Prayer For Pets – Prayers For Animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Etc)

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Prayer For Pets – Prayers For Animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Etc)

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Prayer For Pets – Prayers For Animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Etc)

This is simply a video I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice.

All I ask you to do is to agree with me as I pray and we seek our Heavenly Father regarding prayers for animals and pets healing and well-being.

Please continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself.

Speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning this animals and pets prayer to reach deep into your spirit.


Mark 11:20-25, Romans 5:5, Proverbs 12:10, Psalm 147:9, Matthew 8:17, 1 Pet 2:24, John 10:10

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video I made featuring the horses of Iron Springs Farm. Just for fun.
Song: Chemicals React – Aly & AJ
No, I am NOT riding in any of the clips, nor did I film the videos. It is just a fun, ‘no-copyright-infringement-intended’ video I made on Windows Movie Maker 🙂

Cute And Funny Horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses – Cutest Horse #3

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Cute And Funny Horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses – Cutest Horse #3
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#cute #animals #horse

Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses – Soo Cute! #12

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Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment of the horses – Soo Cute! #12
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Beer For My Horses

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Superstar Toby Keith and comedian Rodney Carrington star in this action-packed movie filled with excitement|adventure and revenge. Joe Bill “Rack” Racklin (Keith)|a rogue Oklahoma deputy sheriff|has just watched another girlfriend pack up and drive out of his life. As fate would have it|his old flame|Annie (Claire Forlani|”CSI: NY”)|has just returned home from the big city. But their reunion is interrupted when Annie is kidnapped by a ruthless drug lord demanding the release of his recently arrested brother. Operating against orders and racing against time|Rack hits the road with deputy and best friend Lonnie (Carrington) for a raucous road trip across state lines to rescue the love of his life|in this thrill-fest featuring appearances by EmmyÆ winner Tom Skerritt|rock star Ted Nugent and music legend Willie Nelson.

Lori Doll Horse Haven Barn with Real Water Bath Play For Horses In Stable

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Breyer riders Nico and Sarah have a place to take care of their horses with this Lori Horse Stable (makers of Our Generation Girl Dolls). The “Horse Haven” has a tack room, 2 stalls, and outdoor corral. The lights really turn on in the stalls so you can see the horses at night! After a trail ride you can wash the horses with the real working water shower pump.

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Check out this Chinese farmer riding his robot horse!

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A farmer has built a robotic horse to replace the traditional kind in order to plow his fields. Su Daocheng is seen riding his robotic horse down the streets in Shiyan, central China’s Hubei Province. According to Su, 60, he is addicted to inventions and making mechanical things. From two months ago he started to build this robotic horse, which is 1.5m high, 2m long and weighs 250kg. It has been created from a kart engine and chains. The ‘feed’ is gasoline and Su said the robotic horse is more economic as it does not cost fodder and human care. Su is well-known in the local county for his inventions and even created a homemade helicopter.

Still images: