(Update) Sanford NC Tornado kills 14 horses and 6 cows on Hwy 42 Horse Ranch

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We was unable to get to the Horse Ranch the day of the Tornado due to downed trees and debris on the roads.
This video is the best shot of the area which was taken on April 23, 2011
7 Days after the Tornadoes struck Sanford, N.C.

We would like to send out our prayers to the victims of the Tornado outbreak in Alabama and Georgia. Over 200 People have died in that one so far.

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Python Snake kills 2 boys after escaping pet store in Canada

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Python Attack: Snake Kills Two Sleeping Boys
Two children aged five and seven die after they are strangled to death by a snake that escaped from a pet shop.

Police outside the exotic pet store in Campbellton (Pic: CBC News) Email

A python that escaped from a pet store has killed two children by strangling them in their sleep in eastern Canada.

The two boys – aged five and seven – were sleeping at a friend’s flat in the town of Campbellton when they were attacked by the snake.

The animal had escaped from a store that specialised in exotic pets located on the ground floor of the building.

“The preliminary investigation has led police to believe that a large exotic snake had escaped its enclosure at the store sometime overnight,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement.
A Burmese Python sits still in a cage at the Palm Beach Zoo in Florida A Burmese python in its cage at a zoo in Florida (Pic: File)

“(It) got into the ventilation system, then into the upstairs apartment. It’s believed the two boys were strangled by the snake.”

The owner of the pet store, Jean Claude-Savoie, told Global News that he found a “horrific scene” when he checked on the boys.

“I thought they were sleeping and I’ve seen the hole in the ceiling, (and) everything has fallen. I turn the lights on and I’ve seen this horrific scene,” Mr Claude-Savoie said.

“I have so many mixed emotions right now. I can’t believe this is real.”

The python has been recaptured and is being held by police

The Kills – Heart Of A Dog (Official Video)

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The Kills – “Heart of A Dog” from ‘Ash & Ice’ released 2016 on Domino Record Co.
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Directed by Sophie Muller
Producer: Grant Jue / Cody Moore
DP: Giovanni Ribisi
Commissioner: Dilly Gent
Editor: Sophie Muller / Sean Horvath


Heart of a Dog lyrics:

From sea to mountain valley
From flesh to palms a’ swaying
Dreamers dreaming on
No matter what they’re saying

I need you
Don’t ask me why it is
I want strings – attached
Unnatural as it feels

I’m loyal, oh oh, I’m loyal

From starry eyes colliding
From Mars to someone crying
I’m never far away
No matter what I’m hiding

I get lost
But I always come around
It’s a strange fear
Allows me to be found
I’m loyal, oh oh, I’m loyal,
I’m loyal, oh oh,
I got the heart of a dog

It’s life or death why I chew through the chain
It don’t matter my love’s the same
Go so far but never long
Can’t break the spell in my heart
I’m loyal, oh oh, I’m loyal
I’m loyal, oh oh,
I got the heart of a dog

From bars to beds of laying
From boots of lead to changing
I’m hooked from deep inside
Call when you’re ready cos I’m ready to ride

I’m loyal, oh oh
I’m loyal, oh oh
I got the heart of a dog

My new pet Snake! Albino Burmese Python Baby ( Molurus Bivittatus ) First time Feeding!

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My new pet!
A really cute baby Albino Burmese Python! ( Molurus Bivittatus )
Her name is Lizzy! 🙂

Chee Zee Beach – Latinesque van Kevin MacLeod is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (

Pit Bull/Mastiff mix kills pet Donkey (miniature/Burro), Jack :(

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CAMP VERDE, Ariz. – This is so sad. Watching a best bud & family member being mauled like this must have been torture. I’m sure Jack is waiting at Rainbow Bridge for them 🙂