Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp and Plants

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Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp and Plants. Ask me and the community questions about keeping aquarium fish, shrimp, and plants.

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Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp

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Friday Night Live Q&A Freshwater Aquarium Keeping Fish Shrimp where you can ask me and the community questions about freshwater fish, freshwater shrimp, freshwater plants, and more.

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How safe is keeping Pets..!

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Wonder Pets – Q&A

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Keeping The Relationship Alive? OR DESTROYING IT? – VLOG

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Keeping The Relationship Alive? OR DESTROYING IT? – VLOG
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BUDGET TURTLE KEEPING – my money saving tips

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caring for turtles isn’t cheap, so these are my budget turtle keeping tips! from buying used tanks to turtle diys, there are many ways to save money while still giving your turtle the best life possible.

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Venomous Reptile Keeping Introduction Part 1

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Tom Crutchfield takes you on a tour of an introduction to keeping Venomous Reptiles. Tom has forty years of experience as a venomous reptile keeper and dealer. This is only the first of a series. Tom would like to state that you must not keep venomous reptiles until you acquire a vast amount of knowledge and experience and personal training by an expert licensed venomous reptile keeper. After this you must obtain a license to keep venomous reptiles in the state that you live in and acquire the proper cages, before you acquire venomous reptiles. No person under 21 years of age should keep a venomous reptile.

Shelter Crowd Control: Keeping Community Cats Out of Shelters

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While innovative strategies are saving lives across the country, euthanasia rates for stray and feral cats remain stubbornly high in many communities. This presentation, given by Dr. Julie Levy, Director of Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida at the 2012 Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Conference, will explore the magnitude of the community cat population problem and redefine definitions for “home” and “rescue.” Data will be presented from a novel and bold program that cut shelter cat intake dramatically and almost overnight, preventing the tragic deaths of thousands of shelter cats.

Learning objectives:
– Learn how to estimate community cat populations
– Recognize the impacts of community cat management programs on cat colonies and animal shelters
– Identify strategies for getting communities – including municipal government – on board with trap-neuter-return programs.

5 Tips For Keeping Goldfish

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Here are my 5 best tips for keeping goldfish!
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Worst Day in Fish Keeping – Story time with Aquarium Thoughts

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My worst day in fish keeping. Sort of, kind of, but let’s just say I was tagged by Friday Fish Facts, only because I saw it on his channel and took up the challenge.

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Keeping Kids & Pets Safe from Summer Heat

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Never leave your child or pet unsupervised in a vehicle, even for a minute. Temperatures inside a car, even on a mild and sunny day, can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. A 72 degree day can turn deadly for children, who are particularly susceptible to heatstroke because their bodies can heat up five times faster than adults. Learn more about heatstroke at

Fish Keeping Jamaica -2018 Year In Review ( part 1)

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Hi everyone, so today I had a few technical issues. My internet system failed me for the first time. So I have 19 persons watching, And the tablet crashed, sorry about that. Today I was suppose to take you through my journey of 2018. It did not go according to plan. I will have a live stream on monday after Emoney’s breakfast stream. I hope you will join me as I officially close this chapter. 2018 was a great year for me I expect that 2019 will be even greater.


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Keeping my FreshWater Fish Tank Crystal Clear

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I’ve had a couple people ask me How I keep my fresh water tanks crystal clear. Its super simple if you have a good filtration system… I basically do water changes every week to 2 weeks. Make sure to have your water conditioner and implement carbon filters into your biomedia which will help with the odor and will crystallize your water. Be sure to rinse new carbon filter pads before using them.


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