LIVE Modern Pentathlon World Championships – Mexico City – Men’s Individual – Laser Run

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Live coverage from Mexico City, Mexico.
2018 UIPM Modern Pentathlon World Championships – Men’s Individual – Laser Run

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Laser Treatments for Pets – Marc Smith DVM – Natchez Trace Veterinary Services

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“Ladies and gentlemen I get a lot of calls about the use of laser in Veterinary Medicine: does it help, does it work, is it worth it?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Dr. Marc Smith and I have been using the laser for a long time, and I can say it does work.

But, the main place it helps is with lumbosacral disease.

So, if you need to know more options or need to know more ways in which laser therapy can benefit your pets, then call us at 615-790-8100 and let’s review the options.”

Which African BIG & Small Cats Play With Laser Light Toys? | Cheetah Leopard Lion Caracal Serval

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I bought a low grade commercial laser light and wanted to see if captive Africa BIG and small lesser cats and some other animals could be enriched by it. I showed the light to each of them and recorded their responses.

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AMAZING FROG in SPACE! Creepy Kitten on Moon w/ Superman Kryptonite Laser? || FGTEEV Part 8

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AMAZING FROG ASTRONAUT Space Moon Mission! FGTEEV Caught On Camera! Darth Vader Captain America Pt 7

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Veterinary Laser Surgery with Aesculight

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A must see as Dr. Godbold Jr., DVM demonstrates how to help animals with Co2 Laser surgery! With the ability for reduce trauma, less swelling, less bleeding, and less infection. Easy to use and procedures you would not try with a scalpel. Easy to remove those lumps and bumps using this technology and giving the clinic the income and profit daily. Call me for a free demonstration at your clinic. 1-877-320-0090. Paul

Christmas Laser Beam Cats

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Cats with laser beams shooting out of their eyes. For the holidays. Music is Carol of the Bells purchased from

Cast: Oscar, Ginger, Darth Zoey, TJ Wingard, and Paul Klusman

Special thanks to production assistant Christie Kidd!