ASMR Best Hand Sounds [Layered] [1 hour]

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We all watch ASMR videos for different porpuses. Some seek tingles, some use it for simple relaxation or to help them focus and some fall asleep to it. Whatever ASMR means to you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a wide array of all kinds of videos on my channel ; ) You can expect to find triggers like:
asmr Tapping
asmr Brushing
asmr Layered
asmr Breathing
asmr Scratching
asmr Ear Massage
asmr Brain Massage
asmr Whispering
asmr Finger Flutter
asmr Blowing into the Mic
asmr Whispering
asmr Mouth Sounds
asmr Cranial and Scalp
asmr Trigger Words
asmr For Sleep
asmr For Relaxation


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Asmr Camera Brushing, Gentle Whispering (Russian), Layered Sounds.

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This Asmr-video, contains visual and sound pulses, (camera brushing, gentle whispering, mouth thounds, gentle blowing) which will help you relax. Please wear headphones and enjoy watching!!!

Это Асмр-видео содержит визуальные и звуковые стимулы (кисточками по камере, нежный шепот, звуки рта, нежное дуновение) которые помогут вам расслабиться. Пожалуйста не забудьте надеть наушники и приятного просмотра!!!

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Thank you for watching!!!

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