Introduce Your Labrador to Gunfire – Hunting Dog Training

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If you’ve been around dog training and duck hunting long enough, you’ve heard of a “gunshy” dog. With the proper introduction, it can be prevented. See how to properly introduce your Labrador in this week’s retriever training video.

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How to Introduce Cats

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How to introduce / release new fish in an aquarium – by Pondguru

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Video showing the process of introducing fish to your aquarium. Stages are as follows:
1 – Unpack fish and float unopened bag in your tank for 15-30 minutes (depending on how long fish have travelled – 15 for local pick up, 30 for overnight). This allows the temperature to equalise between the bag water and the tank water.
2 – Cut the top off the bag and roll the sides down to trap air around the rim of the bag. Top up the bag with water from the tank. Leave for 30 mins to 1 hour. This allows the fish in the bag to gradually get used to the water conditions in your tank.
3 – Turn the bag on its side and move back and forth gently until the fish swim out.
NOTE: Only add the water from the bag if you trust the supplier and the fish have not come from a centralised system (such as in large chain stores) – otherwise, gently net the fish out and add them to the water.
By following the above steps, the fish should appear relaxed and their transition to your tank should be as stress free as possible.

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Dog Training – How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other

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To view the next video in this series click: In this video, professional dog trainer, Carla Nammack-Wenger, along with her brother, Austin Nammack describe various techniques to help you train your dog and to help you acquire leadership skills. The video covers a variety of topics including how to use your training equipment effectively, how to establish yourself as the pack leader, how to teach your dog basic obedience commands, how to introduce your dog to another dog without altercation, how to socialize the unsocial dog and how to introduce your dog to strangers.

How – To Introduce Fearful/Aggressive Dog To People | Majors Academy Dog Training and Rehabilitation

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Hey guys! This is our latest video added to our “How – To” Series! Check it out!
Is your dog fearful or aggressive towards people on walks? This video shows you a constructive way to introduce your dog to strangers in order to make sure your dog gains a positive experience from meeting someone they don’t know.

Welcome to Majors Academy! Your last stop for dog obedience, dog aggression and dog behavior modification. We specialize in aggressive cases and know that no matter how severe or challenging your dog may be, Majors Academy is the best place for them. We often enlist dogs that have come from several trainers but are still trying to find a solution to their issues. You and your dog deserve a stress free life with inclusion as the biggest reward to your companion. Proudly serving but not limited to the Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and Appleton, WI areas!