Steve’s WIFE loves HIS… | Family Feud

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What do you think Steve Harvey’s wife would say is the best thing about him…



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Live Travelling with Bruce America Loves Canada Prime Time Trivia Show!

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Live Travelling with Bruce America Loves Canada Prime Time Trivia Show!
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How He Loves – The Underground Band

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The Underground Band performing live the song “How He Loves” originally by John Mark McMillan.

The Underground Band plays live every Thursday night at Underground a program for College Students & Young Adults at Second Baptist Church.

Thank you to Matt Howard and the Media Team for putting these together… unbelievable work!

Apr 26: Blacks Can’t Be Free | Rob Arlett for Senate | Kanye Loves Trump | John Legend a Liar

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Live on Newsmax TV | Podcast Call-in: 888-775-3773 Live M-F 6-9a PT (8-11a CT / 9-noon ET)

Apr 26 Hour 1: Rob Arlett for Senate; Kanye West loves Trump; John Legend is a liar

GUEST: Rob Arlett Republican running for U.S. Senate in Delaware as a Trump guy. THEN: Kanye West loves President Donald Trump. Black people are not allowed to leave the Democratic plantation. Jesse did because the Democrats are against God, family, freedom, the military, the country, and they don’t respect black people. John Legend is a liar: He gives out fake examples of “racism” but the truth is blacks have a bad reputation — it’s about character, and not color. Callers talk to Jesse including a black conservative Republican who says the Left is trying to destroy Christianity and blacks. A caller says kids in Black Lives Matter are just confused — he saw Jesse’s interview with them on The Fallen State The NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, and BLM are using blacks. Parents who allow their adult children to stay home past 18 don’t love their kids.

Apr 26 Hour 2: Ronny Jackson lynched; Family advocate denigrates father, too close to mother

Ronny Jackson withdraws as VA nominee due to accusations from evil Democrats. Stand up and fight back. Caller “Pepe” says John Legend should have a nickname calling him a liar. He asks about white groups and men’s clubs which are under attack, then talks about white South Africans. He mentions Dinesh D’Souza and America. He says Nelson Mandela, MLK, and Arab Spring were communist-influenced. Jesse asks him to call again and get straight to his point. Caller Debbie of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says black attitudes toward whites changed after the election of Barack Obama. She was raised not to speak in the South. Caller Jim of Columbus, OH, advocates for the natural family, and telling the truth about blacks. (Support The Fallen State on Patreon.) Jim talks about his parents, saying his father was a horrible example, an abuser, a drunk, womanizer, but his mother was a Christian. Jesse suggests he was too close to his mother. Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer. Caller Willie of Omaha, Nebraska, talks about white violence — white guys committing terror attacks. We need to get angry about it, Willie says. Jesse holds him over to third hour.

Apr 26 Hour 3: Blacks Complain About White Violence & Walter Scott; Gym Discrimination! #MeToo

Willie of Omaha, Nebraska, says that the average white guy will attack non-whites to ensure survival of the white race, after hearing Jesse or Trump demonizing nonwhites. Willie brings up Jesse talking about Walter Scott who was shot in the back by the cop after running and fighting. But people accuse the cops of being guilty without even hearing the trial. He brings up Rodney King, but Jesse points out he ran from the cops and put others’ life at risk. Jesse brings up Louis Farrakhan, whom Willie follows to a point. Caller Marie of New Jersey says she was a Democrat for 30 years with her family, but they voted for Trump, so she’s like a Kanye, in the basket of deplorables. Caller Tony of Chelsea, Michigan, tells a story of visiting Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit, led by Bishop Edgar Vann, and seeing Todd Hall, a “prophet” who was getting money from the blacks, and cursing people who frowned at him. Another caller Michael from Cary, North Carolina, says we have to be careful of false prophets. Jesse puts him on hold and plays a news report of two black men allegedly being wrongly kicked out of their LA Fitness gym. They’re crying “racial profiling.” Jesse said #MeToo! His gym Equinox hate him because he’s black and supports President Trump. Blacks aren’t supposed to leave the plantation. Caller Michael disagrees with Jesse about why fathers leave and mothers turning children away from the father. He brings up Walter Scott being “unarmed,” but Jesse points out he was running, and the cop didn’t know whether he was armed or not. Jesse announces BOND annual Men’s Conference Saturday, June 16, the day before Father’s Day. James and caller Darrell of Washington talk with Jesse about “the false community” of Kekistan, and rejecting identity politics, and symbols of Jesus with Pepe the Frog. James tells a little about 4chan.




How He Loves Us Cover by Datricia Morton and EBCOG Choir.

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This was an amazing performance to the song how he loves us by Kim Walker, done by a Powerful Young Lady and Singing Sensation Datricia Morton of Nevis, Directed by her Mother First Lady Ruth Morton and accompanied by the Eden Brown Church Of God Choir. This song was done to represent the love of Christ because of his death and resurrection, composed and performed at the Eden Brown Church Of God, Nevis WI.

Be blessed!!

From Historic Downtown Yuma to Yuma Palms Shopping Center & Love’s Travel Stop, Arizona, GOPR0107

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From Historic Downtown Yuma to Yuma Palms Shopping Center & Love’s Travel Stop, Arizona, GOPR0107, 19 August 2015