Indian Army Veterinary Doctor Vacancy 2017| Last date 01-Sept-2017| Jobs in Army| Veterinary Jobs

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Applications are invited from qualified male veterinary graduates for Short Service Commission (SSC) in Remount Veterinary Corps of Indian Army. See Qualification. How to apply. Last date. Selection Process. SSB Interview. Tenure of Engagement. RVC jobs. Veterinary jobs in Army.

Pony Riding in Kashmir

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Exotic Pet Room Update & Description Of Animals

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A tour of my exotic pet room

4K CC. Big Happy Gopher Snake, Catching Reptile & Amphibian pets in AZ CA NV TX Herping HD

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Great Basin Gopher Snake.
Wednesday, ‎August ‎26, ‎2015, ‏‎7:33 PM 89 Degrees 2175ft Elevation at Virgin River Canyon Campground Cedar Pocket Littlefield, AZ 86432 Just south of the camp 20 feet from the river so load it up on google maps.

We were hoping to find a king snake, prairie snake or maybe a desert Iguana or even a Gila Monster Perhaps but this big friendly Gopher snake made for a great time and some smiling faces with his very mellow demeanor. There are 8 species of Gopher snake in the western half of the United states and they are probably the most common snake almost any where From California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas pretty much any other state in the west but I am uncertain if they live back east as well. Be careful when you try to catch them by moving slow and staying away from there head because you will be seen as more of a threat. Half the gopher snakes will try to bite you when you get to close so be ready for that or to just leave them alone in the event they cant be calmed down.

Be sure to check out our other videos of us catching amphibians, Reptiles, Insects and Mammals when we travel all over the country to National Parks, State Parks, Forest, Deserts, jungles for some camping and anywhere else adventure takes us even to amusement parks to ride roller coasters and water slides or just having some fun doing anything really like swimming or rope swings and bridge jumps to the water. There is a lot more to come Thanks for watching.

Consider this an in the field Review of the Galaxy S6 4K video quality in real world conditions from a Professional Amatuer, The exact model is the S6 Edge 128GB.

Pet Room Update #2! Exotic pets! Reptiles! Snakes! STO’s! Hedgehogs! African soft fur rats!

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My pet room update #2!

Indian Cowboys Riding And Racing Indian Marwari Horses : Sarangkheda Horse Fair 2017

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White Marwadi Mare Nukra : Sarangkheda Chetak Festival 2017 : सारंगखेडा घोडा मेला : Ring Show Competition : Indian Horse Mela Fair.घोड़ा बाजार सारंगखेडा जात्रा : अश्व महोत्सव
Marwari/ Kathiawari/Sanjab/sindhi Horse On sale: Horse Trading Fair 2017 , Fairs & Festivals Of Maharashtra Tourism – India
In this Fair, many horses are for sale. Horse racing is main event with livestock show. Horseback riding can be enjoyed. Equestrian lovers visit this. Temporary horse stables are made .Bridles and saddles shops are set up with horse supplies. People can be seen riding horses.Cattle is everywhere. Race horses for sale can be seen .Horse equipment stalls are there. Horse show is the long event. Dairy cattle show is also there. People come to see war horse and other horse breeds.Foals are also from famous horse farm. Horse accessories are eye-catching.Studs owner from north india come here. Show cattle is organized here.Horse stables are worth visiting. Horse riding equipments are sold here.Beautiful Mares and powerful stallions are seen here for sale.This is also a horse world where race horse are also sold.Many types of cattle breeds come for cattle show. Black stallion horse and dairy cattle breeds are for sale. This is agricultural fair where animal show is organized. safari is also enjoyed here.In this livestock show Marwari horses are displayed.इस पशु मेला में काला घोडा जो कि मारवाड़ी होता है बिकने को आता है | नागौर जिला पशु मेला , सोनपुर मेला, पुष्कर मेला सारंगखेडा पशुपालन विभाग आयोजित करता है | cattle fair of sonpur mela is famous to show cows.In pushkar camel fair, horse and cow stock show is organized . pushkar mela , and nagaur rajasthan have Indian cattle stocks and show bull and animal competition where best cow in india is awarded. Winner Show animals are tied with red, blue, green, yellow and white badges . breeding cattle , black stallion , broodmare , stallion horse , stallion breeding mare , horse mare and horse sire of Marwari horse also come. Indian horse is big part of this festivals of rajasthan. Marwari Horse for sale in india come here .Best horse breed in india are found here. indian horse race is organized here as horse race india is famous In the world. kathiyawadi horse , punjabi horse, sindhi horse are displayed here.

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Motu Patlu In The City Of Gold | Movie | WowKidz

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Motu wins a international Horse race competition, Not only Motu defeats Dilawar khan the best rider and an Aram Sheikh but he saves Dilawar Khan’s Horse Raftaar from being stolen and fights to robbers off. Dilawar khan’s wife tells Dilawar khan that Motu is very brave and innocent also and we can trick him to find the Gold city where no one has been able to reach.

#wowkidz #motupatlu

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