How To Control and Kill Aquarium Snail Population

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3 Ways to Control Aquarium Snail Population

Build A DIY Snail Trap:

Ways to control pest aquarium snails:

1: Use fish such as loaches to eat the pest aquarium snails
2: Use chemicals such as potassium permanganate or copper
3: Use a snail trap

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10 VENOMOUS Snakes That Will Kill You Instantly

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10 dangerous wildlife reptiles that can REALLY hurt you with a single bite.
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If you live in the wild, there’s a high chance you’ll come across a snake in your lifetime. You might even be able to differentiate between a few different breeds. But if you live in the city or in areas of the world where snakes don’t tend to live, chances are that you’ve only seen them in zoos or online. Either way, you should probably try to avoid getting too close to them as a rule of thumb. Although some snakes are pretty harmless, others have the potential to cause fatal damage to anyone who gets bit by them. From the sea snakes of Australia who attack the fishermen that accidentally pull them up in their nets, to the slithery inhabitants of Asia and Africa that have aggressive temperaments, there are many dangerous snakes out there. With venom so powerful that it can take out 250,000 mice with a single bite, you should stay far away from the beasts that are mentioned in this video.

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Aquarium Fish DEAD Top 10 FASTEST Ways to KILL Your AQUARIUM FISH

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Dead Aquarium Fish. We have all killed aquarium fish or had dying fish. (Myself included.) These are my TOP 10 Fastest ways to kill your aquarium fish.

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10. You get out of the starting gate wrong. You setup your tank but you pay no attention to the nitrogen cycle.
29 seconds NOT LETTING THE NITROGEN CYCLE BUILD UP Show and pull in on Nitrogen cycle image
(You can click the links around here for more of the nitrojgen cycle. You rush it. You go to fast like a 14 year old boy on date….
You don’t give your bioload and beneficial bacterial enough time to develope. How Do I know this? Ask me about my first 5 gallon with 5 goldfish…..w I Say them
When I say “Click the links around here- Show my “nitrogen Thumbnail image)
9. You use Pink gravel in your aquarium with the pink gravel
8 Number 8 fastest way to kill your fish. You buy a fish that doesn’t go with your fish. Check out my pissed off fish video. 1:23 show “YOU BUY A FISH CALLED A GREEN TERROR (SHOW PISSED OFF FISH THUMBNAIL) “I don’t know what happened, I mean, I’m not sure why they called it a GREEN Terror.” Yeah You buy a fish called a Show satan and then a RED DEVIL (Files from PISSED OFF FISH Drop box file and you wonder why your other fish are dead by sunrise.. MY buddy bought a red tailed catfish back in the day. 139 HE BOUGHT A 1 foot long red tailed catfish
7. You buy a fish that doesn’t match your water. This is a rummy nose tetra, (When I SAY 2:05 ) I love rummy nose tetras, I like red fish, I like tetras and I LOVE SCHOOLING TETRAS ( Take down this clip from YT and use it starting at 2 minutes while I talk about rummy nose tetras )
Rummy nose tetra are also a low schooler making them extra cool. I will not keep rummy nose tetras because my water comes out of the tap at 7.5. I also run my tank a tad on the colder side. They don’t match my water.
And this is a true story on this . When I worked at RMS Aquaculture SHOW IMAGE OF RMS AQUACULTURE up on Engle rd in Cleveland I watched a guy buy a $1200 shark. The next day he brought it in dead. (show SHARK GUY KILLED)
The manager in charged asked him, “Sir, what is your salinity” His reply…. CUT BACK TO ME when I say “What’s Salinity?!?”
3:12 When I lived in Boca Raton
You over clean your aquarium. Over clean- YES- You try too hard! It was a beautiful Sunday when in lived in Boca Raton. I had my 125 anubias tank rolling. I decided today was the day to clean the tank So what did I do 319 SHOW OLD SCHOOL 125PLANTED with Angels 6 of the filter at ONCE and did about an 60 % water change. I jacked up the bioload and killed half of my school of 329 bleeding heart tetras! (show bleeding heart tetras)
Yes I am a big fan of large water changes, but you wanna proceed with when ya go over 40
5. You fail to use enough Declor. I am from Findlay Ohio where as a kid (when I 401 SAY FLAG CITY BABY! Show FLAG CITY- show flag city)_ growing up I believed that Declor was a waste of money as I had done water changes without declor.

4. You unplug your filter or accidentally have it off. I learned this from one of the 454 SHOW STEVE St. Louis wise men Mr. Steve Eddie. When your power goes out and your filter is sitting off for over say a Half of an hour…. (WHEN YOUR FILTER GETS

Craziest Animals Fights | Wild Dogs Hunt & Kill Impala – Wild Dogs Video National Geographic

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Craziest Animals Fights | Wild Dogs Hunt & Kill Impala – Wild Dogs Video National Geographic
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Human Cruelty – This is how they kill reptiles

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He died of organ failure. To all the people leaving messages that I shouldn’t have given Sunny a chance, you have no heart. If you watch all his progress videos you will see that this kid had the WILL to fight, he WANTED to live, he ate, he drank, started moving around! He did not want to die!

SCP-682 Hard to Kill Reptile document and Extermination Logs

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The entire scp reading of the SCP-682 Hard to Kill Reptile document and extermination logs from the SCP Foundation wiki. This is a long reading worth checking out to see SCP-682’s full capabilities and resolve!

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SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. It appears to be extremely intelligent, and was observed to engage in complex communication with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure. SCP-682 appears to have a hatred of all life, which has been expressed in several interviews during containment. (See Addendum 682-B).

SCP-682 (Hard to Kill Reptile) SCP document and complete extermination logs! check links below to read along!

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10 Adorable Animals That Can Kill You! – Part 2

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10 Adorable Animals That Can Kill You! – Part 1
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CAN WE KILL GRANNY’S *NEW* PET SPIDER?! | Granny 1.5 Update Gameplay

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CAN WE KILL GRANNY’S *NEW* PET SPIDER?! | Granny 1.5 Update Gameplay | Kindly Keyin
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Granny has a new pet in the latest update and I don’t like it… This thing needs to go.

Granny Gameplay details:

Granny keeps you locked in her house.
Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.
You have 5 days.

Good luck!

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Training reptiles not to kill! with youtuber CHANDLER’S WILDLIFE
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Dog kill baby cat +18

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This video was taken near my work place at night. Once i started this video i didn’t think it would escalate to what happen. I wanted to help the cats but my coworkers refused. After i stopped the recording i pushed the dog away from the cats and i took them to a animal clinic. They are safe and taken care of. If you would like an update on the health of thr cats, please comment and let me know.

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