture to make this day really fun for you and your dog. And that’s how you get started to teaching your dog how to heal.

How To Clicker Train “Heel” Position (Dog Training)

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A couple of you have been asking how I teach heel, so here it is! The first thing I work on is getting the dog to find the heel position. They have to be VERY good at this first step if we want a reliable, tight and focused heel.

A good technique to remove the ‘chair’ is to put it further away by an inch every day for a week. By the end of the week you will likely no longer need it.

Teaching a dog to come around to your side also has a very useful application in loose leash walking. I will go over this in my next video, which will be up in 2 days!

Train your dog to STOP pulling on leash – Dog Training

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In other words- walking on a loose leash.
This video quickly outlines exercises to get your dog walking on a loose leash by your side. Put very basically FIRST you will teach the dog what you want them to do! And secondly, stop reinforcing them when they pull!

I demonstrate the exercise using a clicker, but if you do not have one, you can always use a verbal marker like yes etc. However you will get much faster and reliable results by using the clicker. If you hold the clicker in the same hand as the leash, and keep the treats in the other hand, you will find it easier to manage. Practice holding the leash, clicker, and treats when you do not have the dog attached to the leash yet, so you dont become overwhelmed.

A great book on loose leash walking, or how to stop your dog from pulling is-

My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do? by Turid Rugaas

You can get this book on www.dogwise.com and other places too. Its very short and has lots of pictures.

I would advise against using any forms of positive punishment when teaching any behavior, but especially leash walking, as startling or hurting a dog actually increases their stress hormones in their body causing the dog to be more hyperactive and more likely to become aroused and reactive towards other dogs and people (weather they want to greet them or not).

DO NOT DROP THE LEASH! I showed myself dropping the leash on a street with no cars/danger and another person there. This would happen during an emergency, if you trip or fumble. In no way do I support people who walk with their dogs off leash, you never can tell if a car will backfire, or who knows what, an earthquake etc with frighten your dog, and cause it to run into traffic. If you don’t like holding a leash, simply tie it to your waist like I do with my dogs. However walking in a safe place where dogs are allowed off leash is perfectly acceptable 🙂

Happy Training!

How to train your dog to walk to heel – The Dog Guardian

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Presents a video on teaching your dog to walk to heel. For more videos on dog on dog aggression, barking at the door, fussy eaters, dogs that invade personal space and more go to my website for my book, online courses with videos and group courses.

Dog behavioural advice by Nigel Reed

8 Month Old Cavalier King Charles, Charlee! Certified Therapy Dog Training in Northern Virginia

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Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Stand & Stay

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Learn to train your dog to stand and stay in this free dog training video.

Expert: Jim Leske
Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer.
Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

Teaching the Heel Flip with Pak Masters Dog Training

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www.pakmasters.com, Professional dog trainer Larry Krohn shows how he teaches dogs to flip into the heel. Many know how to teach a nice heel but leave out one important part that creates that nice flip. Larry services the Nashville, Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas.

Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Heel

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Training a dog to heel can start off the leash with treats and positive reinforcement before continuing training on the leash during walks. Teach a dog to heel on command with a certified dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience.

Expert: Nancy Cusick
Contact: www.TrainMyDogs.com
Bio: Nancy Cusick is Austin’s premier dog trainer and animal handler with more than 12 years of experience.
Filmmaker: Todd Green