The Tao Of Dog: 2018 AVMA Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Lecture

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The Tao or Way of the Dog is the story of how dogs have taught me life lessons and how I have learned to listen to them rather than shout or even whisper at them. It is a tribute to the power of the human animal bond and dedicated to the special dog in my life, Dolce, who was my guide and my compass. He taught me about dogs, life and laughter. He influenced my career and made more friends than I ever could have. I celebrate his life and am grateful for being chosen to be his partner in our shared journey. Dolcetto “Dolce” 2/28/02-1/5/19

Pepperdine University – Robert Cabral Dog Trainer and Behaviorist – Animal Behavior Lecture Clip #2

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This video is part 2 of my presentation to Pepperdine University’s Biology class on canine behavior. In this clip I discuss dog’s drives, hard wired predatory behaviors, corrections in dog training and building solid relationships with dogs as our partners. The clip also includes an obedience demonstration with my Belgian Malinois Goofy.

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Outfit Of The Day Vlog Journal (+ Kittens)

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Though it may not be a standard video of mine, this is something i wanted to do for a while. I hope you enjoy the outfits and let me know which one was your favorite!

Plus secret impromptu guest appearances from Alex P. Kitten and his furry friends.

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