Kitten Cam Highlights

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24×7 Kitten Cam! Broadcasting Quality Foster Kittens since 2011 for Purrfect Pals in Washington State, USA

Please enjoy these highlight reels while we wait for new fosters.

PC Users: You will have a new icon available located in the bottom right corner if you move your mouse over the video – it looks like a folder with a double arrow on it. Clicking that icon will bring up the cams to let you toggle between them. NOTE: If you leave the main cam and come back, it’ll resume playing where you left off – you’ll have to manually go “live”. The secondary cams don’t behave like this.


RULES: Don’t curse, don’t ask for subscriptions, don’t spam, enjoy the kittens, have a nice day.
Typing in ALL CAPS is frowned upon, it is used for CC’ing visitors for the hard of hearing.
Chat Rules & Explanations:

Harassing a moderator in chat is grounds for a timeout or ban at the moderators discretion. Harassing a moderator outside of chat is grounds for banning and the sharing of your info to other cams for them to ban you as well.

Purrfect Pals is a no kill cat only animal shelter north of Seattle, WA who lives by their motto: Because every cat matters.

Be advised that this is REAL LIFE, uncensored. You will experience most of the fostering experience which will include sick kittens. And poop. Seriously, kittens can produce an amazing amount of poop! Hopefully, it’ll be in the litter box.

Concerning Trolls: Ignore them. That’s what they hate the most. Their goal is to upset you so you yell at them. They think this is funny. Do nothing to acknowledge their existence.

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Equestrian highlights – London 2012 Paralympic Games

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Check out the highlights of the Equestrian competitions at Greenwich Park (London 2012 Paralympics)


Equestrian became a part of the Paralympic Games for the first time in 1996 in Atlanta.

It is open to athletes with any type of physical or visual impairment. Events are mixed and grouped according to their functional profiles.

Athletes can compete in dressage events, a championship test of set movements and a freestyle test to music. There is also a team test that involves three to four members.

Riders are judged on their display of horsemanship skills and are permitted to use devices such as dressage crops, connecting rein bars, rubber bands and other aids.
At the London 2012 Games, 78 athletes competed in 11 events.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is committed to enabling Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence and to develop sport opportunities for all persons with a disability from the beginner to elite level. In addition, the IPC aims to promote the Paralympic values, which include courage, determination, inspiration and equality. For further information, please visit

To watch videos on demand from Paralympic Games and to subscribe to ParalympicSport.TV, please go to Also, you may follow the Paralympic Movement on Facebook at or on
Twitter at

2013 Special Olympics Florida State Equestrian Championship Highlights

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Highlights from the state competition that took place on May 3-4, 2013. Thank you to Bakas Equestrian Center and all the volunteers, families, and fans who supported this annual event.