House of Shock 2016 Intro (New Orleans Haunted House)

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Each night its open during the Halloween season The House of Shock in New Orleans kicks off the night with an elaborate stage/pyro show setting up the theme for the year. This year, the demonic master of the House, Lord Belial, welcomes us while asking for our vote and sacrificing a Presidential candidate. I missed the opening campaign video that played on the screens but got the rest. Special appearance by the “Bordello of Freaks” carnival barker Seaman Scrungy.

Living Well with a Disability Intro Webinar: Guest Speakers

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This audio recording from the Living Well Intro webinar on August 24th, 2017 showcases the insights and experiences from three guest speakers: Bert Rios, Outreach Coordinator at S.M.I.L.E. in Yuma, Arizona; Dermot Thiel, Program Director at Wyoming Independent Living in Laramie, Wyoming; and Jude Monson, Program Manager at Summit Independent Living in Missoula, Montana.

Tab Benoit –Shelter Me (Very best version) Sons of guns intro song.

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I have created a TAB for this song to the best of my abilities. Guitar setup posted below. It is located at . Recorded at The Melting Point in Athens, GA. 12-01-2010 With permission. Lyrics can be found at This song is on the “Power of the Pontchartrain”. It is the 3rd track and labeled “Title Track”. I have this from Amazon and that is the way they have it labeled. Don’t ask me why. Has to be an error in the way they entered it.
I recieved the following from Tab’s guitar tech.

Hey, I just came accross this post for “Shelter Me”. I was Tab’s road manager and guitar tech for about two years… I tuned all his giutars standard (440 hz), always with GHS 11’s (custom gauge with a heavier big E string), and his guitar always went straight into a Super Reverb and a Music Man 2 x 12″… Later, a Twin Reverb was used instead of the Music Man amp. This was before he got the Category 5 signature amps. The 70’s silverface Super Reverb was his main amp, and my favorite tone (vol anywhere from 4 – 9 depending on the venue, treb 7 – 9, mid 6 – 8, bass 3 – 4, reverb 2 – 4)… The settings vary from gig to gig. The other amps were always added just for a little extra power and low end, again depending on the size of the stage and show. I’ve seen him use just the Super at “Stevie Rays” in Louisville, KY, and at the end of the night the volume was almost on 4. It was a smaller club, but he had the same sound still. We did a few casinos, and he had to watch his stage volume there, too.
Anyway, this was around 2002 – 2003, and after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, so I’m sure a few things may have changed, like his new amps, but that’s probably about it. My first job with him was at the recording of his 2002 CD, “Wetlands”, on which I received a mention in the thank you notes of the CD cover…
Hope this info gets to the right person. Sorry so long, but I like to share. It was a magical part of my life…
Steve Warren

1981-1007 yogi intro, Spirit – Sat Chit Ananda, Houston, Texas, USA

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Archive video: H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Sahaja Yoga Public Program 1981 in Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States).
more at:


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Just an idea of how expensive grocery shopping on an island can be… Stay tuned for Part II, and more videos!

*Please note that this is my first video ever, and that once I get more experience with my camera and editing, videos should get better. 🙂

Kiara’s Highlight Video: 


(***SONGS: Personal – Kehlani, Lock Me Away – Glen Travis***)

December 21, 1997 commercials with KLBK 10 PM News intro and top story

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Taken from Touched By An Angel and A Christmas Memory.

1. Lubbock Methodist Hospital System (partial)
2. CBS Welcome Home For The Holidays ID
3. Johnson & Johnson
4. Robitussin Cold
5. Hanes Her Way
6. Tropicana
7. JCPenney
8. The 1998 Winter Olympic Games promo
9. Pillsbury Grands
10. Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds
11. Reynolds Plastic Wrap
12. Wal*Mart
13. TheraFlu
14. Cosby/The Gregory Hines Show promos
15. Chicago Hope promo
16. John Dye for From Where I Sit PSA
17. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories on menopause
18. Sunsweet
19. Target
20. Mylanta
21. V8
22. Energizer
23. A Christmas Memory promo
24. KLBK 13 Happy Holidays greeting
25. McGinnis Chevrolet (Slaton, TX)
26. Best Buy
27. Touched By An Angel commercial bumper
28. Another Robitussin
29. ChapStick
30. CBS This Morning promo
31. Style & Substance promo
32. Touched By An Angel next episode preview
33. Touched By An Angel split screen closing credits with Cybill/George & Leo promos
34. CBS Sunday Movie intro: A Christmas Memory
35. Sears
36. Ford Windstar featuring Big Bird
37. Burger King featuring Mr. Potato Head
38. Yet another Robitussin
39. Pine-Sol
40. Another Sears with A Christmas Memory sponsorship bumper
41. I’ll Be Home For Christmas promo
42. Yet another Sears
43. Motrin Sinus
44. Oil Of Olay
45. The Lost World: Jurassic Park on videocassette
46. Lexus GS
47. Another Pillsbury
48. Still another Sears
49. CBS Sunday Movie: A Christmas Memory mid-commercial bumper
50. Life’s Greatest Holiday Stories promo
51. The Late Show with David Letterman promo
52. Anotehr KLBK Happy Holidays greeting
53. Dodge Stratus
54. Estee Lauder at Dillard’s
55. South Plains Mall
56. Pollard Used Cars
57. Trident
58. Sudafed
59. Suave
60. Black & Decker Wizard rotary tool
61. (same as #10)
62. (same as #49)
63. (same as #52)
64. Chevrolet C/K pickups
65. Contact at Hastings Entertainment Superstores
66. Kingsgate Center
67. Sonic Drive-In
68. CBS 1998 Winter Olympics ID with Fran Drescher
69. Sears Auto Center
70. Hidden Valley Ranch
71. Children’s Tylenol Sinus
72. Dirt Devil
73. Maxwell House
74. Anastasia movie trailer
75. L’Oreal
76. The Young and the Restless promo
77. The Nanny promo
78. The Kennedy Center Honors promo
79. Another Johnson & Johnson
80. Glade PlugIns
81. GMC (comment if you’ve ever accidentally typoed to enter a sports/health enchancer site!)
82. And yet another Sears
83. (same as #49 and #62)
84. (same as #15)
85. The Magnificent Seven: The Series promo
86. Yet another KLBK Season’s Greetings wish
87. Another Lubbock Methodist Hospital System
88. KLBK News Cener 13 at 10 promo
89. Anderson Bros. jewelers
90. Crest
91. Hallmark
92. Buick Century
93. Clairol Herbal Essences
94. (same as #11)
95. Ed Bradley On Assignment: A Town Under Siege promo
96. Onem ore KLBK Happy Holidays greeting
97. Southwestern Bell
98. Another Chevrolet
99. (same as #67)
100. (same as #51)
101. Another Sears sponsorship bumper
102. One more Sears
103. The Sunshine Boys promo
104. A Christmas Memory split screen closing credits with Style & Substance/Late Show with David Letterman/KLBK 10 News split screen promos
105. KLBK News Center 13 at Ten Late Report intro with top story on shopping, the Church of England, and Habitat for Homes