Introduce Your Labrador to Gunfire – Hunting Dog Training

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If you’ve been around dog training and duck hunting long enough, you’ve heard of a “gunshy” dog. With the proper introduction, it can be prevented. See how to properly introduce your Labrador in this week’s retriever training video.

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PET SHOPS | LABRADOR | in Guwahati | cheap | labrador | german shepherd | cheap price |

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This video is about PET SHOPS in guwahati
i searched in many pet shops
Each pet shop has a different price for the same breed.
watch this video to see which pet shop offers better deal.

it keeps me motivated to make new videos

Training my labrador retriever dog. Whistle recall and environmental agility. Jamie Penrith

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Jamie penrith of take the lead dog training.
How do I train a dog? Through a healthy balance of motivation, based on reward training; consistent repetition of consequences; establishing boundaries and discipline early on; understanding what makes each dog tick and so developing a healthy relationship between my dogs and myself. The same consistent method – namely fair, situational training, with a committed undertone of enhancing welfare and establishing freedom through control. This might involve clicker; verbal marker training; whistle trained commands; slip lead or leash pressure; physical pressure; verbal and spatial pressure and e-collar pressure and a TON of love and respect for being the amazing animal that is the dog!
If you would like to build your relationship with your dog or young puppy; if you would like to learn more about how to train your dog to perform reliably and how to use a variety of different training tools to get the very best out of your relationship with your dogs; contact Jamie Penrith either through his website or email him directly at: [email protected]
Jamie Penrith at Take the Lead Dog Training offers professional, private 1-2-1 dog training and behaviour modification services throughout the U.K. and beyond. Having worked with thousands of dogs and owners, Jamie Penrith is the national media lead representative on the humane, professional and proportionate use of electronic training aids ( electric collars / shock collars / e-collars) throughout England.
Jamie Penrith has been involved at English parliamentary level; advising members of parliament in London and throughout England on the professional use of electric training aids for dogs, in line with enhancing animal welfare, safety, control and responsible stewardship.
Jamie Penrith is incredibly passionate, dedicated and committed to educating dog owners and persons involved in the care, control and stewardship of dogs throughout the British Isles. Jamie is the founder member of The Association of Responsible Dog Owners ( This is the first and only association of its kind in Britain, representing and educating responsible dog ownership from ordinary, everyday dog owners and e-collar users. The Association is not-for-profit, and runs an active survey for dog owners with experience in the use of electronic training aids for pets – including e-collars, electric pet containment systems and anti-bark collars. This survey is unique, since it serves to gather first-hand information regarding electronic pet training aids, without bias of agenda. Presently, from hundreds of dog owners who have completed the training aid survey, over 99% report NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS on the welfare and behaviour of their dogs or cats, with 92% reporting that training their dog or cat with the use of an electronic training aid RESOLVED the problem behaviour. For further details on this survey, please email: [email protected]
Jamie penrith has appeared on multiple national and regional TV and radio shows throughout the U.K. He is a passionate, intelligent and polite national expert speaker on the use of electronic training aids for dogs, speaking and providing honest, accurate, expert advice on live TV debates against the U.K. national vet of the year, prominent U.K. doctors in animal behaviour and professional animal behaviourists. Jamie Penrith has been sought and trusted to live and train with many dogs, including a those of high celebrity status. He is confidential with an exceptional level of personal integrity.
Jamie’s appearances include:
ITV Good Morning Britain
ITV This Morning
Channel 5 The Wright Stuff
Sky News
BBC Breakfast
Channel 5 The Dog Rescuers
TalkRadio Matthew Wright Show
BBC Spotlight Southwest
BBC Radio 5-Live
BBC Radio Kent
BBC Radio Newcastle
BBC Radio Cornwall
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio Oxford
BBC Radio Hereford
BBC Radio Merseyside
BBC Radio Solent
LBC Radio
Radio Plymouth

Travelling to provide expert and discreet dog training and behaviour modification throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Jamie Penrith is also available for public speaking, canine behaviour seminars and workshop appearances for all dog-related organisations and businesses throughout the U.K. and beyond.
Jamie Penrith also offers personal, residential dog training in his bespoke board and train, dog obedience boot camp programmes. Providing full, structured training for your dog or puppy.

Dog Training: 1 Year Old Labrador Retriever, Chester! Before/After 2 Week Board and Train!

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(614) 595-2900
Contact Daniel: [email protected]

Watch Chester go from absolutely no obedience to reliable, off leash obedience in two weeks!

Does your dog listen to commands outside, off leash, under distraction, in the presence of other dogs? Does your dog pull you down the street to meet an approaching pedestrian? Most dog owners never know the joy of a well trained dog, even though many go through training programs. We pride ourselves on our results. See our YouTube channel to view before/after videos of actual client dogs!

Thank you for visiting Off Leash K9 Training! We train all dogs, regardless of breed, age, or size, and specialize in high level obedience under distraction. We also have a great amount of experience working with anxiety and aggression in dogs. We are so confident in our methods that we offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied at the end of your first lesson, no questions asked.

Goat on a Horse, Newfoundland and Labrador

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At the very edge of the continent, half an hour off kilter with the rest of the world, there’s a tendency towards the unexpected.

While filming a commercial for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, the crew spotted these two unlikely friends near Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve on the southwestern part of the Avalon Peninsula. Which begs the question, what else would you expect in a place with its very own time zone?


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© Made by Charlotte & Kristian Septimius Krogh: and Want to contact us directly regarding use of this video please write to: [email protected]
The small dog is a Yellow Labrador and the other a “Broholmer” – an old Danish breed. Apologies for the wrong breed description in the final credits.
Two dogs waiting patiently to get served in “restaurant”, and in spite of waiting, never get anything to drink.
This video has had many positive comments – thanks to all of you. Some people though are worried for the dogs – were they forced and did they hurt themselves on the forks?
Firstly the dogs loved it – they are best friends and really like getting all the attention. We practiced with the cutlery in advance, and both dogs very quickly figured it out. Besides the “waitress” kept on talking to them and encouraging them. They are very well behaved, and know when to sit still, take it slow and wait. This video was shot in one take, no cuts or editing – and both dogs had a wonderful time..The hand coordination was not preplanned – since everything was up to the dogs – but we both intuitively acted on the feeling of the dogs movement, plus we could hear from the “waitresses” comments, what the dogs were doing.
Enjoy and don´t be worried – both dogs love it, and we love them..wonder how we did? see:

Bentley’s First Session | K9 Connection Dog Training in Buffalo NY

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This quick video shows K9 Connection founder Tyler Muto with Bentley, a 10 month old Labrador Retriever puppy. Bentley had already completed an 8 week obedience course with another trainer, yet he was still completely out of control.

The progress in this video takes place during a single session, with a total training time of 17 minutes. In the hands of experienced professionals utilizing a balanced approach to training, progress if fast. This is why our Boot Camp, board and train program is so popular.

16 week labrador retriever puppy dog training and tricks

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For everyone asking how long it took, you can see his progression in my other videos. I started training him around 9.5 weeks after he was adequately potty trained. Also, I get a lot of “how do I train him” questions. I don’t really have time to do these videos right now. Maybe someday 😀

Boomer has some new tricks to show off. Among the newer ones are moonwalk and bow. I am currently trying to combine back, come, and twirl into one command: line dance.

Which Types of Dogs Are Best for Hiking & Running? : Dog Training & Care

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If you’re looking to choose a dog to go hiking and running with you, look no further than the American Kennel Club sporting or working dog category. Find out which types of dogs are best for hiking and running with help from an experienced technology and start-up executive with a passion for health and fitness for people and pets in this free video clip.

Expert: Steve Pelletier
Filmmaker: Dustin Kuepper

Series Description: When it comes to owning a dog, there are always a few key things that you’re going to need to keep in mind to help make sure your pet lives as long and as healthily as possible. Get dog tips with help from an experienced technology and start-up executive with a passion for health and fitness for people and pets in this free video series.

Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs and Cats – Funny Babies Compilation 2018

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In this video compilation you can meet funnie4st and adorable babies which love dogs and cats. This cute babies playing with pets and are happy.
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Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs #2

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Dog training is not always easy. The dogs in the video are very well trained and disciplined. People had been training dogs for different purposes from centuries. The dogs are one of the most intelligent and human friendly animals, if trained rightly they can be best of pets. Recent study shows that dogs can be a source to decrease the stress level in humans.